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20 Hottest Instagram Models and Sexiest Fitness Girls - Updated December 2019

Without further ado, let’s plunge into the world of striking beauty, perfect faces and extremely sexy models on Instagram!

Georgia Fowler - the 1st of the hottest Instagram models

Instagram followers: 873 000+
Georgia Fowler fired her modeling career when she was just 12 years old. Right now she’s a successful model and one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. She regularly shoots for Prada, Chanel, Miu Miu, Yeezy label and H&M. She’s also a star of Vogue and W Magazine. Just look at her, a great example to start the list of 20 hottest models on Instagram.

Georgia_Fowler hottest Instagram model
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Kendall Jenner

Instagram followers 107 000 000+
Kendall Jenner is one of the top models on Instagram and in the real world. A reality TV star started conquering modeling world at the age of 13. You just can’t count how many cover magazines and fashion week runaways the girl has done by now. She is the most high-paid model of 2017 and a true fashion queen of Instagram.
Kendall_Jenner hot Instagram model

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Adriana Lima

Instagram followers: 12 300 000+
Are you ready for the top and hot model not only on Instagram but in the whole world? Ladies and Gentlemen, Adriana Lima! The most charming Victoria’s Secret Angel, the seductive runaway assassin! She has topped the list of the sexiest models 7 times in a row. Incredible, huh?
Adriana_Lima hottest Instagram models

Miranda Kerr

Instagram followers: 11 900 000+
Miranda Kerr is the owner of the cutest cheeks in the fashion world. This girl has collaborated with all famous designers, starred on the covers of every fashion magazine! Take a look at her Instagram to feast your eyes with the pictures of this beautiful girl.
Miranda_Kerr hot Instagram models

Ashley Graham

Instagram followers: 8 200 000+
Ashley Graham is the first plus-size model that got the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. One of the seductive and hot Instagram models, that has millions of admirers! She is a creator of hashtag #BeautyBeyondSize and takes part in a world famous activity “Health at Every Size”.

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Alessandra Ambrosio

Instagram followers: 9 800 000+
Alessandra Ambrosio is another Victoria’s Secret Angel, that has her own enormous list of accomplishments in the fashion world. A supermodel from the age of 8, now she’s a top face of Next, Armani, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

Tyra Banks is just the hottest woman ever

Instagram followers: 6 300 000+
Tyra Banks is a girl, that makes the dreams come true. Everybody knows the famous TV-show America’s Next Top Model. For the last 15 years, Tyra opened the world of fashion to 24 winners of her own show. A true role model is now 45 years old and God bless that every woman could age with such grace.

Irina Shayk

Instagram followers: 11 800 000+
Irina Shayk is a Russian diva, a top model and a center of the main scandal of the 2019 year along with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She is a true star of Vogue magazine, the ambassador of Intimissimi and L’Oreal Paris brand and one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.
Irina Shayk

Emily Ratajkowski

Instagram followers: 22 100 000+
Emily Ratajkowski is a super popular model on Instagram. Do you want to see a really hot babe? Where to find an Instagram account of the hottest pictures? Check out Emily’s account and you will never regret. Sunny pictures of the perfect body and the sexiest posing in the whole Instagram are waiting for you.

Taylor Hill

Instagram followers: 12 500 000+
Taylor Hill is another VS Angel and a complete runaway assassin. She is a part of runaways of the world-famous brands like Elie Saab, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Ralph Lauren, DKNY etc. A charming girl with a perfect body publishes the pics of her everyday life mixed with great professional photos.

Kylie Jenner

Instagram followers: 130 000 000+
Kylie Jenner is a star of Instagram, the youngest billionaire in the world, a businesswoman with her own cosmetic company and one of the hottest models around the globe. Of course, modeling is not her main passion, but she killed a few runaways, has great photoshoots that supply her Instagram with hot pictures.

Sofie Rovenstine

Instagram followers: 94 100+
Sofie Rovenstine is fresh blood of VS show. The most explicit photos of the whole of today’s list of girls you can find on her Instagram page. If you want to please your eyes with the essence of body beauty, check out her Instagram account. The girl has it all!

