This article is dedicated to one of the youngest professions in the world — media blogger. Our subscriber shares her experience about the blogger’s career, and we think that her advices will be useful for you. Read out setup and promotion tips that we used for her account promotion.

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Greeting y’all! In our previous article we promised you to describe the setup process of your promotion in details. Moreover, our subscriber, Madina, gladly provided her profile as example. She wrote her review for sweet reward from our side :P At the end of this article we’ll explain you how to get free month of our service subscription ;) Now we give the floor to Madina.

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Hello! Let me start my overview from the introduction. My name’s Madina, I’m from Russia, and I’m found of coffee...not just fast-food coffee. I think that coffee — is a kind of art. I wanted to share with my opinion to the world and decided to start an Instagram blog, because Instagram is the right place for beautiful pictures. You know that there is too much bloggers right now, and it’s very hard to amuse subscriber with unique content, so I didn't hope for a thouthands of subscribers and so on, this blog was created just for myself.
Well, I just start to fill my profile with beautiful images of my lovely hot drink. I don’t even used hashtags, so far I didn’t care about it for the first time. But then I noticed that some of accounts, that i’ve followed, posted advertisement. I was impressed, because I don’t even had an idea that someone can make money on Instagram coffee-blog! Since this moment I started to examine diffrient guides, manuals and videos about self-promotion in Instagram. All advices were the same: «Place hashtags and follow for famous bloggers and blah-blah-blah». Even this hashtags were provided by «top» services for payments. Sure, I’ve tried to add my own, personal hashtags...subscribed at top blogger that I like, but, all this actions took a lot of my time. The same amount of time I’ve spend on my content making.
So, I decided to give it up and continue my blogging without all this «self-promotion» dumb. But with time I realized, that I got only 500 subscriber for a half of the year. I could not consider myself as a blogger with such result, so, I started to search a decision for this disaster. First of all I made a step back and started to look for a free hashtag generator, and I found on Ingramer website. I didn’t paid attention to this service, because at this moment I needed only hashtag generator, but suddenly, Ingramer support manager, Chris, wrote a message to me via web-chat. She asked something like «do you found our generator useful for you?». Word by word we came to talk about my goals on Instagram.
So, I explained her by pain and, in few words, she represented Ingramer to me. I remember that at that moment a thought: «Why not? It’s better than just wasting my time». And I said: «Yes, let’s give it a try!». I was dummy in this questions, but fortunately, Chris explained me every installing step. Moreover — she explained me everything about main features of the service, advised settings for promotion options and made an analysis of my account.
The result wasn’t long in coming. I reached my first thousand of subscribers to the end of the week. I were amused! Most of all I was surprised with the promotion by username. I literally «sneaked» subscribers from famous bloggers, lol. Now I have 8 thousands of subscribers, I’m very satisfied with the result of less than for 2 months of promoting. Now I planning to run an advertisement in my account when I reach a 10.000 of subscribers. Time to make money! Thank you, Ingramer <3

Now, let’s inspect her settings at the moment of her promotion work.


First, and the easiest point of each promotion is hashtags. As Madina noticed, we have a free hashtag generator that is available for everyone.

Here you can see the result it’s work

And this is how it look in the promotion setup

For better result, you need to add this hashtag in both directions, because with them you can be found in the Instagram-search.


«Sneaking» of followers, right? Tooting ;) This idea is pretty simple, but incredibly good in performance. Using this feature you literally move subscribers from one account to another. There is a lot of coffee-lovers in the world, so this task was easy enough.


Madina don’t keep any business, so she don’t need to mark her own location. We advised her to choose some capital cities. This option search followers in marked, and closest to it zones. Another easy method for running your promo, but it work better for local-business accounts.

Account analysis

We also made a personal account analysis for Madina. In such analysys for our users we always give recommendations about hashtags, content making, account statistic and many other tips concerning successfull using of our service. If you also want to get personal analysis of your account for free, just write a message to our support members via chat at our website!

As you can see — nothing is impossible...with Ingramer ;) We mentioned a «sweet gift» for our clients: free month of Ingramer subscription for the review of our service! If you happy with the result as Madina — feel free in contact to us. Stay with us and get more positive emotions from your promotion.