Do you actively use Instagram Stories? What types of content do you publish there? In this article, I’ll explain how to add video to Instagram story in order to make your stories even more interesting.

How to Add Video to Instagram Stories? Let’s make your stories really engaging!
hough initially, Instagram didn’t offer such a feature as stories, today namely this format boasts amazing popularity. Many users admit that the first thing they check opening the app is IG stories.

Moreover, according to the conducted studies, many people use the app every day just not to miss the stories of other users (don't forget, that stories are publicly available only during 24 hours. Then they will be seen only to their owner unless that are saved in highlights).

What is so special about this format?

It’s a well-known fact that the engagement rate of stories is 80% higher than of the usual publications in the feed. Don't you think that this argument is strong enough to motivate you to begin actively turning to this format?

IG stories can be extremely helpful if your aim is:

  • to observe your sales volume skyrocketing. Share a link to your online catalog and enjoy the growing number of orders.
  • to establish a dialog with your TA. Organize a poll or a survey or even hold a contest. Create a short quiz or a task, the first person who will send you the right answer will be a winner and will get a prize. It’s only one possible idea! Use your imagination, my friend. Your followers will greatly appreciate it.
  • to attract people’s attention to your publication. Let your audience known that you've shared a breathtaking post!
Need more details on the benefits of applying this format? Our article How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business Promotion is for you.

What about ideas for IG Stories?

Though they are visible for other Instagrammers for one day only, it doesn't mean that you don't need to care about how your stories look and what they say to your audience.

There are several opportunities for you, you can share:

  • a pic (and add a poll, voting, question);
  • a text (without sharing a pic);
  • a live stream (it’s also an extremely engaging format);
  • or a video (yes, it’s the most important point for us now as I am going to explain how to add video to Instagram story).
Earlier, we have already told you about the requirements topics that you publish in stories. If you have missed this article or just want to refresh your memory, here you are the link What You Should Know About Perfect Instagram Stories Dimensions For Successful Promotion. Enjoy reading!

Before I proceed to explanations of how to upload video to Instagram story, let’s make some important details clear.

There are some special requirements to videos shared in stories as well (and they differ from the requirements to videos shared in the feed). The minimum dimensions that your video should have is 600 x 1067 pix. But the recommended size is another one It is 1080 x 1920 pix.

The length of one story is 15 seconds. But in the latest version of the IG app, you can upload a longer clip and the app will automatically break it into several stories published just one by one.

Let's find out how to add video to Instagram story

It’s high time to speak about how to post video on Instagram story, my friend.

I have two options to offer you. None of them requires any additional applications or something like that. But the usage of them depends on the fact whether you already have a video recorded or you are going to record it right now.

Option 1. If you already have the necessary video.

Open the IG app. Do you see the Camera icon in the left corner of the screen? Tap it!

Choose the type of your future story. In our case, it will be “Normal”.

Now you just need to open the camera roll, opt the necessary file.

How to add instagram video

It will be uploaded to your story. Just press “Send to stories”.

By the way, you can add some stickers, text or polls if you wish.

Don’t forget that those videos that are longer than the allowed 15 seconds will be broken into several parts.

Option 2. If you decide to shoot a clip.

This variant is even easier than the above-mentioned one. All the first steps are just the same. Nevertheless, you do not need to open the camera roll. Just use the record button in the “Normal” mode. Press it with your thumb and hold it. Everything that you've planned to record is already recorded? Take away your thumb. So, now your task is just to publish your masterpiece (send it to story).

video in instagram stories

Stories are considered to be an awesome promotional tool. When you know how to add video to Instagram story, maybe it’s time to try it out? But it may be rather time-consuming to create catchy stories.

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