Here we got an interesting case which may explain you: how Ingramer can help to promote account for business. Today we are going to talk about tattoo artist from Hong Kong, Dacid, and about his experience of promoting with Ingramer Instagram Bot.

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Tattoos.Great way to release your inner nature, capture an important moment or even express your feelings. As we live in century of self-expression, tattoos become quite popular all over the world. So, tattoo artists are also a lot in demand. This is especially true to good artists. But how artist need to prove his mastery degree though the Internet?
Right — through the instagram!
But today we are not talking about those artists that just started their professional way. Review, that you will read below is written by great tattoo artist from Hong Kong, Dave.

What he is looking with Ingramer if he is already popular?
Dave decided to promote his account in business direction. Read a bit about his success and know some tips that may help to promote your tattoo account.

Dave, tattoo artist, @daveryolau

Hi everyone. My name’s Dave Ryo Lau, I’m a tattoo artist from Hong Kong tattoo studio «The Company Tattoo». I’m doing tattoos for about 10 years now. I really don’t want to brag, but I’m doing ‘em very well, cuz I love it so much.

I never looked for followers or smth like this, because people in the Internet like my art-works, so I have enough of subscribers.

Hong Kong is quite popular city for tourists as you know. Some of them are looking for unconditional way to check-in — making a tattoo.

For’s a great feeling to know that your work now is on the other corner of the Earth from you. So I decided to promote me and «TCT» in order to attract foreign customers.

Tourist season was approaching and I didn’t have time to wait something.

I started to look fastest service, but I received a lot of complex services with features which I absolutely didn’t need.

When I found Ingramer website, their support manager, Chris, asked me about providing me with the account statistic or something like this, and sended me a questionnaire. At my first thought I decided that she’s a bot, but...I’ve answered to the questions and continued to browse the Ingramer website. I was tired a bit, so I decided to use their free hashtag generator and give up with my search.

Suddenly, few days later, I found an email from with an «account analysis» attachment. OFC I was surprised! Information from the document satisfied almost all my needs, so I immediately visited Ingramer again and thanked Chris for help.

She was happy because I found this analysis helpful for my need. Of course I asked her to explain me what services can Ingramer provide to me.
I was very interested with «location promotion» function. This was exactly what I’m looked for.

Since this moment I become an Ingramer client. I don’t have experience with other services, but this bot is incredibly fast. I get about 2.000 of new subs for a month. And 70% of them are contacted me and asked about booking! TCT were literally crowded in last tourist season.

I’m very happy with the result, because now my account is supported with the community that wish to come for tattoo from me. And now I’m using Ingramer for 5 months

For those tattooers, who also want to try it: use the location of your studio, fill your profile with fresh portfolio and mark the contact-way, I don’t use Instagram as messenger so I linked my whatsapp and g-mail, for example.

TY a lot, Ingramer, you are amazing!

Now, let’s inspect his settings at the moment of her promotion work.


First, and the easiest point of each promotion is hashtags. As David noticed, we have a free hashtag generator that is available for everyone.

Here you can see the result it’s work
recent hashtags

And this is how it look in the promotion setup

For better result, you need to add this hashtag in both directions, because with them you can be found in the Instagram-search.


This idea is pretty simple, but incredibly good in performance. Using this feature you literally move subscribers from one account to another. There is a lot of tattoo-studios in Hong kong, so this task was easy enough, but this list were made specially for David, because this usernames are useful personally for him. If you want to use the same feature you need to browse your local competitors and add their account names to list.


David wanted to attract tourist and visitors of Hong Kong to TCT, so we advised him to mark his pictures with current locations and add interested location in promotion list. Tourist often browse in order to find interesting places to visit, so such promotion tool will add David’s account in search and increase the chance to be found by new clients.

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Nothing is impossible with Ingramer! David now received his free month of promotion — and you can also get it! If you have an experience to share with other our clients, please, contact us and we’ll explain you next steps to free subscription at best Instagram bot of 2019!