Are you still trying to place the whole autobiography in 150-character-Bio? So senseless!

How to Crank Out Good Instagram Bios?
Your Instagram bio is like like your best jeans that fit your hips snugly - it attracts attention and makes people interested/curious. That’s why it should be carefully thought-out and beautifully introduced. So now you are going to learn how to create only good Instagram bios that will catch the curiosity of your acc visitors!

Why is Bio important?

Information in the profile header:

  • Helps to find you in the search, which means it can bring new followers;
  • Is the 1st thing a person sees is on your page. After reading, he or she decides whether to follow your account or not;
  • Affects how many of your supporters will eventually become your customers (if you run business.)
Be sure to take 10-20 minutes and arrange your profile correctly. But before that, update your Instagram app to the latest version. So you can use all the platform innovations and do not miss a single opportunity to promote your account.

So, your Bio aim is

  • Motivation
  • Emotions
  • Actions

How to make a good Instagram bio?

Start with answering 4 questions:

1. Who are you?

Why will it be interesting to follow you? Tell about your family, work, interests, outlook on life, and your personality traits.

If you’re a business owner, write pithily - not ‘i’m gonna make your dreams come true,’ but ‘documentary photographer.’

2. What’s your passion in life (your job)

Tell what you are a pro in.

Let like-minded people understand that on this page they will find a lot of useful and relevant. Let your potential customers understand what they will get.

3. Why do people need to choose you?

Add info on promotional actions, offers and so on. DO NOT forget to add call-to-action and insert a link to your website.

How often people forget about it!. Calling for an action, you increase the number of click-throughs and motivate to get in touch.

Often, index emojis are added to the CTA. That helps direct the look at the desired link. Why not use this trick if it works?

4. How to find you?

Vital for businesses. Add your phone number, email address, a physical address of your store/agency. It’s convenient both for you and your page visitors as they can easily find your contacts without bothering you with questions in Direct.

good instagram bios

Look for some great ideas in the article - Instagram Bio Tricks + Funny Instagram Bios for Your Inspiration!

Nuances to take into account

  1. When registering an account, create Professional acc, and properly choose a category, it will complement your Bio. You can change it in the settings.
  2. Do not use complex sentences or complicated terms. Users should understand the meaning of a description by reading it once.
  3. Use emoji (positive ones.) They reflect your emotions and mood.

How to make your Instagram bio cool?

1. Change the font

Using tools such as LingoJam or Textygram, you can change the font in the header and make it more unique.

Just enter your text in the field, and the tool will offer various options. Copy the result and paste in the About section. You get stunning IG Bio.

2. Use symbols

The CoolSymbol tool helps you add unusual characters to your profile Bio. In case you think that it is not enough to add emoji.

Click on the icon you like and paste it into the text.

3. Line spacing

With Apps4Life, you can divide your profile description into neat lines.

Paste your text, click the button, and the result is immediately copied to the clipboard. All that remains is to insert it into the About section. Looks beautiful!

Really good Instagram bios: Examples

1. Mariam is a mother of two boys and runs her cooking blog - true Wonderwoman. Gosh, the photos of her dishes could take the first place of all food porno charts (I’ve made one, take a look - Bon Appétit, Baby: Food Porn On Instagram)
Closer to the topic! Her bio looks simple but attractive and understandable.

good instagram bios cooking with mima

2. Ivon owns a shop, she is a travel blogger. And she shares her presets for photo editing. Take a look at her Bio!
I’ve already written about how cool presets are - 10 Hacks to Save Time on Instagram!

ivon pferrer good instagram bios

3. Amy Jackson is looking forward to her wedding day and shares her outfits with the whole world and points out where to buy it. Her Bio is cool too!

amy jackson good instagram bios

4. Travel + Leisure is an acc with amazing photos of places around the globe which will inspire you. The Bio is laconic.

travel and leisure good instagram bios

5. Or do as Elle Fanning does it.

elle fanning good instagram bios

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