Everyone knows that Instagram may bring a really good money. Some sources even provide their readers with facts about the income of top bloggers and celebrities in this social network. And the numbers are really impressing. But how much money can be earned by ordinary user?

How to make money on Instagram in 2019

How much money can be earned through instagram by casual blogger?

First of all let’s think how much followers do you need at start? The answer may be funny to you. 1.000 - this is the great number of followers that is need for start. Each follower may bring you several cents of income. With growth of this number, «price» of each follower is also growing. So, with only 5.000 — 10.000 of followers you may get about 500 $ per month. Quite good for the beginning, right?
The amount of income depends on the content-plan, amount of audience and, of course, direction of determined promotion way.

In this article we collected 10 ideas and a lot of tips to them that you may use in order to start making money on instagram - the greatest advertising platform of our time.
Important note: business is a very serious thing, and it doesn't matter how you decided to earn your own money. You should always do your best. Even a small steps are matter a lot. So read the article carefully and pay a lot attention to all the details. Let’s start!

Strategy #1 — advertising posts.

Making an advertisement posts in your profile is probably the easiest way of earning money, but don’t expect a great sum of money with minor cap of subscribers (1.000). As we told you before — amount of your followers = amount of your income. So don’t dwell on small results.

Where to find an offer?
Advertising exchange. Yes, such exchange is really exists. A lot of agencies are ready to pay you for posting of their content. This is quite popular: Mutesix, Voy Media, True North Social, Viral nation and Mobile Media Lab. Just register at chosen one, find an offer that you like and follow to it’s requirements. First time you need to search a customers by our own, but then, when your audience will grow in number, customer will search you.

Strategy #2 — sponsored posts.

Referral links, that you may post in your Instagram blog, can be a good passive income. For example, you posted a shot and marked a name of the shop in the description, saying something like: «with this link you’ll get a 10% discount here!». This «10%» may be your referral percentage that you’ll get for each customer that comes to the shop by your link. Scheme of search is the same as in advertising posts. You can add referral link through your profile settings in BIO editing menu.

Strategy #3 — sale of goods.

Probably, the first idea that came to mind when we are talking about Instagram monetization. And this is not bat, even the opposite — this is the fundamental way of earning money. You may sale your goods as well as other one, the result won’t long in coming. These strategy requires an interesting and attractive content plan. You need to alternate advertising posts with some entertaining content in order to attract the attention of your customers. Moreover, such strategy need accurate target audience, because in worse case scenario you’ll show your goods to those who are not interested in it.

One of the best ways to start selling effectively is to start using your Direct in a right way. Learn how to do it by reading - Ingramer Direct Messages Tool Is Out Now!

Strategy #4 — sale of services.

If you decided to run a business in services sphere you literally must have an account in social network in order to represent your talent. To your happiness we are talking here about the greatest platform for representation of services and goods. Experts sure that providing your customers with some free advices and lifehacks is a great possibility to increase their loyalty and trust level to your account. Introduce your kindness and make them to feel free in contact to you.

Strategy #5 — account promotion.

This service is very required. A lot of people wanted to start Instagram business as soon as possible, and a lot of them don’t know how to reach the subscriber’s cap. Of course, such services as Ingramer can deal this task easily, but great number of our potential don’t know how to start. There’s exist a lot of so called «SMM specialists» that may offer to run a promotion on your behalf. Of course they keep their promotion tools in secret, because you can easily do the same for yourself. Our technical managers now developing referral linkages for our clients, so soon this way of income may be available for you.

Strategy #6 — account managing.

Lot of businessmans just don’t have enough time for social managing on their own behalf. This way they are looking for are person who are ready to manage their account according to their will and with manager’s profitable ideas. Usually account manager have following requirements to work: designing of content plan, audience research, content making, deleting of spam, posting, hashtag and location tagging, looking for ideas to future posts and other actions that required for successful running if the business.
Here, before your start you need to perform 2 simple actions.
First: watch video guidings. Even if you have enough experience in account managing in other social networks you need to know all the features of Instagram. Video is the fastest way to do it.
Second: create new account and test your techniques with it. It’s better to face all the difficulties that may arise before you ask money for your work ;)

Strategy #7 — selling of pictures.

This idea is suitable for designers, artists, photographers and other graphic-lovers.
Who need such kind of goods? Content makers, owners of informational sources, account managers and casual users.
Why do they buy such goods? Because they need quality content and don’t have skill in drawing of graphical images.
It’s impossible to calculate the profit, because it depends on your skills.
How to find clients? For example, you can use username targeted promotion from our Instagram bot with your competitors account or visit a freelance exchange. You can find an inspiration for your future work at stock sites as Shatterstock or Canva.

Strategy #8 — account selling.

Accounts are required all the time, and accounts, prepared for business sells as good as absolutely clean one. This is the result of constant growth of the network. Main reason of account selling is the intention to change the concept idea to absolutely new. Account buying now looks like a investment in real estate. This comparison is very close to truth — account that costs 10.000$ may bring 2.000$-3.000$ per month. Clean accounts are required for promotion needs, and because of promotion characteristics they are always banned. Good reason to start your promotion right now.

Strategy #9 — photo printing.

Printing of Instagram posts is performed with vending machine that can be placed it malls, offices or any other crowded place. You get 1$ of profit for each photo print. Payback period depends on the attendance of chosen place. Average period is 6-8 months (without emergency cases). It’s better to buy new machine, because in this case you will have a 2 year warranty service.

Strategy #10 — payment for likes and followings.

This idea may be suitable for schoolboys or «instagram-addicted», because the amount of profit is really low and requires a lot of efforts. Search of orders is also run through special exchangers. But if you want to make real money — don’t waste your time.

How to get the minimal cap of subscribers.

As you already know — 1.000 of followers is a great subscriber amount for start. But what you need to do if you don’t have even this number?

The answer is Ingramer! Our service is ready to provide you with Instagram automation tool that will help you to surpass this cap. Our supports will gladly help you to determine your promotion direction through the free profile analysis that you may ask them to perform. With this directions you can easily work straight with your targeted auditory. As your can see — all these ideas worth of your attention. Thank to the technologies that are available now, every one can run his own business whenever he/she wants. No more need in special business skills: you can reach any heights with Ingramer.