If you want to create a public IG page, it’s extremely important how you introduce yourself on it. I’ve decided to share some catchy ideas for an Instagram bio for girls!

Are There Any Requirements For Instagram Bio For Girls? A Portion Of Fresh Ideas Inside!
When you create your profile on any social network, you need to fill in some standard forms that let your audience learn more about you. As a rule, these details include your full name, age, marital status, the sphere of interests and so on and so forth.

But Instagram does not have such a form. But how to tell your audience about yourself? How to share your interests and reveal what your blog is about? To do it, you can use the space under the line with your name on your page. Yes, to introduce ourselves on IG we use bio.

You can use this space to tell what you wish about yourself. But don’t forget that your bio should be no longer than 150 characters. That’s why you need to think carefully before creating your informative but short bio for Instagram.

Why do we need to write a bio?

Though I’ve already mentioned that IG bio is a form of introduction, let me explain it with a real example in order to sound weightier.

Let’s suppose that a new person who has never seen your page before visits your account. What are the first things that he or she will pay attention to? They are your bio (he or she wants to understand who you are) and the general layout of your account.

By the way, if you want to wow the public, you definitely need to study one of our articles called Instagram Design Trends: How To Make Your Account Look Stylish? In that article, we shared some great ideas on how you can arrange your photos in order to create a unique and catchy feed.

Let’s return to our situation. A person comes to your page and what can he or she read theirs about you? What do you want them to know about you? It’s a very important question that you should ask yourself.

instagram bio for girls of selena gomez

How can a person “occasionally” come to your page?

Though a person may really think that he or she has come to your page just after having occasionally noticed your post in recommendations, for example, it’s not fully true. Though for a person it can be an absolutely unexpected situation, from your side it can be just a result of a well-developed promotional strategy.

The easiest way to appear in people’s searches or recommendations (on the base of the publications that they have liked earlier) is to use appropriate hashtags. I am sure that you have already heard about the opportunities that they can offer you.

Such a way of promotion doesn’t require any special efforts from your side. Just don’t forget to add hashtags that are related to the topics that are covered in your post. Of course, it can be rather time-consuming to find all the appropriate (=popular) hashtags manually but I have another offer for you. To facilitate your life you can use our hashtag generator that will propose you the most widely-used hashtags that will help people to find you “occasionally”.

By the way, you can use not only popular hashtags but also your own ones. You can create some individual tags that will help your audience to find the posts united with one topic much easier. If you have one main individual hashtag you can also put it in your bio as today hashtags added to bios are clickable.

instagram bio for girls audrey roloff

What can you tell in your bio?

Nevertheless, let’s return to our main topic of discussion. If we speak about the information that can be presented in your bio, you should remember a couple of simple general tips.

As a rule, you can use bio to tell people the following things:

  • who you are;
  • what is your sphere of activities;
  • where they can find you and your business (it can be a link to your website or a catalog or just a country or city).
These things can be included in your bio regardless of the precise type of account that you have. They are applicable for Insta bios for girls as well as for bios for corporate accounts. The difference is only that if you have an individual blog, you need to write about yourself. But if you run a corporate account, you need to write about your brand. Nevertheless, I think that it is absolutely logical.

What additional information can you add to your bio?

  • your interests (if your blog is devoted to them);
  • your achievements (if they can help other people to understand who you are or recognize you);
  • your contact details (if you really want other people to have an opportunity to reach you);
  • a CTA (a call to action may be used to invite other people to get familiarized with your works, watch your videos or visit your other accounts or websites. for example);
  • a quote that characterizes you, your moto or life principle.

    instagram bio for girls of kate gosselin

Just let me remind you once again: the number of characters that your IG bio may contain is limited to 150 characters. That’s why, please, bear this factor in mind while you will be preparing a text.

Instagram bio for girls: any ideas?

Though I have told you that there are some general rules that can be applicable to all types of accounts with some peculiarities, it doesn’t mean that there are no interesting tips for some particular types of accounts.

For example, now I would like to share with you cool Instagram bio ideas for girls.

By the way, if you really feel that this quotes for an Instagram bio for girls perfectly suit you, don’t hesitate to use them. I am not greedy. But even if you take some ready-made ideas for your bio, in any case, don’t forget to add your name and some contact details if you are open for cooperation.

