As you already know - instagram is great platform for attracting of new customers. Recently its auditory reached more than 1.2 billion users per month - and it’s constantly growing. Great income of new users requires new trends, that are necessary for acquiring of followers. Some of trends are fleeting, other - become generally accepted over time. If you want to “be in trend” - don't follow it blindly, look at its behavior and chose the best one.

7 trends to customize your instagram profile

1. Colour

This year bright and contrast colors are dominating in model sphere Autumn shades, like dark-red, deep orange and olive-green in combination with purple, yellow and turquoise are looking very yummy ;P

Such combinations in your pictures, illustrations and other elements of content will make profile much more attractive!

2. Colored blocks

Don’t forget to take into account publication colour when you planning your posts.

Not long ago, some users posted 3 images in a row to combine them in one picture at their profile. Now in trend to combine colors in order to make colored block.

Add same-colored photos at your profile to make impressive blocks!

3. Illustrations

Adding of some fancy illustrations may cause positive effect to your account.

With graphic elements you can attract attention to certain elements or give some “magic effect” to post at all. It’s effective tool to express your emotions or to awake them in your follower.
No talent for drawing? It’s not a problem. There is one pretty good application that have a lot of free graphic elements - Canva. Use it to decorate publications and show something new to followers.

4. Vintage

Vintage style can cause really great inspiration effect for you and for your followers. Add vintage flowers to make your publication more “deep”. Such design decision looks very elegant and fill your publication with new colors. Nice idea for background.

5. “Natural” pictures

Main point at marketing - product presentation. Here you need to combine foreground and background very carefully.
Present your product in its “habitat”. Show how it can be used and don’t be afraid to share your private photos with your subscribers. Be sure, that this would be very interesting.

6. Insta Stories

Use stories to attract new audience. Now you can save them at your homepage and divide on categories. Stream and communicate with your followers.

Preview your “new product” via story and ask for customers opinion. Moreover, you can use stories for interactive communication with your followers. Add some widgets, like “ask me a question” , “vote for…”, or questionnaire.


As you may know - maximum duration for posted videos and stories is only 1 min and 15 sec. In InstaGramTV you can publish posts with 60 min duration. Now we can use Instagram like a fullvalue blog. Introduce your life or share experience at business with your subscribers ;)
Thank you for your attention, hope that this article helped you to find inspiration. Don’t be afraid to create your own trend!