Here are useful and amazing content ideas you can save for your writer’s block times!

Best Things to Post on Instagram to Spice Up Your Page
According to statistics, two of your competitors appear on IG every minute. It's a joke, and there is no such statistics. But new blogs pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain. These are personal and business pages. Not all of them become successful, but the competition is continuously increasing. Old methods of promotion don't work anymore if you are not a celebrity or named brand.

Now you need to create comprehensively beautiful and engaging content. This means that even stunning photos will no longer be enough to get followers on the image-centric platform. In the article, I will tell you how to promote an account so that it becomes freaking popular.

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Stunning ideas for blogging

The foundation of any blog is its idea. You must determine for yourself why you will spend time, effort, and resources on the profile.

  • You run a professional account.
  • You build a personal brand.
  • You haven't selected a topic.
The first two options already have a direction in which posts will be created because the target audience is known. For individuals who have not decided yet, I have compiled a list of what is attractive to people on Instagram.

Lifestyle. If something unusual happens in your life, you know how to write with humor, shoot a photo series from your everyday life.
All forms of traveling.
Emigrating to another country, notes on the features of living in another country.
Wine, books, movies, TV shows are eternal topics that never gets old.
Politics, social issues, human rights.
Gardening, landscaping, floristry.
Tutorial. Conduct online lessons on a subject that you know well. It's ideal for foreign languages, science, art.
Fashion and beauty. How to do makeup for day and night? How to dress in your 20s? How to curl hair without curling hair?
Pets. Create beautiful and funny stories about pet life.
Food. There are a lot of such blogs, but if you are top-notch in your field, try to tell about yourself.

food as the best thing to post on instagram

There are tons of cool things to post on Instagram. Write on a notepad that is interesting to you and about which you can speak for a long time and with enthusiasm. Remember what you like and what you are willing to learn. Then select some of the most consonant directions and create test posts.

When you choose a field, it's high time to determine your target audience. Who will read you? Gender and age are insufficient data. Think about what will unite these people. For example, jewelry lovers can belong to entirely different groups. Some of them love minimalism and brutality, while others like atmospheric, magic, and the history of the rings. The texts and visuals for these target audiences will be directly opposite.

16 best things to post on Instagram

So, create a profile, but you don't what to write about?

Yes, that happens too. This usually happens for three reasons:

  • You don't know your target audience;
  • You are new at Instagram promotion;
  • You have writer's block.
The problems are not so serious; everything can be studied. The main thing is time and patience. After the person visits the profile and gets satisfaction from your Bio section, he looks through the posts.

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And then the heat goes on. If there is a complete mess, the client leaves.

Oh, it would seem that it's complicated - write a funny text, upload a beautiful photo and big deal!

The main thing you need to remember and learn:

  • Post not more than twice during the day. Do not clog the news feed. Overdose information is not always right.
  • The ideal posting time needs to be tested. Now, a ranked news feed is haunting each of us. Do not anger it.
  • Give your followers what he wants.
  • Make a content plan for a month. You always need to alternate between different types of posts.
  • Use high-resolution photos. Photo stocks should be excluded altogether.
    beautiful photo as one of the best things to post on Instagram
And we turn now to the most critical issues.

1. Selling post. In this post, you show your product or service. Use the capturing offer+deadline+call to action formula. It works very well on Instagram.

2. Show the working process. People are always interested in observing. You can use provocative posts.

3. Followers opinion. Ask the advice of your followers about work, display activity in the comments.

4. Provocative posts on topical and current topics.

5. Facts about the product. Show the facts about the product interestingly and practically.

6. FAQ. Answer the questions of your followers and thereby show your expertise. Do you want more activity? Limit time for answers.

7. Disclaimer. Disprove all popular product myths. Show people positive results.

8. Announcement of events. Create a notification of upcoming events. Warm-up your audience.

9. Behind-the-scenes posts. This is one of the funny things to post on Instagram. People are interested in knowing what is happening in the company. Show them backstage life of your company.

10. Success stories. Show your followers how you can succeed with your product. Tell stories from real life, be open to communication.

11. Cognitive content. Offer your followers exciting videos on the topic or an easy-to-understand post.

12. Interactive. Engage with your audience, give free products for your interest.

13. Interact with bloggers. It’s the easiest way to grow your Instagram audience organically.

14. Competitions. Oh, this is the best way to promote your page and build up love communication with followers. People love gifts. Allow them to use the product for free, and they will become your customers.

15. How-to posts. Tell your audience about the usefulness and relevance features of your service or product.

16. Create unique content. You need to come up with something special, and you will become a pioneer and put something so cool that it will take your account to a new level and everyone will copy this idea and admire it. It's okay.

Communication Style

  • Do not write dry and dull text. Nobody likes to read sad stories. Remember that people are sloths. Especially on Instagram. Yes. The visual part plays an important role.
  • If your picture is boring and does not draw attention, most users won't even want to read your caption. Let it be mega-cool text, filled with vital information. People will let him through without knowing the very secret information that you wanted to convey to them.
  • Be cheerful and get active in the comments of your followers. Communicate and attend.
  • Remember to use emojis and spaces between paragraphs. The text must be readable.
Yes, well, you read the article and studied one of the essential components of Instagram. I hope you no longer have the question, "What are the best things to post on Instagram?" Come back; I have a lot of cool and useful information for you.

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