How to use Instagram DM on MAC? There is nothing difficult! Read the topic and use it a full!

Instagram DM On MAC: Infeasible Solution!
Social networks, despite their popularity, sometimes very slowly add the necessary functions to users. So we have to look for where Instagram DM on MAC – and it is not there at all. More precisely, it is not, if you use only the browser version, which everyone knows how to find.

But Instagram is not only a website but also an application. And this app can be run with some tricks and on the MAC and PC to open Direct Instagram as on a common smartphone. Moreover, there are three ways that depend on the OS: for users of Windows 10 there is an official version of the application, the rest can use emulators.

Another approach involves using third-party services that provide a convenient interface for communication, including automatic sending messages to Direct Instagram. Instagram stores and other business pages receive and send hundreds of messages every day, which effectively promote their businesses on the Internet.

So, shortly, the following ways of using Instagram on MAC and PC are available:
  • official client from MS Store;
  • the application in the emulator;
  • third-party services for Direct Instagram to your computer online.

Let’s consider them in more detail!

Where is Instagram DM on PC?

Let's start with the "legal" way — download Instagram with Direct to your computer from the Microsoft Store if you use PC. In this case, you need to make sure that the system is suitable:
  • your device has the latest Windows 10;
  • there is a minimum of 2 GB of memory.

The installer itself weighs about 200 MB. At the same time, it, as promised, should work all the same functions that are available in the usual app: you can log on your Instagram DM on PC, you can receive media materials, and send photos as easily as on a smartphone.

Use Instagram DM on MAC via the Emulators!

There is an option to start Instagram DM on MAC using the phone emulation. To do this, use special software, which is called – emulators. Popular solutions include:

Bluestacks – perhaps the most advanced development, which has a fairly wide selection of chips, the system supports different versions of devices;

Flume is an alternative tool that is also common, but lags on supported device versions;

Before using the computer to find Direct on Instagram, you will have to go through several preparatory stages:

Step #1:

Firstly, download and install the emulating program. If you want, check the settings or leave all the default settings.

Step #2:

Then log in to your account in the Play Store or Apple store so it is more convenient to get the latest version of the app.

Step #3:

Finally, you need to open Instagram through the emulator on your PC, that is, log in as you normally do in the application to access Direct.

Step #4:

Next, click on the “airplane” icon at the top right. If you haven't sent any messages before, an empty form will open with an invitation to start. And if you have wrote – open a list of dialogues in which you can find the desired recipient through the search bar or even a simple search of dialogues, if you do not remember the name of the person from whom you want to watch the video sent. You can also start a new conversation using the plus sign.

Step #5:

To write a new message to Direct Instagram from your computer, you will need to specify the name of the recipient. You can start typing so that the system itself offers options. A list will appear, tick the desired account. You can select multiple destinations at the same time.

Step #6:

After that, you can attach a gif image, attach a file from the gallery (note that in the emulation mode, you will need to put the files in the appropriate folder on your PC, which you can specify in the settings) or do with the text.

Step #7:

It remains to press the button to send.

Using third-party service

Writing on Instagram DM on MAC does not mean that you necessarily need the original app. After all, messages are also used to conduct business through this social network. The network, which means that entrepreneurs need more convenient tools for talking than dialing from the phone. Where there is demand – there is supply: the market has numerous services, including allowing you to make a computer login to Direct Instagram without downloading. For example, such functions have Ingramer.

The service has a wide range of opportunities for effective promotion of Instagram account through Direct mailings. The following mailing options are available to you:
  • New followers;
  • Existing followers;
  • A specially created list of followers.

Besides, the service is supported by the ability to add multiple accounts. And it does not matter whether there is Direct on Instagram on the computer – because you will have it for sure.

Using automatic mailing in Direct you have the following advantages over the usual use of Direct:
  • Your promotion on Instagram increases several times! Now you can focus more on the content you publish.
  • Your safety is 100 percent guaranteed! After all, you do not need to download anything or leave your data on suspicious sites. All you need is to register, enter your Instagram login and start the magic promotion!
  • Your problem is solved in seconds! The support team is always in touch with you in case of any questions about the service.
  • Your finances work for your promotion! The service guarantee that every dollar spent will be paid back several times more! If not, they will refund your money.

Final word

Even though in the browser version of Instagram the ability to use Direct not embedded, this feature is still possible to add in a variety of ways: choose the one that you are most comfortable.

Above all, Direct makes Instagram not only the place where users share photos from their lives, but also a full social network that can to some extent replace the common Facebook.