Have you ever asked yourself, how do pretty girls become influencers and models? How do people make money on Instagram? Let me present to you our promo-child, who could get +170 000 followers and +50% of likes to every new photo just in 6 months!

How To Make Money On Instagram? Model Case Story!

How do people make money on Instagram?

Every Instagram account can be monetized. The main thing you need to understand is what do you want and can show to the digital world. Then start every day and every night work on improving your Instagram image. Find your target audience and coherent advertisers.

How much money can you make on Instagram? It depends on how many followers, likes, comments, and attention you get from the Instagram audience. Plus you need promotion if you want to have great statistics as fast as you can. And to be honest, the price depends on you.

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How to promote your business on Instagram?

Oh my future Instagram star, it’s not that easy, especially if you plan to do it by yourself. You need all the time that you have, all efforts, fantasy, and support from any creative people you know. But even that can not be enough.

That was the main problem of our client Diletta. She’s an incredibly beautiful model that has a fantastic gallery and eye-catching pictures on her Instagram profile. There were 2 things she lacked:

1. time for running her Instagram;
2. any stable engagement of her business profile page.

As a solution, our marketing team suggested using Instagram Direct mailouts and Post Planner.


Instagram Direct Messenger. What’s that?

In a couple of words, it’s a tool that creates mass mailouts to new or current followers. If you want to know the way how it works, check out the blog post How to Automate Instagram Direct Messages here.

Why did we recommend Auto DM?

Competitive gain.
No one expects to get a message from a hottie like Diletta. The number of page visitors is still rising every week.

Communication process.
The majority spends an unhealthy period on Instagram. It’s easier to communicate via Instagram to find collaborations and get the offer for ads. Just a quick message to Direct can bring money-making projects.

A new source of active followers.
Can you imagine how grateful and enthusiastic the followers can be if they got the attention of their crush? Gosh, the engagement rate rips through everything in the path.

Post Planner. What’s that?

In short, it’s a tool that helps to plan post for the months ahead. If you want to learn more about the tool, read the post How to Schedule Posts on Instagram? here.

Why did we recommend Post Planner?

Money and Time saver.
It’s a sin to waste time for everyday posting. If you post every day, you spend approximately 6 hours a month. Our client can get $10 000 for a 6-hour photoshoot, so a Post Planner tool $18/1 month of usage is a good bargain.

Model Real Case: Promotion Start!

Here’s the data as at April 2019:

- 150 000 followers and 4000-5000 likes per photo:
- the enormous potential of the account with amazing images:
- no time for constant posting, and low interactions and engagement indicators.

Due to inconsistent posting, the number of interactions was unstable, that had an impact on the discovery of the account. We needed a constant and growing number of likes, comments, views, and followers. It resulted into high discovery range and the flows of organic traffic to the account.

We started the promotion on April 2019; the Post Planner was loaded with great pics both to the gallery and Stories. It took 3 hours to do planning for 2 months ahead and forget about it. Free head, free time, and an open mind for new ideas of promotion!

The Auto DM was set according to the posting plan. The main directions we had:

- greeting new followers;
- “thank you” messages;
- notifications about the posts;
- “what do you think” messages;
- giveaways and promo codes.


Model Real Case: Promotion Details!

Planning tips:

We’ve decided to upload both Stories and Gallery pictures via Post Planner. The tool helped to see the whole future gallery and control its visual. Also, planning to Stories put the account to the eyes of the followers. It was a kind of reminder to visit the account and see the latest posts.

For every picture, we advised making a selection of hashtags. Ingramer provides free hashtag generator, that can give a top selection by keyword, image, or URL. It’s better to use both unique and common tags to open the doors to a new audience.

It was advisable to tag brands that were on the photo and mark locations. It raises the chances of random visitors or becoming one of the recommended posts.

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Auto DM tips:
Without any delay, let us share with you the most effective messages.
The open rate was approximately 89,8%. Reply rate - 76%

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Model Real Case: Promotion Results!

Number of followers: +150 000
Number of likes for 1 post: +12 000

Number of weekly interactions: +100 000
Number of weekly discovery: +200 000

Number of Sponsored posts: +12
Total Sponsored posts cost: $67200

Consistent posting both to Stories+Gallery
Stable account growth with excellent Statistics
Happy and smiling client!

Promotion price: $18 for Post Planner and $21 for Direct Messaging per 1 month.


Hope, you enjoyed the case story and found new ideas for your Instagram promotion!
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