  1. Not trying to be perfect. Just trying to stay real.
  2. Working on making my dreams come true.
  3. The best roof is an open sky.
  4. Girls can be strong.
  5. Smart and silly.
  6. Making everything sparkle (glitter is the best tool to do it).
  7. I don’t want you to love me if you don’t know my soul.
  8. I am a princess. But my crown is invisible.
  9. Bags under my eyes? Don’t worry, it’s Gucci! (and ideal variant for a copywriter)
  10. Life is too short to spend it on boring books and boring people.
  11. Want to stay trendy? Just be happy!
  12. Sorry, but I never listen to other people’s opinion.
  13. I am perfect in my imperfectness.
  14. Who cares what are you wearing if you are crying.
  15. I am not old enough to stop doing crazy things.
  16. Keep your head high and don’t stop following your principles.
  17. You can rule the world.
  18. I am here not for likes but for your smiles.
  19. Smile is the best lipstick that I’ve ever worn.
  20. New cities, new people, the same dreams.
  21. Don’t forget about your dreams.
  22. Bad girls are also dreaming about a happy end.
  23. A good heart is much more valuable than all the brilliants in the world.
  24. Stay yourself, don’t try to be anybody else.
  25. I am not afraid to look silly, I am afraid to be unhappy.
  26. High heels make you look amazing and smile makes you look perfect.
  27. I love this world and I feel that it loves me back.
  28. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.
  29. If you don’t like me it doesn’t mean that I will ever notice it.
  30. My standards are high. Even much higher than my heels.
  31. Dresses, shoes and makeup are just a cover. Your heart is a real beauty.
  32. Good glitter can hide all the disadvantages of this world.
  33. You can always stay who you want.
  34. I am not a gift but you are not a Christmas tree.
  35. The most valuable things in life are free.
  36. Choose happiness to be your top priority.
  37. I am never satisfied with the place where I am. I always want to move higher.
  38. I never regret the moments when I was happy.
  39. In my world, unicorns exist.
  40. If you are not a Cinderella, stop waiting for smb to bring you new shoes. Buy them on your own.
  41. You always get what you deserve.
  42. If I were a Disney Princess, I would be myself.
  43. The best idea for this weekend is to be happy.
  44. There is no such goal that you can’t achieve.
  45. Please, be happy. It’s the best plan for your life.
  46. The wind is my best hairdresser.
  47. Eating tasty or healthy? That’s the question.
  48. Always eating and complaining about my weight.
  49. I am not looking for a boy, I am waiting for a man.
  50. You are much more beautiful and much more powerful than you think.
  51. I never thought I could be happy until I tried to do it.
  52. If you are angry, just buy a new lipstick (I always do).
  53. Living my life to make this world kinder.
  54. A red lipstick can make even the worst day better.
  55. Don’t try to understand be, just try not to prevent me from doing what I should do.
  56. Even wearing my old jeans I know that I am a princess.
  57. Fairy tales are good for little girls. I prefer to read New York times.
  58. Sorry, I need to feed my unicorn.
  59. I prefer looking silly to being bored.
  60. Let’s do crazy things together. Keeping smiling is the best one.
Of course, it’s just a small part of all possible variants for an interesting Instagram bio for girls. You can use some of them to create something really unique for your account.

Don’t forget that your main aim is to show who you really are to your potential followers and to explain to them what they can be waiting for after joining the row of your audience.

instagram bio for girls of emy roloff

Stay honest with yourself and with your followers. Don’t promise them something that you are not going to fulfill. By the way, you should always remember this rule while communicating with your audience. Don’t try to seem better than you are.

How can you make cute Instagram bios look even catchier?

To write a text for your bio is only one half of your work. Don’t forget that it can be a rather interesting idea to add some additional elements that will make your bio stand out from the crowd.

For example, you can use:

  • interesting fonts
They can draw people’s attention and make you IG acc look recognizable. Moreover, with them your bio will definitely unique. Especially, I recommend using custom fonts for a cute bio for Instagram for a girl. If you want to find out how these fonts can be used, you can study one of our articles published in our blog earlier: How To Use Custom Instagram Font?

  • emojis
Do you know that as a rule, we need less than a second to look to an account that we have never seen before to get the first impression? This time is definitely not enough for us to read all the words written in a bio but this time will be enough for our eye to catch bright emojis that help to illustrate what is written. Moreover, in bios, they fulfill the role of separators to make the text legible. And of course, they will look bright and cool in any Instagram bio for girls.

Now, when your bio looks amazing, what about promotion itself? Do you want to see the number of followers growing?

Then you definitely need to elaborate the right promotional strategy and to follow it strictly. It sounds like you need to spend all your time on it. But if you do not have 48 hours per day, you definitely will like the idea of sharing your responsibilities with somebody (or it would be better to say: with something) else.

And I already know what I can offer you in such a case.

Want to promote your account just in a couple of clicks?