If you think that it’s impossible to send Instagram messages on web, you need to read this article. There are some surprises for you.

Want To Send Instagram Messages On Web? No Problem! Really Working Methods Inside
Many of us spend long hours sitting in front of the computers, solving business tasks, buying products online, watching movies, and doing many other things. It is clear that while you are working on your laptop, it’s absolutely inconvenient to do some things, like chatting, using your smartphone.

That’s why quite often we prefer to use web versions of our messengers and social networks in order not to turn to our smartphones every 2 seconds (let’s admit that to turn to another tab is much more comfortable and much quicker).

But what about sending Instagram messages on web? Have you ever done it? Unfortunately, even the most experienced users who really need to send a lot of messages on IG quite often do not know that this option is available. You just need to be aware of some small tricks, and Instagram web chat will cease to be your dream transforming into a daily routine.

Do you really need to know how to send Instagram messages on web?

Before we proceed to these tricks on how to turn on Instagram DM web feature that I’ve just mentioned, let’s make it clear whether you really need to bother about these issues.

Here you are just a quick test to understand whether you should continue reading this article and try to understand how it’s possible to send Instagram messages on web:

  • Do you use Instagram DMs to chat with your friends? (at least from time to time)
  • Do you use your IG app to buy any products?
  • Do you use your IG app or to make any appointments?
  • Are you trying to promote your blog on IG?
  • Are you trying to develop your business on IG?
  • Do you work as an IG account manager (or are you interesting in getting such a position one day)?
If at least one question has received the answer “yes”, you definitely need to get acquainted with my tips on how to use the Instagram web chat. This knowledge will greatly facilitate and streamline your working process, I swear.

The easiest options to send Instagram messages on web

In case you have decided that in this article I am going to disclose some cool developers’ and coders’ things how to make Instagram DM available on web, I need to disappoint you. Everything is so easy that even boring. Just kidding. Our “cherry on top” is waiting for you at the end of the article.

Option #1 Android Emulator

Have you heard about such a tool? This program functions as a magic wand and allows you to “turn” your computer into a smartphone. So, maybe it’s not so cool as turning a pumpkin into a carriage but at least something like this. When your PC is pretending to be a smartphone, you can download and use Android apps on it.

The interface of the app will be just the same as you are accustomed to if you are a user of an Android phone. That’s why I don’t think that you will have any problems with all this stuff related to sending and checking Instagram messages on web in such a case.

Today there are a lot of programs of this kind and if you wish you can definitely try them out. But I should warn you that not all computers and laptops are ready to meet such a program due to their capacities.

Option #2 IG app for PC (Mac fans, sorry! The option is available only for Windows 10 users)

If you are a user of a Windows PC, you can visit the Microsoft Store and download the necessary app just like you open the App Store or Google play and download apps from there. We should admit that at the moment the IG web app is far from being the perfect one, but at least it will allow you to work with Instagram messages on web.

Option #3 A little bit of web magic

This option is definitely the most sophisticated one in my list, but I feel that it’s my duty at least to let you know about it. I promise that I will put it as simply as possible.

The good news is that this option is available for both Windows computers and Apple devices, but probably that’s the end of good news about this method of enabling Instagram web chat. And yes, it’s very safe.

You can use any browser you wish, but you need to open a Developer Console and switch your page to a mobile device view. When it is done, you will get a mobile app interface on your PC screen which means that you will know for sure what to do.

But how to switch to this above-mentioned mobile device view?

If you use Chrome browser, you can find the More Tools option in the menu and then open Developers Tools. But you can also just use a combination Ctrl Shift J (for Windows computers) and Ctrl Option J (for Mac). It’s better to do it when your Instagram page is already opened.

You will see a special Device icon on the Console which you need to click.

If you want to get more detailed instructions on this method and, moreover, to find out whether there are any ways to share your pics on IG using a PC (Spoiler: Yes, there are!), please read: How To Post Pictures On Instagram From PC Without Any Troubles: Detailed Guide.

So, have you already decided on which option you will use? I am sure that you have a lot of pros and cons for each of them. But wait-wait-wait. Do you remember about a cherry on the top that I’ve mentioned earlier? It’s already looking forward to meeting you. It’s our last but not the least method of sending Instagram messages on web.

Option #4 Auto DM services

Maybe if you do not view your IG activity as your business, this method won’t be the most interesting for you. But if you are a blogger or if you are building your business there, this option may become your best choice. Automatic DM services allow you to create hundreds of different message templates that will be sent to the group of users that you’ll define (for example, all your new followers).

It’s extremely convenient when you need to send dozens of messages every hour. You even don’t need to download any apps or programs. There are a lot of similar services. But you know what?

I have super-cool news for you. Recently, Ingramer's introduced the Auto Instagram Direct Messages service. So now, you can freely schedule your posts and Stories!
Now you may know Ingramer as a reliable business-oriented IG bot that helps its users to achieve breathtaking results in their promotion within very short periods of time. And quite soon its functionality will be expanded. Don’t you think that it’s a good reason to pimp your account?

By the way, if you need some other arguments for and against different approaches to sending Instagram messages on web, I have something to share with you. It’s one of our previously published blog posts - How to Send Messages on Instagram on Computer?. I think it will also help you to make up your mind.

And while you are trying to choose how you will work with Instagram web chat, what about thinking a little bit about your general promotion?