How to direct message on Instagram and how to view Instagram DMs on PC? Read the article and get inspired by the new ideas!

How To View Old Direct Message On Instagram?
From time to time you accidentally delete your private Instagram message and then wonder how to get them back again or how to view direct message on Instagram? Or maybe you delete messages and for one reason or another and then understand that you need them.
From this time, you can view your old direct messages from Instagram, it’s not important which model of the phone you use, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone. I have found for you some ways of getting back your IG messages. So, all you need is to take a cup of tea, read, and relax, my Instagrammers!
If you still have some problems with the working of Direct on Instagram, why you have not read our topic about it? After all, without IG Direct to live now is very difficult. In this case, we have collected only useful information which can help to fight the problem!

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The whole truth about Direct messages!

Currently, Instagram is a famous application for smartphones. Instagram is mainly widely used to share photos, while Instagram Direct is mainly used to exchange personal messages from one person to another. With this feature, you don't need to switch between apps. Now you can do everything in one place. Learn What is Direct Message, how to use It in a right way and how Auto Direct Messenger can help you to move to a new level in the work on Instagram.
Getting into Direct is very simple: you can simply swipe left or click on the “airplane” icon on the top right. This section of Instagram shows all your messages and conversations. Here you can both re-read all messages and send new ones.
Messages can be both ordinary and disappearing:
  • Ordinary messages are saved and make up the history of correspondence.
  • Disappearing messages can be viewed only once. Then they will disappear. The only exceptions are disappearing messages in which the sender has allowed re-viewing. But the latter can be used to review only in case if the message was not closed after the first viewing.
All messages can be viewed in the special message history. This history allows you to control your correspondence and store important — video and — photo materials sent by friends. But it is not always necessary. Sometimes messages sent to friends need to be deleted for one reason or another. What to do in such cases? It's simple: they need to be removed. And here there will be only two options — to delete all correspondence or only separate messages from it.

To delete the entire message history, you will need to follow the scheme:
  1. log in to Direct;
  2. find the message history that you want to delete;
  3. press on the history to bring up the menu;
  4. select the "Delete" option.
But it is worth remembering that the whole story will be destroyed.
For instance, If you want to delete a specific message, you must act differently:
  1. log in to Direct;
  2. find the necessary correspondence;
  3. select the message to be deleted;
  4. find the menu item "Cancel sending".
Pay attention that cancel the sending is simply impossible. And even when you click on this option, a message will be required to remove at home. It is important that sent messages can be deleted only with history. It is not possible to delete them individually. But the user to whom you sent the message, it is not deleted. The function for deleting the message from both sides of the correspondence, Instagram doesn’t exist.

It’s possible: How to view old direct message on Instagram?

We have dealt with the removal. But what to do if you want to view old direct message on Instagram? It is worth knowing that all messages on Instagram are stored not only in the app of users but also on servers. This means that even if the history of the correspondence will be erased from the memory of the application — it will remain on the server. This is good because it means that you can restore messages by contacting technical support.

In order not to lose the necessary data irrevocably, we recommend the following:
  • Take screenshots or save separately important;
  • If you have deleted the data only at home, you can ask the interlocutor to make and send a copy from his account;
  • You can try to view using special services and apps;
  • You can be concerned in advance and install applications that make backups and can contribute to the recovery of part of the data in case of force majeure.
Final word
Instagram direct fuels the interest in social networking, new chips make the app more diverse and interesting for members. However, it should be remembered that the functionality is not perfect, in case of loss of data with a high probability you will not be able to restore it in the future, and the developers can not be responsible for saving important information for you. Also, be careful with what you send, not always sent can be removed without a trace, most often copies remain with your interlocutor.

Check Instagram DM of all accounts from a single chat!

Pay attention to the amazing feature of Ingramer - Direct Inbox. This is your Instagram Direct of all accounts that you are running - in one. There is a search line which will help you to navigate easily.

Thus, you save time, make it more comfortable for yourself to communicate - twice!

How to check direct messages on Instagram via Ingramer?

If you are a lucky client of Ingramer, the access to Direct is facilitated for you. You just need to go to your Dashboard. Then find the Direct section. It there where you will see all your saved messages for auto mailing and their status - active campaigns and completed ones.

There will be a Direct Inbox button - the point of your destination. Click it and see the standard looking inbox. You can switch between accounts right there and chat without any challenges.

How to Delete Instagram Messages from PC?

If you use a computer version on Instagram more often than an app, you probably want to know how to delete messages on Instagram from PC? So, it's not rocket science! I will tell you how to delete Instagram messages from PC in a minute!