Blanca Padilla

Instagram followers: 617 000+
Blanca Padilla is the face of Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy Beauty. She worked for Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, Giorgio Armani, Lacoste, Porsche Design, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Versace, Victoria's Secret.

Dalianah Arekion

Instagram followers: 202 000+
Dalianah Arekion is a long-legged star of fashion magazines. She stars not only on the covers of famous magazines, but her Instagram account is also full of hot pictures. Seductive brunette gains new followers at railway speed, and I think if you take a look at her account you will definitely follow her too.

Grace Mahary

Instagram followers: 132 000+
Grace Mahary is a Canadian supermodel. She did more than 200 runaways for an incredible number of brands: Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Céline, Chanel, Dior, DKNY, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, H&M, Hugo Boss, Kenzo Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Moschino, Nina Ricci, Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Vera Wang, Victoria's Secret, Yves Saint Laurent.

Meri Gulin

Instagram followers: 80 400+
Meri Gulin is an upcoming star in the modeling world. Just take a look at the gallery. If you are looking for sexy girls on Instagram, just take a look at her gallery. Besides fabulous Instagram account, she appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2017, had great shoots with GQ, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan Italia.

Brittany Noon

Instagram followers: 13 800+
Brittany Noon is the hottest chick on Instagram. And that’s all. Sunny photos on the beach, that show incredible body are gently mixed with home-made selfies and professional runaway shots. The girl that will show y’all that she’s got, but right now she has an undeservingly small number of followers. Come on, fix it and follow her!

Bruna Lirio

Instagram followers: 257 000+
Bruna Lirio is also a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She works for many fashion brands & high fashion designers. But the most interesting content is not in the dressing rooms, but her Instagram itself. Amazing pictures, just take a look!

Lily Aldridge

Instagram followers: 5 300 000+
Lily Aldridge is another VS Angel. She has always lived in the fashion world. Her mom is a model and her sisters and brothers are also closely connected with the world of fashion. Happy wife of Anthony Followill (Kings of Leon frontman) posts incredible photos on her Instagram.

Monica Bellucci - incredibly hot Instagram model

Instagram followers: 2 200 000+
Monica Bellucci. The Goddess. It's not about Instagram, but the legendary model and top woman. And a brilliant actress. Gosh I wish we all could age with such grace! On her Instagram page, Monica often posts pictures of her famous fashion works. And it’s a sight for sore eyes!

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Cassandre Davis - the 1st of the hottest fitness girls

She is a fitness model and a close friend of Cristiano Ronaldo. If you're a fan of the Kim Kardashian figure (when you first come into the room, and then your ass), then you will like the figure of Davis.

The girl made herself and she is very proud of her amazing results. The number of her followers reaches more than 1 million people. Her profile is a good ground for inspiration and motivation.

one of the Hottest Fitness Girls

Stacy Tonkes is one of the hottest models of the world

The leggy beauty from Australia works as a lingerie model. What a figure! Pay attention to her stunning legs, which are not only long but slender and toned.

To maintain herself in such good shape, the girl closely keeps to a diet, regularly visits the gym, and enjoys yoga.

one of the Hottest Fitness Girls

Manuela Mosca

Manuela is originally from Mexico, she is a designer and model. Look at her in a bikini!

Looking at her photos, you involuntarily think: I can do the same! I can also have such a slim and toned figure!

How should that be done? Firstly, follow her Instagram. Secondly, motivate yourself by looking at her photos. Thirdly, build your perfect body! Darling, in half a year you change yourself! Believe me!

one of the Hottest Fitness Girls

Alexis Ren

She is a popular American model and a designer. She likes to give followers advice on nutrition and training. Also, she has her nutrition plan that has brought her figure into such a mouthwatering candy. The plan is publicly available and can help each of us.

one of the Hottest Fitness Girls

Yovanna Ventura

She was born in Miami. Yovanna has 17 years of experience in the fashion business. She also enjoys music and has been in a relationship with Justin Bieber. And then we can understand Justin because the girl looks just amazing!

