How to stand out from the crowd of Instagrammers? Read the article, make your Bio hard-hitting!

Instagram Bio Tricks + Funny Instagram Bios for Your Inspiration!
If you've downplayed your Instagram Bio, I must admit you are entirely wrong-headed. Bio is the first thing that jumps out at you when you visit an Instagram account. And that's why Bio is your chance to kill your audience, I mean to impress them favorably. Even such a small thing as Bio can increase your account "appeal" and attract more followers and potential fans and customers.

Instagram Bio tricks

Unfortunately, IG bio is limited in the number of characters - 150. That's why you need to make maximum use out of these 150 characters. I will help you to do so!

  • Describe yourself. Mention your job, name of your company, marital status, everything you consider essential. Do not lie, give your followers a strong reason to follow you.

barack obama bio

  • Add a list of your interests. You have 150 characters to say something to the whole world, so tell about your interests! Doing so, you will attract like-minded fellows and make friends!

sam horine bio

  • Point out your contacts. Give a chance for your people to be in touch with you. You can add an email for collaborative inquiries or motivate your followers to send you DMs. Thus, people will know that you are open to dialogue.
  • Add Bio link and Call-to-Action. If you run a business if you are an opinion leader and you have something to show to your fans. Give them a link to your website or to YouTube channel. Do not forget to invite them. Look!

paris hilton bio

  • Think of Bio font. I've already told you how to use a custom Instagram font, remember? Be creative, beautify your Bio just like celebs adorn themselves for Met Gala - passionately!
  • Leave more space. Every professional writer and copywriter will advise you to give some "air" to your text. Adding some line breaks, you can highlight key points and increase the readability of your Bio.
  • Use creative license. Do not be too formal. Include emoji characters in your Bio, write with humor, ask a question, entertain the audience. Get people involved and they will follow you. Instagram is your showcase, so make it a good one. You can add some stars, arrows, and snowflakes to draw additional attention of IG users.
Hey you, use your Bio to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons! Specially for you, I've made up a list of the most sarcastic and funny Instagram Bios, maybe you'll find your Inspiration in it!

By the way, if you are looking for some extra ideas for making your Instagram explosive as a volcano, read my selection of best Instagram Quotes and Captions! I promise you will be filled with Inspiration! And now let's continue!

Funny Instagram Bios for Your Inspiration

  1. Nothing wrecks my nerves like everything;
  2. That's my story. I hope you won't get depressed;
  3. You couldn't cope with me even if I came with a step-by-step manual;
  4. I'm cooler than any cooler;
  5. Even Pennywise is jealous of my smile;
  6. When I speak your ability to speak becomes useless;
  7. I do bad things, but I do them well;
  8. Stop, wait a minute! I need to fix my crown;
  9. Emotional eater (stolen from Anna Kendrick);
  10. No, this isn't a dream world, guys, this is my reality;
  11. No filters, no makeup, no pretense on my Instagram;
  12. Come on! Who else are you going to follow?
  13. IDK, what should I put here?
  14. I'm not a complete fool; some parts are missing;
  15. Join me! And together we'll rule the Galaxy as father and son;
  16. Eat, pray, eat;
  17. Hey, are you rereading my Bio?
  18. I was born to flex, but still no diamonds on my neck, why?
  19. LoSer, not LoVer;
  20. If 'You are what you eat.' Guess I ate a sexy beast this morning;
  21. I'm sorry for everything I post when I'm hungry;
  22. Follow me, and you'll see the world-beating stargazing blog;
  23. I'd rather steal your cheesecake than your boyfriend;
  24. I adore my followers! Guys, you are crazy;
  25. Too glam to give a damn;
  26. Screw perfect;
  27. My superpower: making a powder of money;
  28. Successfully take my life in both hands and eat it;
  29. Living my life like a long lost weekend. Join me!
  30. Ready to blow your mind like Dua Lipa;
  31. ❤️&✌️;
  32. Greedy eater, aquarian;
  33. Thrillseeker and mamma's darling;
  34. Imaginative cursed child part 1;
  35. I never make mistakes, I simply date them.

sara blakely bio

I'm not telling!

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There we have it! Flex your creative muscles with me, make your Bio supercool, stay lucky!