The offer is valid till 25 December 2019

Ingramer Direct module: 40% Affiliate Fee
We offer an incredibly generous fee for our updated Direct Module.

Main features of Direct Messages Tool:

Instagram Direct Mass Messaging
You can create mailouts via Instagram Direct to new and current followers.
Plus, you can add media to make your messages unique.

Instagram Direct Chat
You can communicate via Instagram Direct by using web-service.
So you keep all your chats in 1 place, and fasten your workflow.

Instagram Direct Autoreply
You can set up sales funnels to automate all your business processes on Instagram.
Use text-markers to send successive helpful or sales messages to your followers.

Instagram Direct Search
You can find all that you need in your Instagram Direct chats. Never miss any order from your client, search by keywords, and fasten your workflow!

  • Get your affiliate link from a support team via
  • Paste your link to the blog, website, Instagram account or any other place that will attract users;
  • If the user registers Ingramer account via your affiliate link, you will get 20% of their payment for Ingramer services.
  • If you can provide a solid number of clients, we can offer up to 50% affiliate fee