Besides, she has very nice facial features that complement her toned seductive figure and makes her the object of adoration of thousands of men!

one of the Hottest Fitness Girls

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Top teen on Instagram - Madison Beer

Instagram followers: 13,9 million
Madison is a famous American singer, rapper, model and just the hottest chick on Instagram. She is just 20, and she started her singer career 8 years ago, can you imagine? By the way, it was Justin Bieber who noticed her talent back then.

Madison Beer - top teen on Instagram

Audreyana Michelle is among top model accounts

Instagram followers: 839 thousand
Audreyana is a popular model with great looks. She works for Freedom models LA, Agency AZ, NEXT Miami Premier London, Premium Paris and others. And what is rare - she is a spiritual person.

Audreyana michelle standing in bikini

Lele Pons - Do it for the vine!- Top woman on Instagram

Instagram followers: 37,5 million
She is American Internet celebrity from Venezuela. She is famous by her vines with the participation of friends and family. And can boast great body, by the way.

Lele pons on a surf board

Megan Williams

Instagram followers: 718 thousand
This Victoria’s Secret model is a beauty in the pure sense of the word. She loves working out - you can see that on her abs, and watching Planet Earth on Netflix. Follow her account if you want to get inspiration on a daily basis.

megan williams nude

Cindy Kimberly

Instagram followers: 5,8 million
This model is at the very start of her career of an Instagram star. But she did manage to get on the covers of authoritative publications - Vanity Fair, Elle (Spain), Vogue (Japan), Harper's Bazaar (Spain), and also release her own book. I’m sure you’ve heard her story. Justin Bieber once saw her pic and posted it on Instagram with the question ‘who is that?’. The next morning Cindy got the offer from one model agency.

cindy cymberly sunbathing

Sexy Instagram model — Leidy Amelia

Instagram followers: 196 thousand
She describes herself as a free spirit. What is more, she always shares her thoughts on Instagram and has a very loyal audience. You will also like her, I swear!

Sexy Instagram model — Leidy Amelia

“Instagram sexy” — Cindy Prado

Instagram followers: 844 thousand
Cindy is a lovely girl with an Italian soul — she loves pasta and vine. And what girl doesn’t? Support this beauty by your humble Follow as she is among the loveliest Instagram models!

“Instagram sexy” — Cindy Prado

“Sexiest 2017” Instagram model — Michele Maturo

Instagram Followers: 508 thousand
Not just beautiful, fit and hot, but with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is a founder of FEW athletics - Fitness + Lifestyle Platform with tips, trends and inspo. Michele is one of the coolest representatives of Instagram models ranks.

“Sexiest 2017” Instagram model — Michele Maturo

“Sexiest 2018” Instagram model — Ruth Elopuro

Instagram followers: 11,4 thousand
Her Instagram is a masterpiece — you can`t take your eyes off the screen when you see her in your Feed. Ruth travels a lot and shares her pictures with more than 11 thousand followers. If you do not follow her, you need to fix that.

“Sexiest 2018” Instagram model — Ruth Elopuro

“Sexiest 2019” Instagram model — Demi Rose

Instagram followers: 11 million
Demi is incredibly beautiful and kind. Just look at her bends! She loves traveling (especially across Asia) and is fond of sports!

“Sexiest 2019” Instagram model — Demi Rose

Follow hottest Instagram models only — Danielle Knudson

Instagram followers: 496 thousand
Danielle is a kind, beautiful and a very successful model. Currently, she is a poster girl of GUESS. Scrolling down her gallery, it’s apparent why she is so popular among modeling agencies and brands. Just take a look!

Follow hottest Instagram models only — Danielle Knudson

Follow best fitness models to get inspired — Viki Odintcova

Instagram followers: 4,9 million
This Russian girl runs her Instagram in Russian mostly, so you won’t understand much. But what you can do successfully is to enjoy her beauty.

Follow best fitness models to get inspired — Viki Odintcova

Natasha Oakley — we’ll never get tired of naked girls!

