If you have missed our latest article let me remind you that in that article I’ve told about the role of Instagram Quotes. Moreover, I’ve even shared some excellent captions. Are you interested? Open the post!

20 Best Instagram Quotes and Captions for Bloggers: Let's Go Travel!
It’s time to provide you with more ideas for your inspiration that will be extremely useful if you like traveling.

How to write amazing Instagram Quotes

But before we proceed to some concrete samples, it will be an excellent idea to understand how to make up quotes for Instagram. Though writing a text for your posts is not just a mechanical but creative process, we can define the main rules and steps of this task.

Let’s imagine that you have decided to publish a photo made in the recent journey. A breathtaking pic definitely requires some good words, doesn’t it?

So, we have just agreed that nice captions are a must. But how to make them up? I’ve prepared a short guide for you, my friend:

  • Accumulate info about photo or video. If it is needed you can use geotags as well. Where have you been? What is shown? Based on the pic that you are posting, you can tell a short story. Today people like interesting facts.
  • Don’t hesitate to stay emotional. Express your feelings, your thoughts about the place If you like it and you are happy, share your happiness. If not, tell it as well but don’t forget about censorship, please.
  • Write what you think, write what you want other people to know. People appreciate openness. If you feel like writing some freaky mood Instagram quotes, why not? Inspiring captions? A good idea! A little bit of practice, and maybe you will find your own style. That’s will be great.
Ideas of Instagram quotes

If you’ve brought dozens of beautiful photos from your recent travel and now can’t decide what text should be written under them, here are you some samples.


  1. Life seems to be much better if you can listen to the sound of waves.
  2. The best way to make me happy is to take me to the beach.
  3. Salty hair, I don’t care.
  4. That’s completely unfair that I can’t spend 365 days per year at the beach.
  5. I hear the sea calling me. I must go, guys.


  1. There are no heights that you can’t conquer.
  2. This Earth is more beautiful if you look at it from the top.
  3. All sunsets are amazing but sunsets in the mountains are unforgettable.
  4. The more peaks you conquer, the less you are able to give up.
  5. You never feel more powerful than at the moment when you are standing at a new peak.


  1. When in Rome I did as the Romans do.
  2. Could you pass me my tea, please? It’s 5 o’clock. *London*
  3. This city has definitely stolen my heart. Why not to stay here forever?
  4. Why should I care about anything on this Earth, I am in Paris and I am too busy: I am enjoying.
  5. No time to explain, take your passport and go to Vegas.


  1. Can I be happier than having a ticket and going to the airport?
  2. If journeys were free, I don’t think that you would ever see me at the same place for more than a week.
  3. Life is too short to spend it in one place.
  4. In the end, I don’t want to regret that I have had not enough journeys.
  5. Your morning coffee is tastier if you drink it every day at a new place.

How to improve your quotes for Instagram

Traveling is a very popular topic today. People adore journeys. That’s why it’s a great chance for you to win the hearts of your audience.

People should somehow notice you. The easiest solution to help them is to use appropriate tags. But it is necessary to define them.

I strongly recommend you to test the capacities of our hashtag generator.

In my previous article I’ve explained in details how you can use it but now just let me remind you why it is much better than you could even imagine:

  • It’s absolutely free. Yes, it’s not a mistake and stop blaming your eyes, can believe them without any doubts.
  • It’s 100% effective. The tool is powered by AI which guarantees the effectiveness of its functioning.
  • It’s easy in use. Absolutely. Browse a photo, insert an URL or enter a keyword. Just a few clicks and a list of relevant hashtags will be displayed.
I’ve just typed the word “travel” and that’s what I’ve got.

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Try it on your own! You will like it.