If you are dreaming about becoming one of “these hot girls with breath-taking photos and millions of followers”. You are welcome, beauty!

Want To Join The Rows Of Instagram Models? