No matter whether you are a newcomer or an experienced Instagrammer, the question on how to promote Instagram page is a pressing one for everybody. Given this situation, I've collected the most effective solutions.

How to promote Instagram page? (Real Ready-Made Solution Inside)
All the IG accounts that currently exist on this virtual space and stay more or less active can be categorized according to their type. The main ones are private profiles, personal blogs, corporate blogs, and commercial accounts. Though all of them have their peculiarities, when it comes to the issues of promotion, they all are equal.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting from a scratch or you already can boast an impressive figure that shows how many followers you have. You should always keep your ears open with a view not to missing some new tendencies and trends that can help you to conquer new peaks. So, in case you need (you definitely need) to know how to promote yourself on Instagram, just keep reading this article.

Spoiler: Among these ideas, you will find one absolutely simple but 100% efficient solution that is able to boost your promotion extremely fast.

Promotion: what it means and why you need it

So, what does promotion means in the context of Instagram? In general, it’s a complex of efforts aimed at gaining popularity, or in other words, at gaining more and more followers.

Yes, on Instagram followers=money. Of course, the formula is simplified. However, it’s true. Your audience allows you to earn and ensures your stable income. Let me repeat: it is true not only about business accs but personal blogs as well.

But it's important to admit that 100 followers is not the result that allows you to fulfill your business plan despite your precise sphere of activities.

promote instgram page

Nevertheless, all the questions on how to promote on Instagram will have the same answers as the questions on how to attract the attention of a great number of potential followers. That’s why let’s agree on that the main goals of our promotion are to reach our target audience, make users interested in our content and retain those Instagrammers who have already shown their interest.

How to promote Instagram page: general principles

Of course, all accounts differ. And I know for sure that your account is really a unique one. But there are some general rules that you need to keep in your mind always, even if you decide that you have already gained a sufficient number of followers (nevertheless, I don't think that it may happen unless you take a decision to quit Instagram for some reason).

Rule 1. Low-quality content has no chances today.

It’s really so. If you want to see with your own eyes how to promote Instagram page in practice and how to build interaction with a wide audience you have to work hard. Even if you write really valuable and interesting texts in captions, it doesn't mean that you can share low-quality pics. Please, bear in mind that initially, Instagram was about visual content. And this part is still extremely important despite the tendency to make posts informationally valuable.

Rule 2. It should be clear what ideas you want to spread.

Making good publications that may draw the attention of a wide audience is an important skill. But it’s vital to understand that when people take a decision to follow you or not they will base their decision not on one post only.

Let’s suppose that a user noticed your publication in his recommendations and he found this publication rather interesting. What will he do next? He will open your account and will definitely study a couple of other posts. It means that opening your account, your potential follower should clearly see what you can offer him. All your posts should complement each other.

By the way, there are a lot of interesting approaches to making your page look really catchy. Yes, it requires some efforts from your side but it’s worth it. Just study Instagram Design Trends: How To Make Your Account Look Stylish? for your inspiration.

promote instgram page

Rule 3. Build bridges, not barriers! Become a friend to your audience.

No, I am not trying to promote the ideas of global peace. I am just explaining how to promote on Instagram. If your aim is to succeed, you really need to establish a dialogue with your audience.

This dialogue can take different forms: it can be interaction in comments, via stories and even via likes. Your core aim is to boost engagement and to get real signs of your followers’ activity (in other words, to get their likes and comments).

Do you remember that insidious IG algorithms are always watching you? In order to have a chance to be noticed by users via their recommendations, your posts should be approved by the algorithms. But it is possible only if your posts are actively liked and commented (sounds rather crazy but it is really so).

Use your Direct to communicate with people. I have Genius Instagram Direct Templates That Will Inspire You!
Rule 4. Don’t play hide-and-sick. Let people find you.

In general, this rule is related to the above-mentioned one. The idea is to tell people that you exist in this world. What can you do to make them notice you? What about hashtags? Yes, you just need to use them in your publications and people will see your posts in accordance with the used tags. As you know, hashtags can be used as a search criterion on IG. It means that people who find your publication will be already potentially interested (and even practically ready to follow you). In some of our previously published blog posts, we have already shared our ideas on the power of hashtags. Just read Hashtag: simple way to great promotion.

Nevertheless, there is another rather logical question: how to understand what hashtags should be used? To be on a safe side, I recommend you to pay your attention to a hashtag generator.

The AI-powered algorithms will find the most relevant hashtags that will bring you new followers. It’s not magic! The system will analyze that keyword that you will enter, the pic that you’ll upload or the link that you’ll add and will display a list of hashtags that can be used by people may be interested in your content.

Rule 5. With the right approach, other users can greatly help you in your promotion.

At first, you need to struggle for their attention and then they will help you to attract other users. Nevertheless, they won’t do it just for fun. They need to understand what benefits they can get. For example, you can organize giveaways. If people see that they have at least a small chance to get something for free just for tagging friends in comments, they will do it. If people know that they can get a discount just for telling about your business in their stories, they will do you. Have you caught the idea?

Moreover, you can enter in collabs with other businesses and bloggers that want to achieve popularity. Mutually beneficial cooperation is an engine of your development.

promote instgram page

As you may have noticed, these 5 rules are related to the promotional strategy itself and following at least them requires a lot of time. Moreover, they all are very exhausting as they require many efforts as well.

However, there are some other 2 core things that every Instagram newcomer starts his or her promotion with (if you think that I’ve forgotten about them, no, it’s not so). They are:

  • getting more likes via liking others’ posts;
  • and getting more followers via following other users.
Yes, these things still work and can be very efficient. But they are very time-consuming. Moreover, they are associated with risks to get an account blocked for extremely high activity.

There is also one more important feature on Instagram that you shouldn’t ignore - Direct messages.

Already started to calculate how many tasks you should fulfill for your promotion and how many hours are in a day?

Stop panicking! I’ve promised to tell you about an absolutely simple and 100% efficient solution for how to promote Instagram page. And it's my principle to keep my word.

How to promote yourself on Instagram without any special efforts?

What about getting free from a huge part of your work by automating it? Of course, a computer or a system won’t create high-quality content for you. But why not to automate such activities as putting likes, leaving comments, following/unfollowing and even sending direct messages?

As for me, it sounds great. All these functions today are available thanks to IG bot (2-3 clicks and your campaign is already on its way while you are doing some other things).

Instagram bot can guarantee you:

  • Time-efficiency.You'd better spend your free time on other activities.
  • Safety. There won't be risks of being blocked. Our bot never exceeds the allowed limits of actions.
  • Targeting. You can set your promo according to concrete parameters and reach precisely your target audience.
  • Functionality. One bot but so many functions! Likes, comments, follows, DMs and even scheduled posting. Just a dream!
  • Easy usage. To sign up you need 3-5 minutes, to set your first promo - another 3-5 minutes. Everything is really extremely easy!
By the way, if a case your busy timetable doesn't allow you to spend time for creating promo campaigns on your own, we are at your disposal. I am not joking, I am serious. We can set your promotions in accordance with your needs. Such a service is free.

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