How to Delete Instagram Messages from PC

First of all, you need to open a browser version of Instagram. As you know, the working method of using Instagram Direct from PC is to open Ingramer, where you need to choose the option of Direct Messages. Then you open your dashboard and select the convenient Direct Chat. If you have a question on how to check Instagram history, my answer is obvious - it is here. This box contains all your active Instagram chats. You can delete one chat or any as you wish. If you want to delete messages on Instagram you should know that these messages will disappear from history forever and you can’t to view them.

I could help you to understand how to delete Instagram messages from PC! But if you want to have more direct requests and messages, you need to think about your popularity. How to gain Instagram popularity? Read How To Promote Your Instagram Account and become a real Instagram celebrity!

How to message someone on Instagram?

It's not a secret that today Instagram is not only a social network where everyone can share different photos, videos and thoughts on a particular topic with friends and followers. Now it is also a good platform where you can meet a pretty girl or guy and even find love. After all, the obvious advantage of Instagram is that you can appreciate the visual component of a particular person. Also, you can appreciate the scope of his interests, circle of communication, what he is interested in and what he prefers to read, as well as his opinion on a particular issue or topic.

Therefore, getting to the profile of a new user, you can make a first impression about the person and decide for yourself whether you would like to start communicating with him or not within a few minutes.

How to message someone on Instagram picture

If you like his profile, you like the posted photos, the videos seem funny to you, and the stories are intriguing, then congratulations, you are interested in this person! The next step you need to do is write to him in Direct. But how to message someone on Instagram? Nothing is easier!

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone;
  2. Click on the paper airplane icon;
  3. Type the user's nickname;
  4. Choose the send a message option;
  5. Type the text of the message;
  6. Confirm sending.

You can also send a message directly from the profile of the user you are interested in. To do this, go to his profile and click the send message button. Voila! Now the user will receive a notification that they have a new message. To read it, he needs to approve it.

More about direct notification in the article Turn It Off: How To Manage Instagram DM Notifications? Know how to enable and disable this option and other cool features!

What should you do and don't! Flirting tips!

Do #1: Follow - write

Before you start writing to a person you like in direct, start following them. In this way, you will slightly lift the veil of secrecy and allow the person to get to know you and your profile a little. Thanks to this, he can appreciate your photos, videos, and stories. Based on this data, he will be able to understand whether he likes the profile and the particular person or not.

If so, you are lucky! Now you can write to direct and start communication between two people interested in each other. And if not, then your only chance is to write to direct and interest the person. Show what an interesting person you are, how much you know and how much you are interested in. However, do not overdo it in creating an image. It's best to be yourself and not wear the mask of another person.

Don't #1: Like all posts

Believe me, when you methodically and thoughtlessly start putting likes under each post of the person you are interested in, it is annoying. It seems that you just want to please another person and do everything possible to do so. The best solution for you is to carefully watch all the publications and evaluate those that you liked. Agree, this way you will be able to get better acquainted with the profile of a person and will attract his attention.

What should you do picture

Do #2: Write to direct

I’ve showed you the instructions on how to do this above. Now you need to think about the future text of the message. It should not be the typical message that everyone is used to receiving. You need to interest the person, do everything possible to attract his attention.

Therefore, carefully consider the text of the future message. Naturally, it should not be too complicated or stupid on the contrary. You need to find the golden mean and think through the text. For example, you can search Instagram messages options on the Internet. You don't need to copy a message. Just get inspired by the text and create your own unique and attractive message.

Don't #2: Send a lot of messages

Are there any people who still wonder how to look at messages on Instagram? Therefore, if your message remains unanswered, then most likely, the person is simply not aimed at communicating with you.

Don't get it out and send a bunch of messages. It looks terrifying! Otherwise, the user you are interested in can ban you or even complain about your profile on Instagram. We will not talk about the possible consequences, but they will not be pleasant. Therefore, know the measure and do not throw messages to a person who does not want to communicate with you.

Do #3: Ask questions

If you want a person to answer you, then you need to ask questions. It is the scheme of building communication with someone. After all, you were the initiator of the beginning of the correspondence. It means that you do everything possible to ensure that this communication continues.

So focus on thinking through the interesting questions. However, do not turn your correspondence into an interview with an investigator. Everything should take place in a friendly and informal environment.

Don't #3: Say too much

When you are just starting to communicate with a new person, it is essential not to say too much. Maybe, you will probably regret later. It is important not to scare people away by telling unusual facts about you or your family. Yes, it may be interesting and unusual, but this is only your first correspondence and it should be perfect. Then you have a better chance of continuing communication in the future. Otherwise, a person may wonder where are my messages on Instagram and start ignoring you.

We hope that using these tips, you will not make rash actions and mistakes flirting with someone on Instagram. After all, one mistake can cost you your reputation and the likelihood of continuing to communicate with the person you like. Therefore, you should take every send message seriously!

So, our lovely Instagrammers, meet, fall in love and use Ingramer to simplify your work with Instagram!

Your best team of Ingramer!