Boost Sales x4 times with Instagram Direct Chat!

Instagram Direct Chat On Your PC: Make It Simple!
Instagram is a great platform for business development: you can increase sales, attract new customers. How can you do that? Use special tools for promotion on Instagram like Instagram Direct Chat.

Do you remember, I’ve already told you about How to Automate Instagram Direct Messages. If something is missing, then catch the useful info! But today we will focus on how you can use direct chat to effectively build a business on Instagram.


How to use Ingramer Direct Chat?

If you are doing business on Instagram, and this niche suits perfectly, I advise you to pay attention to a new feature that you can successfully use right now - Ingramer Direct Chat.

It’s no secret that our team has been working on simplifying the process of promotion on Instagram for a long time. So we decided to create a new feature that can appeal even to skeptics! After all, the possibility of communication in one place is simply amazing!

  • Send messages to potential clients;
  • Respond quickly to your customers;
  • Use direct on your computer;
  • Keep everything in one place!


The next question that arises in your heads is how to set it all up? I’ve prepared a useful scheme for everybody who wants to simplify the working process of their business!

  1. Go to Ingramer and Sign In or Sign Up;
  2. Add your Instagram account. Important: Account must be public!
  3. Choose Direct Inbox to see all your Instagram chats;
  4. Set your work on the right wave!

The first success will not be long in coming! I promise! Read the article about How to Boost Sales Using DM!
Introduce all the methods to your business and increase your sales to the heavens!

How to increase sales on Instagram?

Once you have everything done and start collecting all the laurels from this success, it's time to think about how you can further increase the sales of your business on Instagram.

You will surely want huge benefits from using this tool. We can offer you the following options:

Time saving. With the service, you don't need to spend billions of hours writing a message and sending them. You can automate this process with one click.

Everything at hand. No need to switch from one app to another. All your messages in one place. They are easy to view and quick to respond.

The increase in speed. Don’t make your customers wait for an answer to their questions. respond quickly and on time.

Saving money. No more expenses for communication with clients. Build your business on a new level of communication.

Increase the customer base. Thanks to harmonious and accurate work, your clients are surrounded with care which will force them to remain with you for a long time.

Finally, increase sales. Increasing the loyal audience of your business account leads to an increase in demand for your products, and as a result, there is an unprecedented increase in sales.

All of these benefits really work for your promotion and as a consequence for increasing your sales on Instagram.

Don’t believe? I'll tell you about our client

A 4 months ago, our client Tati, who owns a Cosmetics Store, faced a problem: the audience of the store can’t make a decision about the first purchase of the product. Girls can follow Instagram, but buy nothing.


Therefore, it was decided to start communications through Ingramer Direct Chat. This communication channel because of its simplicity and speed.

In messengers, it is easier for the user to control buyers interest. You have all chats at your hand and it’s really saves a lot of time to chat on Instagram on the computer.

Therefore, the chosen strategy had a huge success! The client is happy, coz all customers get quick replies and communication with store customers is in control.


You can ease your life too! Use direct chat to be on top!

How to increase Instagram page traffic?

Obviously, if the number of your followers has increased, but the number of customers remains in the same place, the expected increase in sales does not occur. How to increase the number of regular customers who make space sales for you? The answer is simple: keep in touch and be bunnies in chatting with them.

There are some important rules:

  • Your communication with customers should be regular!

  • Your brand should be in their subconscious: at the right time, when they need a product that you sell, the first store that they can remember will be yours!

  • So stay in touch with them always! Set up convenient messaging with special offers, promotions, discounts. Thank customers for their support and the order.

  • Answer all your questions quickly and as efficiently as possible, attracting new sales. To do this, use special sales scripts that will help you to be as loyal and friendly with your customers.

  • Create chats to which you can send all the information that interests users. This tool will help you increase the visibility of your profile, and thus lead to your new interested users.

However, don’t forget about the measure! Don’t send too many messages to your customers, cause no one will be delighted with the endless spam, which is stored in stacks in the message history of any messenger.

Let's return to our client, who still owns a cosmetics store :)

As you know, regularly, the store sends clients booklets, catalogs of new products, as well as arranges surveys about the quality of products sold and asks for advice that they want to add to the store.

The same scheme was implied to Instagram account. We run constant mass mailing via Instagram Direct to attract the attention, send news and discounts, welcome new followers with presents and special offers.

All these have worked amazingly: followers became more active in ordering goods. It led to the engagement boost and made the account more popular! These actions increased sales by 3 times, and most importantly, increased page traffic. After all, in every message was the link on the page or a necessary post or product.

In addition, the store offered a unique promotional campaign: “tell your friends about the store and get a 20% discount on your next order”.

The template for this message looked like this:

“Hi! Do you like our cosmetics store? We have a cool offer for you: tell your friends about us on your Instagram page and get a 20% discount on your next order!”

As a result, the interactions of the store account increased by 25 times! Above all, sales grew twice as fast as before.

Try Direct Chat Now! Be popular and boost sales!

Instagram Direct Tool: Full Functionality!

The most interesting feature I’ve decided to leave for dessert!

An invaluable advantage of this tool is the automatic mailing function. Now you can set up all the communication with your customers and improve your business, instead of spending a lot of time to send each message manually!

Send messages to new followers. Welcome new followers to your account who will soon become your customers. Establish communication with them.

“Hi! Thanks for following! We hope you will be satisfied with our cosmetics, which takes care of your skin better than any beautician. Make an order right now and get a 10% discount! We care about your skin!”

Send messages to all followers. Tell your followers and customers about new products or services, and send them useful booklets. This allows you to keep in touch with followers and always stay in touch.

“Hi! What's up? We have prepared for you just 10 new products that you can order now! Do you know how they can help you in skin care? Read a useful article and make your order!”

Send messages to the list of followers. It can be regular customers or customers who have not made the first order. You can offer them a special discount or gift when ordering from two products.

“Hi! We know that you have long been with us, but still do not appreciate all the benefits of our cosmetics! Why is it so? We try to be the best especially for you! Order care cosmetics right now and get a special gift from us!”

The benefits of this feature are endless! But the result will be noticeable after the first mailing!

By the way, Ingramer offers you 10 free templates for mailing after registration! Take advantage of a unique chance to start promoting your business right now!