Instagram followers: 2.1 million
Tasha is a model and a founder of own brand of swimwear. She is positive, blond and pleasant to look at. What else do you need?

Natasha Oakley — we’ll never get tired of naked girls!

Renee Somerfield — one of the sexiest always naked models

Instagram followers: 1.6 million
Who on earth would mind seeing such a girl naked every day of this life?

Renee Somerfield — one of the sexiest always naked models

And the last but not the least — Ellie Gonsalves

Instagram followers: 1.3 million
This model and actress from LA is an ambassador of L'oreal and Wildlife Warriors. Moreover, she has her own workout program which you can download and become as fit as she is. Go ahead!

Ellie Gonsalves - one of the hottest instagram models

Want more hot models? Here they are!

Our planet is replete with hot models, have you noticed? What a beautiful time we live in!

Who can believe that earlier, the work of the model wasn’t considered prestigious, and only girls from very poor families took up it? But over time, thank god, the situation has changed dramatically - today, top models are no less popular and recognizable than Hollywood stars. I offer you to take a look at the best representatives of this profession.

Jourdan Dunn

Instagram followers: 2,4 million

Jourdan Dunn is a beautiful British model who became popular with a blink of her eyes: she was doing shopping in a store when a modeling agent noticed her. Then she signed a Storm Model Management contract. Many years have passed, now she is 29, but you just look at her! For me, she is the sexiest Instagram girl.

By the way, she raises a son, he is 11. You can see her at Beyonce music video ‘Younce’ and XO! Drake, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West and others invited her for shootings as well.

Olivia Culpo

Instagram followers: 4,5 million

Olivia is an American model and actress, known as a winner of Miss USA 2012 and Miss Universe 2012. Today, she is a great fashion influencer and deserves to be among hot Instagram girls selection!

Interesting fact: The name of Olivia was immortalized on one of the streets of Cranston. The City Council approved the resolution, giving the part of Albert Avenue the name of the winner of the beauty contest — “Olivia Culpo Way”. She can be proud of herself!

Olivia Culpo

Jasmine Tookes

Instagram followers: 3,8 million

Jasmine is an American Top-model and Victoria’s Secrets angel. There is only one word that can describe her — GORGEOUS.

She was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. She came to the modeling business at the age of 15. All thanks to her mother, who works as a stylist. Being a child, she was engaged in gymnastics, football and volleyball, that’s why she is so fit! She signed the first adult contract in 2010 at the age of nineteen. She made her international podium debut in 2011 at the DKNY show, and in the same year hit the cover of Vogue Italy.

Jasmine Tookes

Hadid Gigi

Instagram followers: 51,2 million

Show me the person who hasn’t heard about ‘Gigi.’ She is an American supermodel of Palestinian origin. She is one of the highest-paid models in the world! Who takes a shower more beautifully?

And she is a lady friend of a famous singer Zayn Malik. You can see them together in Pillowtalk. Nice song, nice picture, recommended.

By the way, Jelena Noura is her real name.

Hadid Gigi

We continue to enjoy hot girls on Instagram, don’t leave! We have a lot of sexy Instagram girls to show.

Hadid Bella

Instagram followers: 27,9 million

If you know Gigi, you must have known her sister Bella. No less beautiful, no less successful!

But in adolescence, the girl was rather shy, and had many complexes about her appearance. According to her words, for a long time, she struggled with excess weight, and she did not like her own eyebrows (what a little thing.) As for hair color, Bella, like her older sister, are natural blondes. She began to dye her hair dark to be different from Gigi. So you can see on her own example, that even if you have some complexes, you can cope with them and even become a Bvlgari model!

Birgit Cos

Instagram followers: 138 thousand

Birgit is just a doll, beautiful as heaven. As a child, Birgit Kos planned to join the army. Such peculiar interests! Modeling scouts spotted the 14-year-old Kos in one of Amsterdam's stores. Since that, her life changed completely.

Birgit dreams of gathering Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Linda the Evangelist at the same table. We support!

