This is how perfumery managed to increase sales using Ingramer Direct Messages.

How to Boost Sales Using DM: The Simplest Way
If you want to help out your business, trivial mass-liking and mass-following on Instagram are not enough. It’s true that thanks to that, you can significantly increase the number of your followers but can it has a positive impact on the audience engagement with your content and with what you are doing? No.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell goods or run a personal account, to build a really loyal community, you need to interact with your audience closely. How to do that? Using Direct Messages! And how to do that if your audience totals thousands of followers? Using Auto Direct Messenger!

With this article, you’ll find out what auto messenger is, how it works and how to use it for your business sake.

What are the features of Auto DM service?

Auto DM is a service which enables bulk automatic messages sending.

  1. You choose the recipient of messages: all new followers, all followers without exception and certain followers from the Custom List.
  2. You create messages templates: you can write a text and add some media files to it to make it more unique.
  3. You narrow down the mailing list base: using Gender and Language filters and choosing the number of users’ followers and follows.
  4. You can send messages directly from your PC, without wasting yourself for multiple gadgets.

How to apply it: A case-story


A client Emma addressed to Ingramer’s team in hope to find a solution to her particular problem:

  • poor sales;
  • the lack of understanding of Target Audience needs;
  • the absence of loyal regular clients.
    how to boost sales: perfume shop example

The aim was to streamline the sales without significant time and money loses.


We offered to acquire a standard Ingramer Package together with Auto DM service. The emphasis was put on Direct Messages as the main issue of the client was the absence of a connection with potential and existing clients.

Together we created a mailing strategy and elaborated the messages templates and launched auto mailing.

The strategy included mailout of the first welcoming messages to all new followers, the mailout of exclusive information to users from a custom lists (which are created on the bases of users’ activity) and the mailout with the ask for branded content creation for all the followers.

1. The first greeting message is a must

The purpose of the first message is to establish contact with the audience. Thus, you put out some feelers and realize whether a user is ready to engage with you. In order for the tool to work efficiently, our client worked out the text for the first message based on our recommendations. Here is what she did:

There is a message she worked out:

Hi, I'm Emma, the founder of the brand. Thank you for following me! I am always in touch to answer any questions about our perfumes. If you can’t find a fragrance to your liking, I can make the one just for you. Feel free to text me here or leave a request on my website a link 😊

thank you message for boosting sales

The results:

Our client tested this variant sending it to 200 new followers. 197 users opened the message. Thus, the open-rate was 98,5% which is a nice result. Out of 197 users, 95 wrote the reply. 78% clicked the link.

2. We give users an exclusive

One of the main reason why people follow brands is the pleasant feeling of being close to it, to feel a kind of insider. Our psychology motivates us to belong to a particular community. Why not propel this feeling and turn it to advantage and capitalize?

Exclusive information here is a feed. It includes not only discounts and coupons, though they are also needed. What Emma did:

1. She created a Custom List and added there the most active users. The aim was to encourage them with some insider information about discount and promotions available for them exclusively; The mailout was:

Hi😃 I’ve noticed that you are an admirer of quality perfume, so I decided to offer a special discount 15% for any fragrance from new collection - only for most active followers! Choose and text me back!

2. She notified about giveaways which were held only on Instagram and only for a certain category of followers. Thus, she let them know that they were the first to learn about these promos. Emma decided to check how well followers know the brand.

Hello again! Just wanted to let you know that you have the chance to win one of three most popular fragrances! To win, you just have to give the right answer. Meet ya on 31 October. Good luck!

The results of an ‘exclusive’-strategy:

The ER of the audience increased by 45%. Emma started to receive twice more comments under each post. That causes significant sales growth – 27,8%.

3. Ask to share posts or create posts for the brand

This strategy works very efficiently, as you significantly expand your reach, build brand confidence and receive customer recommendations. This content format is incredibly valuable for sales growth.

Our client offered a bunch of free testers for everyone who would share the 3 posts from the account feed:

Hey! I hope you are doing well😃 I want to offer you something cool: share 3 of my posts and get 20 testers of the best fragrances for free! Love, Emma

The results of posts-sharing strategy:

Thus, Emma increased the reach and attracted new followers to the page. Thanks to good recommendations she received, users started to make orders more willingly without postponing the purchases.

Total results:

Having worked through it, thanks to Ingramer, our beautiful client Emma created an automated sales system in which a potential buyer, moving from one stage to another, in a logical and clear order, began to trust him, becomes loyal and regular.

Thus, she constantly generated new customers, led them further along the product line, generating new sales, increasing the average check.

In 2 months, our client managed to establish a close connection of our client with his audience. That helped to understand the target audience better and realize what it needs. Thus,

  • 27,8% sales increase;
  • 45% more loyal public;
  • the number of regular clients has increased thrice;
  • 160 hours and thousands of dollars saved;
  • after completing all the steps, Emma received hundreds of new messages per day. She answered all messages as quickly as possible, interacted with the audience and engaged them in communication - this greatly increased the return on money invested in advertising. The ROMI, in this case, was incredibly high, as the investment was 156 Euro for 2 months.
I highlighted the main features of a simple Instagram sales automation model - these are quick sales and, in most cases, instant payback, as well as the growth of a warm base and strong pent-up demand. But for the base to convert further and to make a profit, you need to stir up its interest and interact with it.

If you think it’s hard…

You are mistaken. Not only marketers and Smm-specialist can set up such a campaign. With Ingramer, it’s ease to nurture loyal customers as our Instagram DM offers a wide functional and intuitive interface which doesn't require any professional skills from you.

Moreover, for everyone who buys our DM module, we gift free DM templates and sales scripts and promise full customer support at any time.