If you can’t decide on what to post on Instagram, you should read this article. Our coolest ideas can’t wait to be adopted by you!

The Freshest Ideas On What To Post On Instagram In 2019
When you hear the word “Instagram”, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind at this very moment? Though we all are different and we have different ways of thinking, it’s highly possible that this social network is closely linked in your mind with visual content. And it is quite natural. Despite the fact that today Instagram has become a global marketplace, educational platform, and a fashion magazine all-in-one, officially, it is still a social network for sharing photos and short videos.

By the way, do you still remember the times when we opened the Instagram app just to upload a pic and scroll a feed to see what our friends shared? Though these functions are still available, we can also open the app to read some valuable tips on how to create the trendiest look ever, to find a recipe of an apple pie, to make an appointment at the hairdresser’s or even to choose and order a new dress that will be shipped from another continent. Do you feel the difference?

So, what conclusion can we make based on these facts?

The expectations of the audience are extremely high (the competition is the best engine for the growth of expectations) and its interests are extremely wide. And you should take it into consideration while building your promotion strategy and developing your content plan.

How to understand what to post on Instagram?

There are millions of accounts on Instagram today. But how is it possible to stand out from the crowd (and is it really still possible to do it)?

The first thing that I will advise you to do is to find yourself. The type of content that you should share will greatly depend on what you want to tell your audience.

It is absolutely unreal to create an account and content that will be interesting to everyone. Moreover, let’s stay honest and admit that we all have a limited number of spheres that we are good at and that we are interested in. For instance, even if I find out that the whole world is crazy about aviation, it is hardly possible that I will be able to create valuable content related to this industry (as I am not interested in it and I know nothing about it).

That’s why you need to define your niche and develop your skills, your knowledge, and your account within it. Only while your account will be interesting for you, it has chances to win the hearts of your audience.

If you have already defined the topic or topics that you will cover in your posts (it doesn’t mean that your posts should contain any specific information, they can be just related to these topics), it’s time to choose in what tone you will build your communication with your audience. That’s a very important step in finding what to post on Instagram.

The tone of your communication should be appropriate given the type of your account. Please, don’t be too conservative. Even if you are managing a serious business account there is always enough space for jokes or memes (especially if you share them regularly). But please, forget about vulgar jokes, if you are selling goods for babies via IG.

The topic and the tone will be the core benchmarks for you. But that’s not the end of factors that you should bear in mind while trying to choose what to post on Instagram.

The last but not the least thing on this list is your followers’ preferences. Yes, you will never understand what your ideal content is until you test what impact it has on your audience and what your audience think about it.

Don’t think that experiments are not allowed and your audience will never forget your mistake and will never forgive you. Just relax, babe. If your audience doesn’t like one post, it doesn’t mean that it won’t like the following one. And moreover, it doesn’t mean that your followers will remember this unsuccessful publication forever.

Let’s just revise the factors that you should take into account while you will be studying the list of ideas on what to post on Instagram that I’ve prepared for you:

  • The possibility to use such content on the account of your type (no childfree jokes on the account for mommies, please!)
  • The relevance of the tone of communication (don’t be too formal when your target audience is teenagers)
  • The preferences of your audience (you know your followers much better than anyone else).

5 ideas for your posts: just use them

  • Don’t be afraid of formats that invite your followers for communication
The engagement of your followers is one of the most important goals of your promotion. Though sometimes it may seem that it is a widely-known fact, some bloggers still prefer not to make their followers work (=leave comments, share their thoughts, participate in contests).

So, here you are just a couple of engaging ideas of posts:
  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Short quizes
  • Voting
  • Asking for advice

  • Alternate formats and don’t get too obsessed about one post type
I do not call upon chaos. I just want to tell you that it can be extremely cool if you define a couple of formats and mix them. People are always waiting for bread and circuses. So, give it to them. Give them some information to boost their mental activity (useful tips, lifehacks) and something that they can just look through and relax (beautiful pics, “before-after” posts and so on).

By the way, the alteration of post formats can be also reflected in the layout of your feed. Want to know how to do it, follow the link to read our article Instagram Design Trends: How To Make Your Account Look Stylish?

  • Don’t try to be too perfect
People are already tired of ideal pics. Even if you are an Instagram model or a celebrity, you are just a human being. So, show it for your audience at least from time to time. Your followers need to know who is standing behind the beautiful pics that you usually post.

If you are promoting a commercial account, such a format may not be very applicable (especially if you personally are not associated with this brand), but in the majority of cases do not hesitate to share:

  • backstage photos
  • private pics
  • family pics

  • Remember that textual content also matters
Though it is possible to post a pic on Instagram without captions, it doesn't mean that you shouldn’t add them at all. You can write some stories or some tips, or share your opinion. Today people are really ready to read posts. So, provide them with such an opportunity! Just some ideas for your inspiration: Best 30 Instagram Quotes And Captions.

And one thing more about captions! If you don’t feel like creating captions, do you have anything against hashtags? I really recommend you to add them to your captions to make other users find you via popular tags. Ingramer takes care of you and offers you a free hashtag generator to help to find the most appropriate tags for your posts.

  • Use the tools of situational marketing
What do I mean? I mean that you shouldn’t ignore trendy trends (but, please, adapt them to your account and your style). Do you remember how some months ago the world was going crazy about Games of Throne? At that time, it could be extremely relevant to make a post (or create a story) on this topic or at least to mention it in your captions. You can also use popular memes, jokes, and topics everyone is talking about. The audience immediately reacts on such things and it is exactly what you need.

Frankly speaking, the list of ideas on what to post on Instagram is practically endless. But I’ve tried to define the key trends that (I hope) will definitely inspire you.

And now when you are ready to start creating content, isn’t it an appropriate time to decide on how to promote it?