Birgit Cos

Romee Strijd

Instagram followers: 6 million

Romee is a top model from Netherlands. A lot of beautiful people live there, as we can see. Stunning blonde with blue eyes, this girl works hard and builds her career, performs at fashion shows, starred for the best magazines. For all the time, Romy managed to work with the best fashion brands, including “Alexander McQueen”, “Michael Kors”.

Since April 2015, she is one of Victoria’s Secret’s “angels”. Check her Insta out!

Shanina Shaik

Instagram followers: 2 million

This Australian model was born in Melbourne in 1991, half Pakistani, half Lithuanian. Se started her career at the age of eight. She participated in shows of local brands back then. After graduation, she took part in the Make Me A Supermodel model contest, reached the finals, and then signed a professional contract. At seventeen, she moved to New York.

All I can see is her magnificent eyes, they look straight into your soul.

Shanina Shaik

Sara Sampaio

Instagram followers: 7,5 million

This Portuguese model has proved many times that she is the best. Sara Sampaio is the very angel from the Ax Effect ad. She is recognizable and in demand not only in modeling agencies, but also in cinema.

And what is more, she is a cool karaoke singer. By the way, she has the perfect 60-cm waist:) Don’t forget to Follow her account!

Sara Sampaio

Stella Maxwell

Instagram followers: 4,9 million

I bet you have heard her name if you know who Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart are (Hannah Montana and Bella). For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, I will explain: they were in relationships.

She was born in 1990 in Belgium, in a family of North Irish diplomats. At 13, after a new trip of her parents, she moved to Australia, and a year later to New Zealand. After graduating from college, she entered the University of Otago, during which she was invited to a casting, after which she began her modeling career.

Stella Maxwell

If you reached this point, you are definitely a female beauty admirer. So do I! Let’s continue exploring sexy models of Instagram together.

Sexy models of 2020

Josephine Skriver

Instagram followers: 6,1 million

A wonderful model from Denmark is one of the most popular sexy models today. Moreover, together with her friend, she runs a YouTube channel for training together. So you can subscribe and get fit with her! By the way, they say she has 172 abdominal muscles, maybe you find out you have the same.

Josephine is Victoria’s Secret angel. Since 2011, she has participated in more than 300 shows, worked with major global brands, and has also starred in the covers of magazines such as Vanity Fair, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

Lisa-Marie Jaftha

Instagram followers: 57,4 thousand

Lisa-Marie is one of the most beloved faces and in the fashion industry. She is a beauty and she knows it. Just look at her profile, it’s stunning!

Though she has not so many followers as others, I’m sure she has got the future. So wait for it a little and you will see millions of followers on her Instagram profile.

Lisa-Marie Jaftha photo.

Camila Morrone

Instagram followers: 2 million

Sexy woman and Camila Morrone are synonyms, I assure you. She is a model, an actress, a founder of a charity fund from Argentina. You may know her as Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend. Yeah, he knows how to choose girls!

Camila signed the first contract with IMG, and her career went uphill - photoshoots for Victoria Secret advertising campaigns, for the covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue), and in 2016 her first run out took place - the model participated in the Moschino cruise collection show.

Oh, yes, she is a stepdaughter Al Pacino:)

Camila Morrone photo

Gabby Westbrook

Instagram followers: 109 thousand

Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Westbrook Patrick, born in New Zealand, Australian model of Samoan, Irish, German and British origin. Confused? This Instagram girl is just 23, imagine how much she will achieve in the future!

She began her career in modeling in childhood, starting at the age of five. A few years ago, she stopped at the age of twelve and returned to modeling at the age of fifteen.

Gabby Westbrook photo

Caroline Kelley

Instagram followers: 121 thousand

Caroline is one of those girl-next-door IG models who amaze with their beauty. This 22-year-old American model successfully collaborates with well-known brands: Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret and Sephora. She is in the modeling since she turned 16 years.

As for me, her face magnifies so much that you are ready to look at her for hours.

