More and more users are interested in finding out how to message on Instagram on Mac. And if you are one of them, this article is for you.

How To Message On Instagram On Mac? I Am Ready To Share My Knowledge With You
Today there are a lot of users who view Instagram as a business platform. Now I am speaking not only about those who really have an e-store, for example, and offer some products on IG. There are a lot of services providers and even bloggers who are building their careers in the IG space.

That’s why it’s not surprising at all that their needs and demands may differ from those of ordinary users. If you are an ordinary user, it’s highly possible that you have never even opened IG on your computer as the capacities of your smartphone are quite enough for you to scroll the feed and to find the content that you are interested in.

Nevertheless, if you are doing business there, a computer may be a preferable choice for you. Let’s admit that it’s much more comfortable to carry out a lot of tasks on a PC than on a smartphone. But have you ever tried to send Instagram direct message on Mac? If yes, I can suppose that you think that it is impossible. But I can agree with you only partially.

Yes, there isn’t an official Instagram messenger for Mac. Nevertheless, from his point of view, users of computers with Windows 10 OS are luckier. For them, there is an option to download the IG app to their computers. To learn more about it, you can read one of our other blog posts: Want To Send Instagram Messages On Web? No Problem! Really Working Methods Inside.

The web version of Instagram that is available from any computer does not presuppose an option of performing any actions with Instagram direct message on Mac.

Nevertheless, you still have the possibility to change the rules of this game.

How to message on Instagram on Mac: really working methods

If you are fed up with the necessity to use your smartphone each time you want to check your IG inbox, or to send DMs, you should spend a couple of minutes to learn how to message on Instagram on Mac.

Method #1 (safe but sophisticated)

Have you ever opened a Developer console on your browser? If not, you should do it. You can do it either via the menu of your browser or by using the keyboard shortcut. For fans of the Chrome browser, this combination will be Ctrl Option J. Having opened the console, you’ll need to switch on the mobile device view of the necessary website instead of the web view.

My recommendation is to do it when your IG page is already opened, and you are logged in.

When the mobile view is enabled, I am sure that you will easily understand how to message on Instagram on Mac as everything will be functioning and will look just like you are using your smartphone.

By the way, you can apply just the same approach in case you need to share a pic using your laptop. The article How To Post Pictures On Instagram From PC Without Any Troubles: Detailed Guide will tell you more on this issue.

Method #2 (easy but risky)

The second option may seem to be easier, nevertheless, there can be some pitfalls.

Now I am talking about third-party apps. There is a row of apps, some of them were even purposely designed to fulfill a function of an Instagram messenger for Mac. But as for me, this method has two main disadvantages.

First of all, you need to download them, which is not very convenient, in my opinion. Secondly, they may seriously slow down the work of your computer. And thirdly, not all of them are safe. And you never know whether you have chosen the safest one. Yes, you can always read the reviews, but quite often they are very controversial.

Method #3 (convenient and efficient)

In case you are interested in not only how to message on Instagram on Mac but also in how to do it efficiently, I have the best choice for you ever. It’s the hotly-anticipatedIngramer Auto DM service that is very soon to come.

It’s a business-oriented tool that can seriously facilitate your life. It can be of great use, especially in such situations when you need to send dozens of DMs every day: for example, to greet new followers or to inform your audience about your updates and discounts. Just a couple of clicks - and these processes will be fully automated. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Moreover, there is one more awesome advantage: no downloads are required.

By the way, not so long ago we have released the refreshed posting planner. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to save time and optimize their work on IG.