Don't know how to how to save Instagram photos? We reveal 5 ways to download media files from Instagram to any device – Stories, videos, IGTV, profile. Stay tuned!

How to Save Instagram Photos And Other Content On Your PC?
"What a mind-blowing Instagram model. Let me take a screenshot of this post!"

Actually, there are some more efficient methods to keep media appearing in your IG feed. You will get five-star quality files on your computer or phone for free.

In this guidance, you'll discover how to save photos from Instagram on your device – PC or smartphone. What content you can save:

  1. images;
  2. vids and GIFs;
  3. an IG Story;
  4. IGTV clips;
  5. all media files from any profile.

Let's start! And yes, you can do this legally.

Method #1 – How to save Instagram photos on PC?

When seeking for the solution concerning how to save an Instagram photo, the best way to do this – use Ingramer downloader. Any user can save images free of charge, no matter the device specifications and operating system. The quality remains five-star!

Note: Ingramer won't ask you for registration. That what you are to do to on your computer:

  1. Open Instagram desktop in any browser;
  2. Proceed to a post containing the desired image;
  3. Press three dots to open the menu;
  4. Choose "Copy a URL";
  5. Pass to Ingramer downloader and insert the link;
  6. Pick "Download"
  7. The image you want is automatically saved to the download folder on your gadget.

How to save Instagram photos on PC screenshot

You are free to collect pictures on your telephone, too – the service is online so that it's compatible with all operating systems. The algorithm is working likewise – download all Instagram photos you need without any limitations!

Method #2 – How to save Instagram stories on PC?

You can keep any disappearing media files on your PC library to enjoy them for more than 24 hours! Follow these easy steps that are working for all existing OS. Inrgamer Storie's online saver is 100% free and doesn't require registration.

  1. Open IG on your computer's browser window;
  2. Proces to a profile you want to download Stories from;
  3. Copy the account's @nickname;
  4. Insert this @nickname to the Ingramer downloader search bar;
  5. Choose "Download" under an episode you need;
  6. Check desired the video on your download folder.

How to save Instagram stories on PC screenshot

As it shows, when you enter a nickname on Instagram on the search bar, you get access to all the Stories this user has uploaded, including Highlights. That's super handy!

Method #3 – How to download Instagram videos on computer?

We bet you might need to save vids from Instagram accounts on your device. This is obviously possible and free with the Ingramer video downloader. That is what you need to do:

  1. Pass to an Instagram page in your browser window;
  2. Choose the vid you want and press on tree dots;
  3. Copy the link directing to this video;
  4. Paste this URL to the online downloader bar;
  5. Push to "Download" button;
  6. Enjoy the clip on your device!

How to download Instagram videos on computer screenshot

Essentially, the whole downloading takes less than 3 minutes – no emails, names, and other ways of registration are needed! Remember, you can likewise save videos on your mobile phone.

Method #4 – How to download IGTV videos?

Ingramer all-in-one downloader allows downloading various content types, including IGTV episodes. The method is a no brainer, just repeat these steps:

  1. Open Instagram page using a regular web searcher;
  2. Pass to the IGTV library on the desired account;
  3. Select an episode you need to save;
  4. Copy the link that has appeared on the browser's search bar;
  5. Insert the URL to on the IGTV downloader page;
  6. Push the "Download" button;
  7. The saving has started – check your Downloads now!

How to download IGTV videos screenshot

Take advantage of the genuine, high-quality media data you can view right from your device offline. No burdensome registrations and ads!

Method #5 – How to save the Instagram profile on PC?

Finally, you can save the whole profile on Instagram on your computer. Pictures, videos will be handily arranged on your device, available 24/7. Do as follows:

  1. Sign on Instagram from your web browser;
  2. Select any account you want and copy its @name;
  3. Insert the username into the search bar of the profile downloader;
  4. Select "Download" next to the posts you want to use from your PC;
  5. The desired media appears on your Gallary in a heartbeat!

How to save the Instagram profile on PC screenshot

As you understand, it takes years to make your Instagram page looking good, but it takes seconds to download this media back on your computer.

The final thought

Make use of public content that people add daily on their Instagram pages. Even in the case your idol or a user removes profile on Instagram, precious moments will be available exclusively for you! Instagram Stories download makes the content exists forever. You can also share UGC if running business since real customers' posts is the most sales-bringing testimonials – remember to mention the author's credits.