What is Direct Message, and how can you use it for promotion? All the answers inside!

Make It a Moonshot! What is Direct Message and How to Use It?
That’s what I personally love Instagram for - the ability not only to share the photos with the whole world but to communicate privately as well. That makes Instagram a cross-functional platform. So that’s not surprising that Instagram is so popular today and continue to be for a long time.

But let’s go straight to the main topic of our today’s article - what is Direct Message, how to send it, how to get maximum of it and how to use it for the sake of your promotion on Instagram. Have your eyes, notebooks, and pens ready!

What is Direct Message?

So what is an Instagram DM to me? To be rude, Direct Message is a private message you send from your account to another user within the Instagram app. You can share posts and Stories, send photos, videos, and simple text messages to all the users who permit that (you can not send it to private accs which you do not follow.)

For instance, you want to share a cool picture with your friend. A couple of clicks and your friend will get it.

More your information, you can send a message to one or several accounts at once, up to 15. Such a limit was set due to anti-spamming policy.

Now you know the answer to the question which has made your mind suffer for so long - “What does DM mean on Instagram?” It’s high time to figure out how to send a DM!

How to send average DM?

  1. You can send a text message (voice message, video, gif, any document) to an Instagram user. Just open your Instagram app, tap at the top right corner, then choose the addressee, write your text, attach some pics, and press Send.
  2. You can share a post by tapping the same under the post ( next to the Like and Comment buttons), then again choose the addressee from the list and press Send.
  3. If you’d like to send a Stories, find the same at the bottom right corner of it. All the rest steps are already familiar to you.
You can create a group chat be selecting several recipients.

What happens when you post a photo in Direct? Users that you have chosen as recipients will get a notification about the Direct message received. Opening it, they will immediately see your photo or text.

How to use DMs to maximum advantage?

Few people know that you can use Instagram DM tool not only for fun, mocking at some rivals and praising each other. Its application field is much more extended than you think.

For audience engagement
  • Use Direct Messages to engage with new followers by sending them welcoming messages. Greet each of your new followers and will see how engaged they will be with every post that you publish. That way, you start building relationships with them, you become closer. If you are an aspiring influencer and blogger, greeting through DM should become an integral part of your promotional strategy.
  • Create group chats with some followers to make the process of communication optimized. You can organize offline meetings with your core fans through Direct.
For Sales
  • Sure, you can send DMs to sell your goods and services directly. If you are a small business owner, your Instagram page is your online store. In this case, Direct is the cashdesk. Offer a discount, attach links to the selling form or your website.
If you run a business and are interested in how to earn on your Instagram account, read the article “Enjoy Amazing Earning Opportunities Of Running Instagram Business Account!”, see how to broaden your earning horizons.

  • Send DMs to notify your customers about some novelties, new arrivals, your company’s news and so on.
For maintaining of brand reputation and raising loyal clients
  • Even such brands as Gucci and Prada (and others) enable sending DM to them. That creates a positive image of being interested, always present, and ready to help. That creates a base of loyal clients.

What’s the beauty of Auto Direct Messenger?

Yeah, you either have to hire an army of account managers to send all these messages or automate the process. That is what Ingramer can do for you! Include Auto Instagram DM in your strategy now!

By doing this, you can
  • save your time - the automation software is working faster than any person ;
  • optimize the process - you can choose the recipient: all followers, new ones, or create a custom list;
  • save some cash - a messenger costs less than employees;
  • make the process comfortable - you can send DMs from your PC.
By the way, I’ve written an article “How to Send Messages on Instagram on Computer?”, go check it to learn the tricks.

You need to create beautiful, effective samples and sales scripts for an Auto Messenger to send them to the right people.

I hope I managed to answer the hardest question, “What is a DM message,” and now you can call yourself a real prof of Instagram messaging.