Marketing departments in big companies and local businesses puzzle over on how to create a hashtag on Instagram. Explore this guide to launch a traffic-driven hashtag!

How To Create a Hashtag On Instagram For Brand in 2020?
We live in a world full of ads, tempting offers, cheap and fast-moving commercials. In 2019 we no longer buy a newspaper, stare at the TV set to find the desired product. As consumers, we apply a phrase on a Google search bar or search by a hashtag on Instagram. This state of things has changed the game rules for companies significantly: they don't have to spend dollars on marketing budgets and campaigns.

Businesses in 2019-2020 are getting loyal customers and profits by setting aside smart digital strategy on social platforms. Hashtags are super powerful as they serve many goals: branding, CTA, traffic booster. In this article, we uncover how to create a hashtag on Instagram customized for your company or image. Learn how to apply this tool efficiently and stay tuned!

Benefits from branding a hashtag

First of all, let's figure out what are the perks of a customized hashtag. You, as an entrepreneur, marketer, or influencer, know that advantages and gains are sound motives. Some companies ignore hashtags and drive traffic and impressions via bots, but this strategy won't bring long-term results. Hashtags are proven ways to improve engagement, stimulate conversation, and word of mouth broadcasting about your label. That's what a good social media strategy results in. Let's investigate additional lucrative and money-bringing perks:

Search optimization: Surely, you apply Google Key Planner and SEO for lead pages and website – similarly, will the hashtags work for your Instagram. The basic rule is to use the keywords related and trending to your niche. The easiest way to identify them is by utilizing a Hashtag generator.

Traffic boost: this perk is tightly connected to the previous one. If your business is easy to find, it attracts more people on social media. As a result, metrics and statistics steadily grow. People search by hashtags across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Broadcasting testimonials: the branded hashtag is a perfect way to showcase the experiences, demos, and streamline people on the brand's ambassadors accounts. 90% of customers trust influencers over the rough offers and ads.

Learn from Benefit cosmetics. They created a branded hashtag #friendswithbenefit and regram the catchy posts with their products. A reasonable tag will bring you tonnes of high-quality UGC!

Benefit cosmetics Instagram account

Easy effectiveness measures: a branded hashtag will help you to estimate the efforts. For example, services like Ingramer offer online analytics on any hashtag showcasing its difficulty, top, and recent publications. Marketers and entrepreneurs monitor how many people started to follow the hashtag they launched.

Cross Marketing: A branded tag is a must-have when you organize takeovers across several platforms. This keyword will help you and followers to discover the latest content updates on the contest and other events.

Events... By the way, let's assume what the frequent occasions brands apply a unique hashtag are:

  • PR-activities
  • Competitions
  • Takeovers
  • Giveaways
  • Demos and launches of new products
  • Job calls
  • Multi-Channel promos

Brand-oriented tags intend to allure the conversation and, finally, engagement.

7 steps on how to create a hashtag on Instagram

Instead of overthinking keywords that sound fancy, better set aside the initial goal of digital strategy. Remember that useful tags resonate with the brand's marketing funnel.

Step #1 – consider promotional goals

As we introduced briefly, hashtags increase impressions and organic people reach, which is a way more than likes count. To make the hashtags work right, make sure they are aligned with your business objects. What can they be?

  • Spur conversations about your brand on social networks;
  • Become noticeable on a particular channel;
  • Improve CTR, account visit, impressions;
  • Estimate your market reach;
  • Gain mentions on socials;

Outlining the goals is a starting point you can't ignore to maximize the effect.

HM Instagram account

Step #2 – Decide on the platform

Well, we have our goal down, so let's determine the channel to achieve them. On this step, we will clear up which social network to choose. The issue is the platform you pick for the branded hashtag promotion should be firmly bound to your aims and audience. Some networks won't fit your strategy at all. If you're planning a branded hashtag that commonly promotes your business, you'll reasonably need to apply it on various social channels.

Let's list the peculiarities considering hashtags for 3 popular platforms.

Twitter. Don't devalue this media when developing a tag for business and promotion. This network is where hashtagging has started many years ago so that the platform will be handy to explore what are the trends. What is valuable about Twitter campaigns is that users can insert a link directing to the lead page or website on each post. The chances a tag launched for a takeover will reach many people are high on Twitter.

