Social networks have become extremely powerful platforms for businesses. Just create Instagram business account and see what new horizons will be opened for you.

Enjoy Amazing Earning Opportunities Of Running Instagram Business Account!
Have you noticed how many brands and companies are entering the Instagram world nowadays? It can be explained by an enormously wide range of opportunities that this platform can offer to businesses of all forms and sizes.

It doesn’t matter whether you represent a global corporation with a prominent name that is known all over the world or a small local brand that has just begun its journey, there is enough space for everyone.

What is an Instagram business account and how to switch over?

In 2016, the platform introduced a new feature - Instagram business accounts.

In general, they look just the same as personal ones but they provide their owners with some really helpful tools for businesses.

Switching to a business account you will:

  • get access to statistics of profile visits as well as users interactions with your account;
  • have an opportunity to see the information about your followers, including their location, age, gender and hours of activity;
  • be able to create promotions and examine their effectiveness;
  • get a possibility to add the information about your working hours as well as contact details.
How to create Instagram business account? It’s absolutely easy! At the first stages, the process doesn’t differ from the process of creating a private one.

But then when everything is ready you need to make some taps more.

Open the Settings section, then proceed to the Account section and choose an option to Switch Business Account.


You can also connect it to your Facebook business account but pay attention to the fact that at the current moment it is possible to connect you Instagram account with one FB page only.


Why you should create Instagram business account?

Though with private accounts, everything is more or less clear, we create them to stay in touch with our friends and relatives, to share our pics and to see what our friends publish, to follow interesting accounts of celebrities and bloggers and even to find goods and services that we need.

With business accounts, the situations may differ due to the specificity of the business and its sizes.

For example, a huge brand going online hopes to get closer to its customers and to ensure the organic reach. At the same time, a small business at the earliest stages of its development may choose Instagram, primarily, for advertising and for getting a comparatively cheap option to tell the world about its existence.

So, let me summarize the main reasons to create Instagram business account. With your commercial profile you can:

  • build an audience;
  • establish a direct dialog with your existing and possible clients;
  • gain new customers and boost sales through DM. Use our Direct Message template to increase efficiency!
  • enter into interesting partnerships;
  • expand your geography.
If you are still doubting about any prospects of entering Instagram with your business, I’d like to recommend you at least to look through about one of our previous blog posts How to Promote Your Small Business on Instagram? 5 Real Examples of Success! to get inspired.

Take all the benefits of your Instagram business account!

Now, when everything is ready and you are full of enthusiasm to start, my task is to remind you of the main rules of promotion.

  • Try to get as many followers and likes as possible.
  • Create various types of posts and don’t forget about hashtags.
  • Support activity on your page, establishing a dialog with your audience via captions and comments.
  • Use Instagram stories as a tool of promotion (If you need some help, the article How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business Promotion can be of great use).
  • Organize contents and giveaways.
  • Establish interesting partnerships.
Yes, there are a lot of things for you to do if your goal is to succeed. Nevertheless, it is not a reason to give up. I know what I can offer you to make your promotion easier. Ingramer Instagram Bot is built for those who want to achieve success but don’t have an opportunity to spend too much time on it.

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I wish you good like in your promotion! Let your business grow!