Instagram Direct is an essential tool for real-time communication in-app. Learn how to save videos from Instagram dm effortlessly and enjoy the content offline!

How to save videos from Instagram dm? 2 methods+bonus tip
Instagram Direct has changed the whole concept of the app and boosted functionality. Instagram users can comment on shared content in a private chat room without the need of leaving the app. Instant videos, pictures, stickers are sent in dm dialogues and group chats even though Instagram is a long way from a messenger. Ingramer enables automatiс DMs, which is crucial for bloggers and businesses promotion.

instagram direct chat is available now

At first, users couldn't save a video unless a third-party app had been downloaded. But things have improved by now. Users have a choice on how to save videos from Instagram dm in high-resolution within seconds. In this article, we share two proven techniques and one crafty bonus tip. Enjoy!

How to save a video posted from a different account?

A video previously posted from other account is protected due to copyright policy. That is why you can't download it straight from the Instagram Dm; developers didn't provide us with such an option. But anything is possible!

To watch a video on your phone offline, you are to download an additional application. There is a myriad of apps, take a look at the most common.

InstaSave. Thanks to InstaSave you can save a video straight from your phone, but it's an option only for Android. When you received media in the DM previously posted from a different account, you need to follow that link. Then by copying the URL, you can save a video to the InstaSave feed.

FastSave. One of the most popular apps for saving media from Instagram feed and DM. More than 10 million users downloaded it from Google play due to user-friendly tools. High speed, convenient menu, and in-built repost options are making it over the competition, but the app isn't available for iOS. Plus, it's full of ads.

Savefromweb allows saving files straight on your computer's download folder. It works not only for videos, but for pictures, stories, and whole albums. URL is the only thing you are to copy from ig profile; download starts right after the paste.

All in all, this kind of app work similar. The interface is intuitive, regardless of using Android or iOS. Just install one of the listed or their alternative from Apple Store or PlayMarket. That's how you'll get videos uploaded from a third account on your phone.

How to save videos from Instagram dm in-app?

The in-app method is the fastest and the easiest way to save media from Instagram DM. Developers are interested in increasing time users spend on Instagram with no need of leaving the app. Otherwise, they leave additional revenue.

After updates, users can save shared content with simple steps.

  • Open the chat where you received the media
  • Tap and hold on
  • Select "Save"

That is the best way to save a video or photo for several reasons. Firstly, you don't waste time for downloads, entering your nickname and password. Secondly, you don't get destructed by annoying ads which overwhelm third-party apps.

Nevertheless, you won't be able to save a video previously posted from an account different from a sender.

Note! To save a video or a photo from Instagram DM this way, you have to allow access to your camera roll. Anyways, Instagram will ask you for permission to complete the download.
If a video is long and of a big size, it will take more time to appear in your gallery.

Bonus tip

"What if I'm too lazy to download a third-party app just for one video? But the sender didn't upload it from his account so that I can't save it in a matter of seconds?"

There is a trick for you, lazy Instagrammer!

Record your screen – a video will appear in the gallery of your phone. Here is a guide for iOS:
  • add Screen recording to the Control toolbar;
  • Tap the Record button. To record the sound, tap deeply and pick Microphone Audio;
  • to stop recording, tap the Record button again or Stop following the red status bar on the top.
Voila – a video is saved to your camera roll in a high-resolution!
Instagram Direct is an in-build chat room that enables real-time communication. You can share and discuss the content within one app – no downloads and switching apps. Services like Ingamer make it possible to manage Instaram chats from Mac or PC. But when it comes to downloading a video, that wasn't initially posted by the third-party sender apps are indispensable. Instagram hasn't integrated a straightforward way for now. Nevertheless, you have an option to record the screen and get this video effortlessly.
Content that was initially uploaded by the sender can be easily saved to the camera roll with one tap.