Instagram. This platform is a massive generator of visuals, so corporate tags should be powered with five-star images. IGers search hashtags across the app often, so the opportunity to be noticed is great. Nevertheless, branded hashtags exclusively performing on Instagram won't be cross-promotional. Remember to add the URL in bio leading to the website you need when managing a campaign on Instagram. Combine your branded hashtag with other, up to 29 hashtags you can add per post; it will boost traffic. We recommend hiding the set of tags in a comment leaving the spacing, not to overwhelm the text caption.

HM Instagram account 2

Facebook. Hashtags on FB are uncommon. Yes, they're not that traditional as Instagram or Twitter tags, but you shouldn't ignore them, especially in cross-platform campaigns. Contrasting to Twitter, where users view every post mentioning a tag, FB classifies hashtags by fame and date. Users have an option to filter posts according to an author, location, and time.

Note! When hashtagging on FB use 1-2 words per post, you will get more engagement rather than using 4-5 hashtags. The algorithm is a bit different.

To bring more like-minded people and boost sales, use time-saving tools, like Ingamer Hashtag generator. It suggests the trending and niche hashtags regardless of your area, ready to copy-paste.

Step #3 – time to showcase creativity

Brava! Now we have the objects and channels outlined – let's brainstorm concepts. Bear in mind: you should maintain a balance between creativity and practical use. A brilliantly branded hashtag is the one that unique but related to your business.

Don't merely generate because everyone does. Alternatively, assure the word will boldly stick with your customers. Triumphant hashtags are usually:

  • Short and sharp
  • Simple to memorize
  • Corresponding with your philosophy

If you put a check in all the columns, the result will be a remarkable hashtag.

Reebok Instagram account

Step #4 – simplify the message

Marketers regularly over examine hashtags. Alternatively, it's best to be honest, and personal with the message. If the message is sophisticated, the context will be confused and misunderstood. Imaginative is eternally right, while excessive of it will mislead customers.

You can connect hashtags to your product groups, like Zara. It's simple, clear, and makes sense.

Zara Instagram account

Ensure the hashtag gets through to the audience and is compatible with your brand.

Step # 5 – call em to action

Yes, you can accomplish two goals at once and add CTA to a branded hashtag. Meanwhile, an actionable tag will generate more replies and broad usage. It takes a shot of brilliance and simplicity to get your audience to involve. Activity-driven tags normally:

  • Ask about something
  • Drive to action
  • Highly emotional

If people take part in your game, using your hashtag, be sure that it is working. You are to evoke some sort of sentiment from IGers. Bear in mind, that a precise CTA works splendidly as a tag for a campaign.

Enjoy an excellent example of a branded hashtag – Mac spreads its brand's philosophy and connects it with trendy Star Wars. #MACStarringYou is simple, unique, and brilliant for the brand's positioning.

Maccosmetics Instagram account

Teach from Benefit cosmetics. They created a branded hashtag #friendswithbenefit and regram the catchy posts with their products. A reasonable tag will bring you tonnes of high-quality UGC!

Step #6 - the final check

Social platforms represent widely-spoken fails from even big companies. While black PR is also a PR, we advise you to double-check the hashtag before launching. What can you do:

Analyze every significant platform: Check that you've searched your hashtag on every social media site. It's not guesswork comparing trends on different social media. Verify that no one company is using the same word combination.

Bypass dual meanings: The point is critical, particularly if using a foreign language. Preferably you ask for proofreading linguists so that you make sure the word combination doesn't imply hidden meanings. Otherwise, you are risking to seem funny to native speakers.

Add capital letters: When you launch a tag, including all the lowercase characters, they may make another message you didn't mean. Sidestep this king of words game by separating words via capitals.

Apply popular events and trends: Don't miss a chance to cover global and local events in your campaign and hashtags. Usually, companies set aside thematic and dedicated hashtags connected to open plays, holidays, famous TV-shows.

Step# 7 - Measure the results

The significant part of any campaign is the estimation of the effects. By the way, persistent and well-scheduled posting on Instagram, along with a branded hashtag, will result in higher metrics.

Organize posting for the entire month without remindings and delays. Try Ingramer Post-planner!

How to estimate and test what hashtags are working? Upload the posts with hashtags and without hashtags and measure the statistics on IG in-app. The app will show you how many people reached your post from a hashtag. Repeat the measures every month to exclude the least harvesting hashtags from your semantic groups.


You passed 7 must-know steps for everyone who aims to boost brand awareness via hashtags. A customized and unique hashtag will perfectly work if used with 29 tags connected to your niche. Don't struggle to guess them – they won't be effective. Apply the Hashtag generator and in-built hashtag tools, analyzing millions of TOP hashtags.