Are you ready for some unique knowledge? Read the article till the end to find out how to use the custom Instagram font!

How To Use Custom Instagram Font?
Some years ago when an era of Instagram was at its dawn, it was just an app to post photos to make your friends see them, to demonstrate them your recently bought shoes or a car (even if it was not yours), to make your ex jealous showing your new best half or just to upload some pics of your today’s dinner. It was okay and nobody really cared about it. But today Instagram has managed to become a powerful platform to build brands and now I mean not also business brands but individual ones as well. Everyone who wants to promote his or her personal blog is building a brand which proves that the approaches in these both cases should be practically the same.

Earlier nobody really paid attention to all the details that today have become so crucial: what exactly to post, when to post, what to write under your post...Now if you want to succeed you need to bear in mind all these aspects.

In general, you can build your fully distinct brand on Instagram but there is one more detail that previously used to be ignored. It’s the font Instagram uses. Unfortunately, the choice is extremely limited as the platform offers just a single option for your bio, captions, and comments.

Instagram font: where to use and what for?

As you know today Instagram is not only about visual content. Texts and words play an important role as well. But how to make them special? Different fonts is an answer.

Let’s see what’s the aim of using various fonts in different sections.

The unusual font in bio will help you:

  • to make your page recognizable;
  • to make people remember it;
  • to make users notice your account.


The customized font in comments is needed:

  • to highlight your information/thoughts;
  • to ensure that people will pay attention to it.


The unique font in captions has a mission:

  • to put an accent on the most important details;
  • to facilitate people’s perception of the provided information.
If you can’t make up your mind what captions to add to your amazing photo, why not to check this article? There I’ve revealed some secrets of perfect Instagram captions.

Instagram font: How to make it?

“What font does Instagram use?” is one of the first questions you may ask if you have decided to customize your texts. For the majority of texts, the system uses Proxima Nova. Though it’s nice, it’s not enough to express yourself.

Nevertheless, don’t worry if you like an Instagram logo font or a simple Comic Sans, it won’t be a problem to use it. Especially if you know some convenient services likeInstagram Fonts. It’s only one of the possible options. There are a lot of them (you are free to choose on your own) but they all have practically the same working principle.

And by the way, such services are free. That’s a great piece of news, isn’t it?

So, what do you need to do?

  1. Type the word/phrase you wish to customize.


2. Opt for the most appealing variant.


3. Copy your beautiful text from the service and paste it into the relevant field.

Pay attention to the fact that not all fonts offered could be supported by your device. If something is wrong just choose another variant.

Tips to make your page popular?

So, now you have a very cool account as various Instagram fonts is a great solution to stand out from the crowd. But how is it now possible to let your audience know about it?

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Moreover, Ingramer is here to help you better understand how the entire Instagram ecosystem works. For example, have you ever thought about the best time to publish your beautiful photos with nice captions? Do you post them just when you want? Or do you try to follow some rules?

If you still haven’t had developed your own effective system for timing, you can get familiarized with the results of our in-depth analysis devoted to the questions around the most appropriate time to make posts.

But I want to encourage you not only to rely on the results obtained by us but also to study your audience on your own.

Don’t be afraid of elaborating your own schemes and testing them.

If your scheme doesn’t work, just apply a new one.

Be brave and stay open for innovations.

And remember: if you need our help, you are always welcome.