If you still wasting hours to find certain messages on Instagram, high time to broaden horizons and find the fastest way to do that! + Usage tips for businesses

Instagram Messages Search For Your Ecommerce Activity Sake + Case Story
We do a lot of things via Direct - testing, sexting, selling, and engaging. Sometimes we need to find related content among all the messages we sent. Scrolling through doesn’t help much.

Good news for those who use Ingramer Direct Messages service - you can search for messages in a split second using the Instagram Messages Search feature.

What is an Instagram messages search?

Prosaically, but it’s a standard search line built-in the Auto Direct Messenger. You enter a word or a phrase and receive the instant search result - messages containing this particular word or phrase. Sounds easy and obvious? I bet you can’t even fathom the scope of benefits it brings to users who know how to use it in a proper way.

Enquire into my research!

How use it?

Technical side:
  1. Find the loupe icon - good old search icon we all accustomed to at the top of the window. Click on it;
  2. Enter a part of a message in the search line to find certain info;
  3. See the list of relevant messages, the part of the message entered in the search line will be highlighted. Copy it, delete it, do whatever you want with it.
    Instagram messages search on Ingramer chat
Management side:

  • Use messages as drafts and let all account managers search for related content and orient themselves within it in order not to skip updates and changes.
This way, they will avoid making mistakes, work more productive, provide accurate information to clients following on the messages sent before.

Moreover, it will help to preserve the unique style of brand interaction if communication with customers is run by several employees.

  • Use it as a method of control over your employees - see how they communicate with customers and what information they provide. If needed, correct, and point out their mistakes.
  • Use it to do researches and to measure the effectiveness of communication. Thus, finding some faults and mistakes, you will be able to improve your communication strategy. Afterward, it will help you to drive sales and establish closer contact with clients to make them more loyal.

The case story of a travel agency

One of the Ingramer Auto DM service users, a travel agency launched a couple of years ago, faced some troubles with customers land. They decided to bank on Instagram to attract more followers and bridge contact with potential clients.

Instagram messages search example of a travel agency profile

To mainstream the process of communication, they acquired Ingramer DM Chat.

The investment was $29 per month.

Thus, together with Ingramer Direct Messenger, our client got:

  • they got access to direct from their PC. That made it more comfortable to stay in touch with clients.
  • they set auto messaging to all new followers to create the first personal touch.
  • message search was used to maintain the single style of communication with clients and to keep control over what information managers provide clients with and how.
Thanks to the message search, our client found out that several managers didn’t follow the sales script, skipping the part when they need to offer alternative destinations for those who refused to book a particular trip. Thus, the clients were lost, sales were decreasing.

The managers were offered to track each other’s messaging to take a cue from more successful deals closings. Moreover, thanks to the message search, they were able to update the info about vacant places for trips timely. Thus, the negotiations with clients became even more productive.

Month result
Thanks to the confluence of Direct Messages effects, the travel agency managed to boost sales by 1.8 times in a month. The aim was achieved.

Resume: Why use a message search by Ingramer Direct Chat?

There are 2 reasons which should move you forward in using Ingramer message search more often and readily:


  • easy to manage several accounts simultaneously as the search is conducted against the messages from all account connected to the Ingramer acc;
  • unlimited access to the messages sent to your employees;
  • comfy search for relevant updates;
  • facilitated control over the chats.

  • fast search - the search line is located at the very top of the page - easy to reach and click. Advanced algorithms allow instant searching for relevant content. No need to scroll up and down to find something. No time-wasting.
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What’s the lesson learnt? Ingramer Direct Messages service is worth integrating into your sales strategy. Auto- messaging, auto-replies, one user-friendly chat for all the accounts, access from any gadget - there are loads of perks that we offer, check out all of them, click the button!