New Outreach Function for those who want to contact all the active interlocutors with their offers and get a 100% response

Bulk Messages To All Active Threads: How to Mass DM on Instagram to Get 100% Response?

What Is Bulk Messaging?

Bulk Messaging is a service that automatically sends one message to several followers. To 10 or 10 000 followers (or more) — depending on your account scale.

Ingramer makes it possible to mass message to all Instagram followers, including welcoming messages to all new followers and custom lists of followers. The new function will be described below.

Such bulk messages help to reach the whole target audience, engage users into communication and interaction, increase brand/service awareness.

Who needs it: small, medium and large brands, individual entrepreneurs, micro- and macro-influencers — everybody who thinks it’s vital to communicate with potential and existing customers.

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How to Bulk Message on Instagram?
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How to mass DM on Instagram to get a 100% response?

There is one peculiarity of Direct messaging campaigns — high Open Rate and relatively low Response Rate.

It happens because you do not know your audience in person — that’s impossible if your brand counts several thousand followers. You can’t be sure whether they need your Super Special Offer right now. That’s why some percentage will just ignore you.

So how to mass dm on instagram with 100% efficiency?

New Ingramer Function allows sending your message to all the Active threads — to people who you’ve contacted before, who know you and what you can offer. According to our research, such messages get responded in 99-100% cases.

To send DM to All Active Threads:
1. Go to your Dashboard → Direct → Bulk Messaging;
2. New Message → All active threads;
3. Enter your message, randomizing your text. Example:

Bulk Messages To All Active Threads: How to Mass DM on Instagram

4. Use the custom filters if needed (Languages, Gender, # of Followers/Followings, # of posts and their age);
5. Activate Now.

This is how to send bulk messages on Instagram. What about deleting unnecessary campaigns?

How to delete bulk messages on Instagram:
1. Open your Active campaigns and find the one you want to delete.
2. Click Delete:

How to delete bulk messages on Instagram

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Is sending mass messages on Instagram safe?

Many think that such ‘spamming’ behavior will come back and bite users. It will never happen if the service you use supports the Spintax format of messages.

In this case, your messages will be randomized — you send unique messages, Instagram doesn’t block your actions.

Ingramer DM service, as one of the leading in the sphere, supports such a format of messages.

What are your benefits of bulk DMs to all active threads?

Such messaging is your chance to reach out to followers that are already engaged and convert them into paying followers:
  • Increased Open and Response rates;
  • Improved followers’ engagement and loyalty;
  • Boosted awareness of your audience about the product and services you offer.

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