When you decided to order our services, you were going to pay us, weren’t you? But can you imagine that we can pay you as well? How? The answer is simple Ingramer affiliate program.

Ingramer Affiliate Program: How to make money on Instagram? + Real Case!
How to make money from Instagram: what an affiliate program presupposes?

In case you have ever tried to google how to make money online, you might have seen recommendations to take part in affiliate programs. Nevertheless, if don’t know anything about them, I’ll explain this concept for you.

You may view it as one of the kinds of work from home jobs for you or a marketing campaign that you can participate in.

But the main idea is the following: when you join such a program as a participant, you receive your financial reward for advertising other company’s services or products.

It means that in case a user comes to the services upon your recommendation, you will have some piece of the profit for each order made by him.

Why you should opt for Ingramer Affiliate Program?

You are interested how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners? Ingramer is the answer! And here is why:

  • It is unbelievably profitable. During the first three months, you will get 40% (then 30%) of all the payments of users who order our services upon your recommendation.
  • It is really easy. All you need to do is to contact us via our email hello@ingramer.com and get your own affiliate link.
  • It is appropriate for your followers. We offer really useful services on very attractive terms which ensures high chances to encourage your followers to register on our website.
  • It’s fair and transparent. On our site, you will find the full statistics on how your link is working.
  • It’s comfortable and quick. You will get your money just in 15 days after the payment is made and you may opt for any of the variants you like: crypto, PayPal or WebMoney.
Don’t miss your chance! Our affiliate program is for you if:

  • You have an Instagram blog with your followers.
  • You have an SMM agency. Why not to offer our services to your clients and get an additional flow of revenue?
  • You have an SMM-oriented blog. If you make videos or write articles, just add your link and tell a few words about us.
  • You have a site about online marketing. You may add beautiful banners that will draw visitors’ attention.
Ingramer Affiliate Program: In real figures!

It is clear that it is always much easier to understand any idea based on real facts. And let’s see how it works on a real example.

Let’s start with something really simple.

You’ve received your affiliate link and posted it on your Instagram account. One of your friends decided to test this service as well and chose one-month subscription the price of which (with a 22% discount that we offer now) is 34$.

What does it mean for you? As during the first three months you will get 40% of the payments made by your friends, your profit will be 13,6$. Maybe its sounds not very convincing.

But let’s consider a real example.

Martin who has 79K followers on Instagram is one of the participants of our affiliate program. He is a photographer and shares his photos on his account.


Last months he made a number of posts telling his audience about us, as a result, he managed to get about 5,000$.

How? 3574 people followed the link. 786 of them created their accounts on Ingramer. 382 of them have already ordered our services.

Not bad, isn’t it?

Buy the way, with our online calculator you may easily find out how much you can earn.


How to make money on Instagram via Ingramer: ideas to use?

As we have already mentioned, our service is a good one to promote as it has really interesting and appealing features that your friends and followers may need.

But if you don’t know what to tell your followers to encourage them to use our services as well, here are some tips.

  • Tell them about our offerings and the results that they will obtain.
  • Share with them what benefits have you personally got when you started using our services.
  • Break their stereotypes about using Ingramer. Explain to them that it is absolutely safe.
As you see everything is quite simple, isn’t it?

If you have already decided to try, send us an inquiry to hello@ingramer.com and start making money!