Smart mailing or how to remind about yourself with the help of direct module. Plus, take a pleasant bonus: real case-story of using Direct module by Barbershop.

Remind Customers About Yourself Using Instagram Direct Online!

Surely you know about the various methods of marketing that can be used everywhere today, even in your Instagram account, if the purpose of its development is to increase the sales of your brand or store and to keep in touch with your clients and customers.
Today we will analyze this necessary tool that will help everyone interested in promoting their Instagram business, as well as increasing the number of sales and customers! However, everything in order!

What is an Instagram Direct Online?

Direct module is a tool that allows you to use Instagram Direct from your computer and perform several important functions to increase sales and customer loyalty:
  • Automatic mailing: you can set automatic mailing to new followers, sending them welcome messages with unique offers, as well as all followers, sending them the latest news and offers, as well as information about promotions and discounts.
  • Direct Chat: you can chat with customers without going to other apps to do so. You can also add multiple accounts and use them in one open window. Instagram chat has a search function, thanks to which you can find the necessary user to start communicating with him.
  • Auto-replies: you can set up auto-replies in direct. These can be answers to frequently asked questions that you define yourself, as well as standard answers to questions.
  • Message templates: you can create draft messages, add media files, and stickers and emojis. In the future, you can use these drafts in the mailouts.
If you use these functions in a complex, then, believe me, you will achieve the big results in the shortest time! After all, you do not just automate and simplify some processes of working with direct, you save a lot of time and money for additional services of marketers.
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Smart Business: Real-case of using Direct Module

As you can see, Direct Module is a treasure house for all Instagram accounts where people try to promote their business.
In order not to load you only with theory, let's consider all the advantages of a specific example of using the Direct module by Barbershop.

Chapter 1: Make contact

Barbershop decided to use direct mailings to keep in touch with the client, informing about all the news, promotions and latest changes. To do this, welcome messages were sent to new followers:
“Hi! Barbershop in touch! We are glad to see you in our account! Each new follower receives a unique 10% discount on the first haircut!”
Chapter 2: Inform the customer
To stay in touch you need to constantly remind about yourself, your company or service. However, such mailings should not be carried out too often, so as not to cause resentment of customers. On the contrary, create a schedule and stick to it, so that customers look forward to your messages and suggestions.

In our case, barbershop sent information offers, for example:
“Hi! Do you like our Barbershop? We always care about your hair! Therefore, we give you a seasonal offer! Come with a friend and get a 25% discount for two haircuts!“

Chapter 3: Communicate with an interested audience

Direct chat simplifies the communication process with an interested audience. This saves a lot of time and allows you to communicate with customers smoothly.

Barbershop was able to use direct messenger to continue communicating with customers if they were interested in one of the mailing offers.

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Chapter 4: Increase customer retention

The automatic responses feature allows you to increase customer loyalty and also does everything possible to further retain customers.

Barbershop has established automatic answers to frequently asked questions of customers, for example:

Customer: “Good afternoon! I would like to sign up for a haircut soon!”

Answer: “Hello! We are very pleased that you chose our Barbershop. Would you like to sign up for a haircut on your head or beard?”

After the answer, the Manager continues the conversation. Thus, this function saves time before the arrival of the Manager and allows the client not to change his mind to contact you.

Chapter 5: Remind about yourself

When you create message templates, you can think of a message distribution model in advance. For example, Barbershop created a plan for 2-3 weeks, in which he thought in detail about the messages sent to followers about promotions and special offers, which not only allowed to stay up to date but also attracted regular customers for new haircuts.

Week 1: “Hi! How are you? We have a week of new haircuts! If you have long wanted to try to change the style - then do not waste time and sign up with 5% discount!”

Week 2: “Hello! Are you ready for spring? Hats off! It's time to make a cool haircut! So come this week and get a cool gift from our Barbers!”

Week 3: “Hello! Do you dream of growing a beard? Come to the master class where you will learn about all the subtleties and nuances of growing a beard! The cost of participation is $50.”

Chapter 6: Results

As you can see, Barbershop seriously used all the possibilities of Instagram messenger online to attract new and retain old customers. In addition, the Studio has always been in touch with customers which has increased customer loyalty and an overall ranking of the Studio compared to competitors.

In terms of numbers: the number of customers per month increased from 167 to 345. Also, the number of followers increased from 10K to 17K and the number of direct requests from 76 to 253!

Such results became possible thanks to systematic and serious work with the direct module.

Oddly enough, this Internet marketing tool works applicable to almost any kind of business and can serve for a variety of different purposes. Your customers may be of different classes and ages, interested in absolutely any areas of services that make up your business, but ultimately - they all need a service or product.

If you have well studied your consumer and his interests, needs and tastes, desires and expectations, Instagram Direct Online is more than relevant for you.

So, don’t waste time! Make Money With Instagram Direct! Increase the sales and loyalty of your clients!