Ingramer announces new, improved Scheduled Posting service. Take a look at how to post on Instagram online with it!

Refreshed Scheduled Posting: How to Post on Instagram Online in a New Way?
Oh, friends, how many articles I’ve written to help you on your way to real success! And I won’t stop, I promise. Today’s article is dedicated to the great event in Ingramer’s life - the introduction of an updated Scheduled Posting service!

We’ve been working hard, days and nights to improve our service to such a level which can guarantee the convenience of use, high speed of all operations, and the general efficiency of Ingramer’s work. Let’s find it out!

What’s new and how to post on Instagram online now?

Photo. Yes, you may say that it’s not a new feature and you’ve already published your marvelous photos with Ingramer. You are right, unconditionally! But we’ve improved some details which will bring your photo content to the new level.

  • Improved ‘Crop Image.’ Now when you press Crop Image, the cropping pop-up appears right at the preview area. The result can be saved, and you can see the final result immediately. That’s massively more convenient and allows estimating the final result before publicating.

  • Instant hashtags search. We add a button Hashtags right near the Crop button. It will direct you to our Hashtag Generator with your photo already uploaded. You need just press Upload and Generate Hashtags to find the most relevant hashtags. Thus, you don’t have to waste your time opening the New Tab, entering in the search line and only then open the Hashtag Generator itself and upload the photo.
Video. You were waiting for so long, and here it is! Now you can add your videos to the Scheduler. Upload a video, write a description, point out the location, and set the best time for publication. Now your followers can enjoy your video content.

Carousel. Now it’s real to arrange up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. We’ve done our best to make it possible. The process is quite simplistic: just continue to add your pieces of content (both photos and videos), add a caption, location, fix the time and save the publication. Or you can publish it instantly!

Stories. Yes, we did it! Now you can schedule even your Stories. They will be depicted in the standard size and format: 9x16. There will be a screenshot of the first shot shown.

By the way, there are some tips on how to use Instagram Stories right - “Stop Jerking Around, Use Instagram Stories at Full Blast!”

Layout options. We allow you to choose the way you will see all your publications.

  • Feed. There, the last 12 posts will be depicted. If you promote several accounts, choosing All Accounts, you will see the whole list of your posts and all the preplanned posts.
  • Timeline. All your posts will be depicted on a calendar.
  • Board. Posts will be grouped by their status.
New sorting possibilities. First, for your convenience, we separated Post and Stories sections for you not to be confused. Second, there will be several statuses of your content publication:
  • Scheduled - planned post;
  • Published - successfully published one;
  • Error - something went wrong;
  • Draft - you saved a publication as a draft;
  • Original - your Instagram post.

‘Save as a Draft’ option. If you doubt whether you want to publish this or that photo, just save it as a Draft till better days. Or maybe you have had a great photoshoot, and all your photos appeared to be wonderful, should you post all of them at once? I would advise you to save a couple of them ahead.

So if you have wondered how to post something on Instagram fast, there is one answer - Ingramer!

What do you get out of it?

Just trying all the new possibilities of Ingramer Scheduler, you’ll start to wonder how could you live without it before!

Boosted audience engagement. Your content is your best weapon when it comes to the audience winning! That’s the open secret that video content and Stories increase the ER twice. That’s the most significant witness for the successful promotional strategy. Why not grasp the chance to schedule it within one system and automatically publish in at the most suitable time?

Just want to remind you that Ingramer allows you to choose the Timezone of your Target Audience to increase the reach of your publications.

If you want to learn more about how to determine the best publication time to enhance the reach, read my article “We’ve Got The Best Time To Post On Instagram! Real Investigation”

Your energy economy. All the improvements were made just for the sake of your convenience! Having all the necessary settings, filters, and options “at hand” improves the general user’s experience. That’s important for us! No need to open additional links, to switch between various platforms to edit your content.

Time saving. How to post on Instagram as fast as a flash? - use Ingramer! That’s a natural consequence of the previous point. That’s obvious that new gimmicks and novelties will save tons of your time. Just promise me that you will spend this free time productively!

Content optimization. Ingramer’s Dashboard allows instant Post Preview. It allows you to estimate the post even before publishing and to edit it if it’s necessary. And if you track the Statistics attentively, you will immediately see the reaction of your public to the particular post and type of content. For that, I recommend you to get acquainted with “Instagram Statistics: All You Need To Know For Success In 2019”

Even increased sales. More than 51% of marketers claim that video content shows the best ROI in comparison to other types of content. Moreover, it’s proved that video increase sales revenue by 49%. So why not use this marvelous opportunity? Start planning and scheduling your videos with Ingramer!

That’s all for today, guys! I hope you’ve gone into raptures reading this article! I know you want to