Caroline Kelley photo

Jasmine Sanders

Instagram followers: 3,7 million

This Golden Barbie (people call her so because of light hair and blue eyes) was born in Germany but raised in Columbia. She really contributed to the revolution in the modeling business by social networks. She became a commercially successful person with whom eminent brands sign contracts for advertising campaigns. Jasmine works with Forever21, Smashbox, Quay Australia, American Eagle, Nike, Seventeen, Glamor and many others. This Golden model and actress became a favorite of the public, thanks to Instagram.

When she was only thirteen years old (such a child!), her mother arranged a meeting at one of the local modeling agencies. After that, the young beauty was offered to work in NY.

Barbara Fialho

Instagram followers: 603 thousand

Barbara is not only the sexiest model but a brilliant singer, as well. She started her modeling career at 15, but she took the guitar at 9. So we consider both of her careers equally important and worth attention. That’s why Lenny Kravitz couldn't resist her charm, but it was long ago.

Now, she is married to Bob Marley’s grandson. Recently, on August 1 she gave birth to their son. Congratulations, Barbara!

Barbara Fialho photo

Anna Ewers

Instagram followers: 341 thousand

Anna Louise Evers was born on March 14, 1993 in the German city of Freiburg. It turned out to be in the modeling business by accident while studying in the USA on student exchange, the photo from her blog caught the eye of designer Alexander Wang, who asked his assistants to find the girl and offer her shootings to advertise his collection. Anna was found, a contract was signed with her. However, she began a full-fledged career as a model in 2013 after completing her studies in Germany.

Anna is often compared to French actress Brigitte Bardot because of their resemblance. What do you think?

Anna Ewers photo

Alexina Graham

Instagram followers: 696 thousand

Alexina is a top British model and former ballerina. She began working with Victoria’s Secret after watching Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017. She became the Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2019 and became the first red-haired girl to ever to become an Angel. Graham is also the L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador.

Can you imagine, while studying at school she was harassed for red hair! People are crazy sometimes.

Alexina Graham photo

Hailey Clauson

Instagram followers: 557 thousand

She rushed into the modeling when she was only fifteen years old, and immediately caused a sensation in the fashion world. A real Lolita, the appearance of which we can describe as American beauty: long fair hair, thin hands, childishly swollen lips, mischievous eyes, radiant smile, blue eyes. She reminds me of movie stars of the 60-70s.

Photoshoots for Vogue, Elle and other covers, participation in Calvin Klein and DKNY shows, contracts with Topshop and Gucci are just an incomplete list of Clauson's victories and accomplishments in the field of model business.

Haley became a model at age fourteen, appearing in ad campaigns for Wild Fox Couture, Jag Jeans, and the Forever 21 catalog. Today, looking at this girl, at her ideal face and body, it is easy to guess why huge brands of underwear and swimwear are fighting to get her.

Let’s just feast our eyes with her Instagram profile.

Hailey Clauson photo

Instagram models with a great magnetic pull

Let’s enjoy the best Instagram models with the most interesting faces.

Kiko Mizuhara

Instagram followers: 5,4 million

Kiko, as you may guess, is an American-Japanese model and actress. If you have, watched Norwegian Wood, you should have remembered her face — she played Midori.

Kiko is the former exclusive model of the Japanese fashion magazine “ViVi.” And the Japanese version of the American magazine for teens, “Seventeen.”

Although she has lived in Japan for most of her life, Kiko also has American citizenship and, in addition to the Japanese language, she is fluent in English. So she is not just one of the most beautiful Instagram models, but clever and talented girl, too.

Kiko Mizuhara photo

Lorena Rae

Instagram followers: 1,7 million

I’m in love with Lorena’s face! I can look at it forever. Lorena Ray is a charming model from Germany, whose Instagram page is rapidly gaining popularity.

When the number of her followers exceeded 900 thousand, the well-known agencies Wilhelmina, Otto, Hugo Boss, Yamamay signed contracts with her. Senorita Ray is the owner of a memorable appearance, and a girl with a huge and kind heart, filled with love for the world. Follow this bestie on Instagram!

Charlotte Mckinney

Instagram followers: 1,4 million

Oh, Charlotte! She is a gorgeously gorgeous American model. The popularity came together with the appearance in the commercial of hamburgers. The sultry blonde showed such seductive curves (the model’s bust is 96 cm) that offers about filming a movie rained down on her.

Moreover, she is quite a good actress, you can see her at Flatliners and Baywatch! It’s time to watch Baywatch! And follow Charlotte’s account on Instagram!

Charlotte Mckinney photo

Rachel Cook

Instagram followers: 2,7 million

Rachel Cook was born in 1995 in Seattle, USA. Once, while walking along the shopping center with her mother, one of the model agents noticed young beauty and offered to make a photoshoot.

Since then, the girl’s life has changed a lot, and after graduation, she got a serious contract and moved first to Washington, then to New York.

Now, Rachel works with well-known agencies and leads the life of a real supermodel. Plus, she is a very active user of Instagram, so follow her account!

P.S. She is a Playboy star. Intrigued?

Emily DiDonato

Instagram followers: 2 million

Emily DiDonato is an American supermodel who became world-famous after the Maybelline ad campaign with her participation in 2009.

Those who have not seen DiDonato’s baby photos will not believe that her beauty is not a product of skillful plastic surgery. Blue eyes, sensual lips, thick brown hair are the result of a successful combination of genes. Emily has Italian, Irish, and Native American roots.

Her first triumph was a contract with Maybelline, signed only six months after she started her career. Yesterday's schoolgirl starred in an ad for Color Sensational lipstick and became the face of the cosmetic giant along with superstars Christy Turlington, Julia Stegner, Erin Wasson, and Jessica White. Such success at the start is a rarity in the fashion industry.

Don’t forget to follow this unique girl on Instagram!

Emily DiDonato photo

Best Instagram models with beach-ready bodies

Let’s check some of the best fit girls Instagram is filled up! First watch, then go to the gym!

Stefanie Giesinger

Instagram followers: 3,8 million

Stefanie is a 23-year-old German model and… a winner of the ninth season of the show Germany’s Next Top Model.

In June 2014, she became the cover girl of the German Cosmopolitan and also starred in the Opel advertising campaign. On her social networks, Stephanie actively collaborates with L’Oreal and participates in various fashion shows.

All thanks to her stunning looks. Don’t forget to check out her account!

Stefanie Giesinger photo

Martha Hunt

Instagram followers: 3,1 million

Martha is an American top model. Since April 2015, she is one of Victoria’s Secret’s angels. What I like about her is the fact that she has a pin literally. In her back. The top model turned her scoliosis into a weapon and entered the path of activism. Though she has scars, she is confident about herself and motivates others to do the same.

Hunt Martha on Instagram and get inspired! You won’t regret it.

Martha Hunt photo

Lais Ribeiro

Instagram followers: 2,2 million

This Brazilian hottie is in the modeling business since 2009, after passing the casting for the Brazilian agency “Teresina.”

Soon she moved to New York. After some time, the brand Calvin Klein noticed this goddess and invited her to their show. After this show, Lais started to be in demand in the model market. In 2010, a new round of the model’s career started — there was an invitation to the final show of Victoria’s Secret. Since the end of 2010, she is among the top world models.

Lais Ribeiro photo

Devon Windsor

Instagram followers: 1,9 million

Devon is among top Instagram models, however, not from British royalty:)

While studying in high school, at the age of fourteen, she was spotted by a well-known photographer in the United States and invited to a photoshoot, after which she signed a contract with West Model & Talent Management. No comments more, just watch.

Erin Heatherton

Instagram followers: 858 thousand

American top model, best known as one of Victoria's Secret angels.

She was invited to work as a model by the French agency Marilyn Agency during a vacation in Miami. Agency bosses liked the potential model right away, and they offered her good starting conditions, which she accepted. He moved to New York, immediately after that Heatherton stepped on the podium, presenting the spring-summer collection of Diane von Furstenberg.

Gossip time: she is an ex-girlfriend of Leo DiCaprio. Have you noticed that his name’s already come up in this article?

Erin Heatherton photo


This was the top best Instagram models female edition. Girls, if you would like to see the boy’s edition, leave your comments!