Do not underestimate the importance of seemingly ordinary Instagram hashtag.

Full List Of Top Hashtags For Urgent Use!
Many of us do not attach importance to its using. Although, in vain, because it plays a key role in the distribution of your publication in the social network and helps to develop your blog or business.

This fact is confirmed by the results of our study, which showed that about 88% of brand publications have one popular hashtag, which in turn brings about 12% more audience.

What is interesting is that people started using hashtags in 1988, long before the advent of Instagram. Back then, they were used on Internet Relay Chat dividing the posts into categories.

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In the 21st century, the era of hashtag began in California, where Nate Ridder in 2007 marked his publications with a special hashtag #sandiegoonfire, so he told people about the wildfires that engulfed the area at the time.

Then, in 2009, Twitter took over and officially implemented hashtags in the search engine publications. Now the tag starting with the “#” symbol. It was a hyperlink that navigated the user and he could find the necessary publications.

After that, other social networks joined the relay of hashtags and began to add them to their platforms. In this relay, Instagram has succeeded most of all, as it is here that hashtags have gained their greatest popularity and have become a mandatory addition to the publications. Sometimes, people add up to 20 hashtags per post, although the limit is 30.

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The main task of Instagram hashtags

Firstly, hashtags can help you structure and group the content.

Secondly, they help to achieve popularity. Do you agree that having a lot of followers who are not interested in you or your products does not make any sense? Most likely, after a while, you will lose this fake audience, as they will not see you as a potential interest.

However, using the right hashtags that reflect your activities, products, and interests, you open access to your account for thousands of people who using a certain hashtag want to find the content they are interested in. Thus, you can rally an army of real and interested followers around you and your brand.

Finally, they generate interest. Perhaps, if a person likes a hashtag and he/she clicks on it for the sake of interest and sees your publication, it will be able to interest him/her and he/she will remain among your followers.

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There is no denying the fact that Instagram has grown from a regular social network into a platform where today you can not only promote yourself as a successful blogger but also carry out any business and open online stores, schools, organize marathons and much more. And for people to find it all on this social network, which has more than 100 million posts every day, you just need to use hashtags that structure and group your content.

Popular hashtags you need to use

  1. #photooftheday
  2. #like4like
  3. #followme
  4. #instadaily
  5. #instagood
  6. #smile
  7. #love
  8. #food
  9. #fun
  10. #picoftheday
  11. #fashion
  12. #girl
  13. #friends
  14. #follow
  15. #style
  16. #art
  17. #tbt
  18. #repost
  19. #beautiful
  20. #me
  21. #selfie
  22. #nature
  23. #cute
  24. #summer
  25. #happy

The harmful effect of top hashtags

It is clear that the hashtags that are most often used by Instagram users under their publications are the most popular. For example, the hashtag #love has been used by users approximately 2 billion times! And you can imagine this volume of photos that will appear in front of the user who types this hashtag in the search bar. And all the more understandable, the chance that the user will pay attention to your publication is virtually minimal.

Therefore, I advise you to carefully choose the popular Instagram hashtags, as your photos can displace other publications from the list of options. This process is no different from SEO, where you need to analyze keywords in the search. For example, instead of using the hashtag #beauty, use #womenbeautyschool. This at times narrows down the options of other publications but will contain the main word beauty, on which hundreds of interested girls can find you.

Also, you can use several hashtags under one post, because Instagram allows you to add no more than 30 pieces. However, do not use this opportunity to the full, focus on the most relevant, trending and useful hashtags. For example, along with the word #beauty, use hashtags such as #womenbeautyschool, #beautyeverywhere, #beauties, #womenbeauty, #dailybeauty.

To make your pictures ranked in the general mass, you can add a few popular hashtags like #photooftheday, # instadaily or #picoftheday. Alternatively, you can add the latest trending hashtag #tbt. It means throwback thursday - back in the day. Also, the hashtag #instagood, which is usually used to mark the most successful pictures.

Trending hashtags: What to choose?

The list of top hashtags presented by me naturally changes, but the clear trends remain unchanged. Some specific categories always work. As a rule, they reflect such themes as love, food, beauty, fashion. To this list, you can add travel, a hashtag that recently has gained popularity.

Instagram is primarily a visual social network. The main purpose of people who use it daily is to share pleasant memories from their lives. The second point is the number of likes that a particular publication will gain because we all want a large number of likes and comments under our pictures. For this, you can use some top Instagram hashtags, by which people can find your publication from the list of others. This is especially true for owners of online stores, schools, bloggers, etc., for whom Instagram hashtags are an indispensable tool for building a successful Instagram career or business.

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In addition to the year-round popular hashtags, there are top Instagram hashtags that are popular at a certain season, whether it's summer or winter. Or for example, pre-holiday hashtags, such as #valentinesday gains popularity in early February and do not give up until the middle of this month. Or #happynewyear, popular from late December to mid-January.

Rely on the best Instagram hashtags

As you know, in 2018, Instagram allowed users to follow top hashtags. This made it possible for users to appear in the news feed of the person who chose the best Instagram hashtags he had previously used. In this regard, under the publications of users began to appear a huge string of hashtags, which hurt many users, who considered it as overkill and the factor that pushes away from this account.

Therefore, it is better to use those top Instagram hashtags that are most suitable for a particular image. In this way, the user can mark your content as something that is not only useful but also enjoyable to see and observe.