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Can't wait to find out what's waiting for you in this article? Here are a few interesting points:

  • What are hashtags and the purpose of using;
  • The categories of fashion Instagram hashtags;
  • How to choose popular beauty hashtags;

Take a deep breath and prepare to know all the secrets of using the fashion Instagram hashtags.

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Everyone wants to be in the trend and does everything possible for this. The best platform to show yourself as a trendy designer and fashion artist is Instagram. Top fashion people lead their blogs here and become popular every day.

Due to the high competition in this area, you need to find new ways to promote your blog on Instagram. One option is to use popular fashion hashtags under publications. To make the grade use some secrets and tricks. We will talk about them in this article.

What are hashtags: The usage purpose

Hashtags are keywords that describe the subject of your Instagram post and include it in one of the posts group. If you want to add a hashtag under a post, you need to put a “#” sign before the determinator. It automatically adds the photo to the publication group you’ve selected before.

What are hashtags picture
Hashtags can consist of a single word or multiple words. They complete several tasks:

  1. Structure Instagram content.
  2. Boost traffic to the page.
  3. Increase overall impressions rate.
  4. Make the account popular.

With regard to the fashion industry, it is best to promote the page using hashtags on Instagram. It is an interactive magazine with photos that can convey a particular trend in fashion. For increasing the popularity of a particular publication and bring it in the top of viewed posts, you need to use special trending fashion hashtags. But how can you choose such fashion and model Instagram hashtags? Get ready, let's move on to the most important thing.

Top Fashion Hashtags: Categories

All top fashion hashtags are divided into several classes. For the stable result, try to use several of these categories. The main categories include the following:

  • General Instagram fashion tags: The banalest and top hashtags that every Instagrammer uses: #fashion, #style.

  • Outfit hashtags: #ootd, #ootdfashion #ootdshare perfectly describes the primary theme of such publications. It is used by designers so that everyone can use the prepared looks.

  • Insta hashtags: Many fashion bloggers add the prefix -insta to fashion-related hashtags. The main goal is to group the content for Instagram. These include such examples as #instabags, #instablog, #instastyle.

  • Career hashtags: Bloggers who work in the fashion industry usually tag their blogs with the #stlyeblog, #fashionblogger hashtags.

  • Product hashtags: #handbags, #bagscollection, #fashiondress group posts that reflect a specific type of content. It may be an online store or a fashion store account.

  • Gender hashtags: Thanks to hashtags such as #menfashion and #menstyle, the user can easily find the necessary male content.

  • Brand hashtags: If you are a fashion designer or fashion designer, then come up with your hashtag that will reflect your brand. It can include a keyword from a brand slogan or a name.

  • Like back hashtags: Many Instagrammers use hashtags such as #followback or #like4like under their fashion posts. In many cases, it only scares away the audience that connects your brand with the fashion industry, and not with promotion for likes.

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How to choose the top fashion hashtags Instagram?

The allowed quantity of tags per post is 30. The rule: “the more, the better” doesn't work on Instagram. Another rule works here: “better less but better”. You should not add 30 hashtags under each post.

Such a method of putting the hashtags negatively affects the image of your blog in the eyes of followers and increases the likelihood of your page being banned by Instagram. Focus on selecting 15-20 hashtags that can bring you good results.

Hashtag Generator can help you with the selection of the popular hashtags. The service selects the most successful hashtags for you, on the defined subject.

You can specify the subject by typing a few words in the search engine or upload a photo that you are going to publish. The service will automatically determine the topic and choose relevant tags that bring the speed traffic to the blog.

You can specify the subject by typing a few words in the search engine or upload a photo that you are going to publish. The service will automatically determine the topic and select trending hashtags that bring the additional traffic to the page.

How to choose the top fashion hashtags Instagram screenshot
The generator divides all hashtags into 3 groups: frequent, average and rare. Each category contains about 50 different variants. Above all, you can take an analysis of each selected hashtag: the difficulty of use, frequency and similar publications that previously used this hashtag, and so on.

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Final word

Our best advice for you - is to experiment and use different most popular fashion hashtags under your fashion posts. It can increase your chances of determining the working scheme of using and putting hashtags. The trial and error method allows achieving the main goals of blogs - high engagement rate, overall impressions and reaches of the posts!

Dont be afraid of using new promotional techniques on Instagram! One day it can bring you success!