Instagram Stories became extremely popular among millions of users. Clearly, marketers couldn’t but notice the possibilities this instrument of clients’ attraction promises, so here’s a simple “bestiary” of types of Stories and how you can use them on practice for your business.

How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business Promotion
There’s no doubt in the fact that Instagram is the most suitable platform for brand promotion. Not only the bright statistics but also the experience of other users shows: if you need a place to launch a powerful advertisement campaign, you won’t find a better variant than Instagram.

What’s the secret of this social media site? Probably, the plethora of instruments for self-expression and posting. Starting with the plain photos/videos assortment, over the time Instagram added more and more interesting functions for users, like IGTV, numerous photo filters, and live translations. Sure, all of these features were well received by publicity, but there was one single function which left the “rivalries” far behind in popularity - the Instagram Stories.

When Stories appeared on the platform in 2016, many users found the idea derivative from the similar Snapchat feature. Yet, even this incident hasn’t intervened Stories’ path to popularity. According to the latest researches, every day around 400 million people post Stories via Instagram - this number is by half higher than the daily Snapchat users statistics (around 188 million). Now critics can only take back their pessimistic predictions and admit the popularity Instagram Stories has reached within the shortest time.

Why people like Stories? The question is complicated. Seems like this whole format appeals to users - Stories are short, saturated with action and easy to reach. Through the Stories, people see the world behind your brand’s facade, which is a way to connect with their favorite influencer. Unlike regular posts, Stories are somehow interactive, not even mentioning the possibilities question boxes and other Stories stickers brought for brand/followers communication.

You can’t miss a chance to use Stories in your Instagram Business promotion. And we’re going to help you with learning everything you might possibly need to start a Stories-based promo campaign. Good luck with that!

Stories vs Regular Content. What scores better in the Instagram promotion?

While your page’s content is extremely important to hold the interest of users who already follow your brand, Stories are perfect when it comes to the attraction of new people.

This is the outcome of the possibilities for Storie’s customization: the assortment of stickers and features you’re suggested to add to your Stories is a white canvas for your creativity. From the location stickers, which produce 80% higher engagement rate than the regular content, up to the music stickers, using which you can share your mood with your viewers - different combinations of stickers, Instagram Story filters, background music create your unique unmatched style. This is the chance to increase your brand awareness among Instagram users - don’t hesitate to develop your own recognizable posting manner.

In addition to what was said, Stories by themselves have a very convenient format. Posted Stories disappear in 24 hours, which makes them particularly suitable for the marketing experiments.

Via Stories you can post ads, in which success you’re not 100% sure: if the idea will not take off, a Story will long gone in a day, but if it’ll become unexpectedly popular, you always have a possibility to save (Highlight) it for the further needs. There are tons of examples of businesses, who gained their Instagram success thanks to the well-orchestrated Stories ads campaign.

Indeed, filling your account with the attractive, captivating, yet, common content is a bit easier task than creating Stories - mostly thanks to the useful Instagram auto poster feature, which, unfortunately, Stories don’t have. Yet, the efforts are quite rewarding - using Instagram Stories you provide your page with the constant natural growth with the help of built-in instruments this platform provides.

What types of Stories can you post (and where)?

After a huge positive feedback that Instagram Stories gained, Facebook decided to adopt that promising idea. Thus, quite recently - only in 2017 - Facebook Stories feature was presented to the publicity, and by far it already managed to taste the sweets of success: after 14 months from the start, Facebook Stories reached impressive 150 million users per day.

With over 2.2 billion monthly active users, it’s obvious that Facebook knows how to hold people’s attention. And despite the fact that the concept of Stories was borrowed from Instagram (or, Snapchat, depends on how to look) there’s no doubt in the fact that soon we’ll see the unique introductions to the format we all know and like - only on the Facebook platform.

Facebook and Instagram came with the different types of Stories for posting. While Instagram concentrates on bringing more interactiveness and fun for users, Facebook offers tons of possibilities for brand advertising, and both social networks work flawlessly when it comes to business promotion. As for Instagram, your Stories will seem more natural and unforced - this is a great way to build an offhand communication channel with your followers. Facebook, on the other hand, has tons of instruments for your advertising campaign - either for low budget or in free cost.

Let’s start with the origins - on how to use Instagram Stories in your business.

Types of Instagram Stories

Photo/Video Story

This is the basic type of Stories - the one, where you publish a single shot or a 15-second video. The mastery of the advertising Instagram Stories is worth a separate article, yet, the basic principles are identical:

  • in a short Story, you have to fit a single idea

  • you shouldn’t be too much salesy and advertise your brand openly, neither you should publish new Stories annoyingly often

  • the content you share has to be interesting for the followers - check the ideas from business giants for inspiration

  • be creative, and people will notice your brand!


If you need to announce a new product or some equally important event, one Story wouldn’t be enough. In this case, you can post a line of the single-themed photos or videos in a row, so that your followers will be able to get acquainted with the news bit by bit.


The Boomerang feature was the first innovation Instagram brought to the adopted Stories format. As many users note, there’s something mesmerizing in the way Boomerang videos go - back and forth, forward and backward, again and again until you find yourself staring on the same GIF for a whole minute. This type of Stories is perfect to draw viewers’ attention - only look at these best Instagram Stories made in a Boomerang style. Absolutely stunning.


Video of your product application is probably interesting, but how about making it completely irresistible for Instagramers? For this occasion, you always have a Rewind Story mode, where a regular video goes backward and somehow becomes more dazzling than it was before. Using this feature, it’s easy to come with creative Instagram Stories: for example, record falling water or breaking items and put your logo somewhere nearby. Sounds boring? Well, you definitely haven’t yet seen Rewind magic at work.

Live Translations

This is the on-the-go format of communication, where you have a chance to speak to your followers directly, without any pre-recorded material, and hear their thoughts about your brand. Critique and gratitude will allow you to see the strengths and the weak spots of your marketing strategy, as well as the potential for the development. When the translation will end, you’ll be able to save it in your feed - just like a regular Story.

Types of Facebook Stories

Photo/Video Story

This function isn’t quite different from the Instagram’s regular Stories mode. You do a photo and share it with your followers - the only exception from the Instagram is that Facebook puts the bar with Stories on the top of the feed even when a user scrolls downwards. This way it always stays in your followers’ visual field, as a natural remembering about your brand. As well as creating your original Stories, you can simply share the already published ones from the Instagram onto the Facebook.

Lead Ads

Recently presented lead ads aren’t the Stories in the full sense of this word. However, they are equally optimized for smartphones and extremely effective in advertising - this is why they’re included in this list. Their principle of work is simple: user, who considers being the member of your target audience, sees your businesses ad in his feed. When he clicks on it, a fast & convenient auto filled form pops up, which contains user’s name/email address/mobile phone he can share with you to receive more info about your brand.

Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads are very similar to Lead ads: they’re not completely Stories, but more like the new trends in business promotion. Canvas puts an emphasis on the visual side of advertisement - the whole concept of this format lies upon the beautiful pictures, which, at the same time, have to simplify users’ experience. Clicking on such ad, a user learns about your brand in an interactive way without leaving the Facebook app.

To sum up

We hope that by far you already don’t ask things like “Should my business use Instagram stories?”, but put some really important questions - “How to use Instagram for business needs on mine?”.

Well, Stories are the solution for your brand promotion, which we highly recommend to try in your Facebook or Instagram marketing strategy. They are simple, effective, allow you to experiment and try new formats without any risks of losing auditory.

Try them ASAP in practice, and we guarantee - soon your followers will enjoy new Stories from your brand every single day!