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How to Create a Story on Instagram?
Instagram Stories are loved not only by laymen but Instagram business account owners as well. That’s happening because of several reasons:

  • The reach of publications in the feed is increasing. Stories can create intrigue or attract people to the main posts in the Feed. In addition, now there are people who, are watching only Stories instead of the main feed.
  • Targeted advertising is much cheaper. Competition is still low in the Stories. However, it grows every day.
  • Engaging the audience. To wake your followers up, you can conduct polls, quests, quizzes and in your Stories.
Nice tool, huh? It remains only to start using it! You also can learn things or two about how to get more views on Instagram Story:)

What are the tech requirements?

  • The size of video and images – 9х16 (app optimizes the image when loading);
  • format photos - PNG, videos - MOV, MP4, GIF (the latter can be created using Boomerang);
  • File resolution - 720p or higher;
  • The maximum duration of the story is 15 seconds(you should cut it in advance using third-party applications compatible with Instagram);
  • The maximum upload size is 2.3 GB.

How to create a story on Instagram?

The popular question is how to do Instagram stories. Here the plan of actions:

  1. Open your Instagram app;
  2. Find the Camera icon at the top;
  3. Choose the type of your story by scrolling the lower panel: Type, Normal, etc;
  4. Click the Emoji icon at the top to choose the face filter;
  5. If you want you can add a photo from your gallery by typing the Gallery icon;
  6. Edit it by tapping different tools at the top.

how to create a story on Instagram and a lot of stuff on the table

Once you finished with the decoration of your Stories, there you have several options whom to show it:

  • if you want all Instagram users can view it, tap Your Story. The Story will be depicted on your profile.
  • if you want only Close friends can see that, tap Close Friends. You need to create the list in advance.
If you want to send already published Story to a particular user, tap Send to and choose the recipient.

How to delete a story on Instagram?

I’ve answered the question of how to create a story on Instagram. But, all we know, that sometimes, you publish a Story and then realize that you’ve made a mistake. Maybe after receiving some negative comments and other stuff. So you decide to delete it.

  1. Find and open your story;
  2. Tap More at the bottom of a window;
  3. Tap Delete and then confirm the deletion by tapping delete again.

How to edit story on Instagram?

You can edit your Story before publishing it. There are a lot of tools to make it amazing:

  • Filters
To select a filter, shoot the story and scroll to the right or left in the edit mode. The filter is applied automatically.

  • Masks
To use face masks, click emoji icon at the top, then tap any mask at the bottom of the window. Instagram recognizes faces automatically.

  • Stickers
At the top right, click the sticker icon. Instagram presents a permanent or seasonal set of stickers, for example, donation sticker on Instagram Stories, as well as the ability to post geodata, mention, hashtag, GIF, temperature, time, surveys, etc.

how to create a story on Instagram

  • Geodata
Click on the sticker of the same name and select a location. If a follower clicks on the geodata when viewing the history, it will go to a page with a map, publications, and stories, which indicate this place.

  • Mention
You can mention the page. Click on the "Mention" sticker and enter your account name and select it. The user will receive a notification about the mention. When viewing the history, the user can click on the sticker and go to the mentioned page.

  • Hashtag
Click on the sticker of the same name and enter the hashtag. When you switch to a hashtag, the follower will see a page with posts and stories that use the hashtag.

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  • Surveys
With surveys, you can use different ways to engage your audience – games, quests, tests. Also, this feature allows you to collect user opinions. To create a survey, click on the sticker of the same name.

  • Questions
You can ask followers to ask questions that interest them. All questions are displayed in the history statistics. You can answer questions in new stories (1 answer - 1 story).

  • Brushes
Instagram offers a felt-tip pen, highlighter, neon stroke, rainbow stroke, and eraser, change the size and color, as well as cancel the action.

Remember, these methods of making changes work in the immediate publication of the post.

Once you have made a story or added it, edited it and given it an interesting and vivid look, you can publish it by clicking on the “share” button. It's done! Your avatar for the next 24 hours will be in a pink circle, congratulations!

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