Learn how a photo studio managed to get +54 new clients with just 1 message in 1 month with Ingramer!

$3024 in Exchange For $28 and 2 Hours:  How a Business Can Boost Sales with Direct Messaging
Each business chooses its own way of promoting its services or products. However, email marketing is still considered one of the most efficient means of getting new clients in almost every sphere. Thus, messaging on Instagram Direct can boost sales significantly if you know how to do it right.

Time to learn how to do that from a real story!

Boost sales in the 1st month: +54 clients with 1 message is real!

Our client shared his story with us, and we decided you should read it too!

About a client:

Our client is the owner of a photo studio — newbies on the market. The lack of social proof caused a lack of customers.

photo studio boosts sales
Her story:

“We call this campaign +54 clients with one message!
  • To set up this campaign we spent not more than 2 hours in total;
  • We got real results on the second try;
  • We realized that it’s necessary to launch a new campaign every month.

What did we do?

We took all 7000 of our followers on Instagram and invited them to our photo studio via Direct. We got results on the second try and spent just 2 hours on it. Here what we did:

1st attempt. We send the notification about 25% discount to all the followers. That’s quite a big discount, by the way! Here how our messages looked like:

{{Hi there!∣ Heyyy!} {I’m writing to offer you an incredible prezzie — 25% discount for a photo session in honor of the upcoming holiday!∣ I have something special for you — 25% off for the photoshoot!} {Hurry up and please yourself with stunning photos!∣ Do something for yourself finally!}

{Waiting for your answer!∣ Can’t wait for your ‘Yes’!}}

We waited for the agiotage, but all we got is a couple of responses. SUCH A RESULT WAS UTTERLY DISSATISFYING (!), and we decided to analyze what the problem was.

After careful analysis, we concluded that there were 3 REASONS FOR OUR 1ST CAMPAIGN FAILURE:
  • People didn’t understand what’s the cost of our services;
  • The offer wasn’t catching and memorable;
  • People didn’t know what to expect.
2nd attempt. The Support Team [Ingramer] put forward an idea to launch a tripwire marketing campaign — something low-cost to increase conversion. The idea was to offer a mini photo session to introduce our services to the public, which have no notion of what it is.

So we changed our approach and created a new offer — a mini photo session just for $39. It included just 30 minutes of shooting and 5 retouched photos.

Our message looked like this:

{{Hey! What’s up?∣Hello!∣ Hi there!∣ Hello again! How’s it going?} {The weather is the pits, so we decided to cheer you up a little!∣The weather is the pits, so we decided to amuse you a little.} {Come and have a mini photoshoot (30 min) just for $39.∣ We offer a weeny photoshoot for $39 — 30 min!} {5 new outstanding retouched photos at the output!∣You will get 5 retouched photos!} {Yeah, we know, it’s an excellent offer ...and a great opportunity to get to know each other!∣ That’s amazing, right?∣ It’s time to get to know each other closer!}

{If you want it, say ‘Yes,’ and our manager will contact you to discuss the details!∣ If you are ready, send ‘Yes’ and we’ll discuss the appointment!}}

What result did we receive?

We hit a home run! The results surpassed our expectations. As they say, “Dream wild.”

Here what we got for a month of a second campaign running:
  • 54 new clients, as the average check was $56, the profit equaled $3024. As initial investment was $28 [the price of Ingramer Direct module], Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) equaled 10700%! That’s an incredible performance;
  • Return visits of the clients with their families and friends in 2-4 weeks. People got a sense of what we offer and realized that the service is really affordable and rewarding;
  • Prolongation of photo sessions at a full price;
  • The purchases of complementary services we offer: Make-up (+$100), hair-style (+$80), suit rental (+$20/hour.)
There were additional consequences of such a campaign:
  • We made our social proof stronger;
  • We proved our concept (we deliver what we promise;)
  • We got our potential clients entangled in our sales funnel.
Eventually, we came to the conclusion that we should launch new messaging campaigns once a month with new offers and new targets to get worthwhile results.“

How to launch your own campaign with Ingramer?

What is Ingramer auto Direct messenger?
Ingramer Direct Messenger is a service that allows sending messages to your target audience automatically. You create a template(s), and Ingramer sends it out to your followers on Instagram — everything is simple. On top of that, you get single Direct web-chat and the possibility to access DMs from PC.

Such messaging has a number of benefits:
  • Maximized outreach;
  • Increased response rate due to the personal touch;
  • Boosted brand/service awareness;
  • Accurate targeting.
How to run a messaging campaign?
1. Register your Ingramer account (2 min.)
2. You need to buy a Direct Messaging Module. It will cost you $28 for a month (10 min.)
3. Go to your Dashboard, Direct section (1 min.)
4. Press New Message to create a template (1 sec.)
5. It’s time to make up your first template (up to 1 hour.) Type it, and do not forget to make your message unique by randomizing certain phrases. There are specific rules for that. Here is how it looked like in case of the photo studio:

photo studio boosts sales with direct messaging sample

6. Point the target - All followers or All New Followers, tune Custom Filters if needed (25 min.)
7. Activate Auto Messaging.

If you have questions about how to launch your first auto messaging, do not wait for ‘aha moment,’ contact our Support Team!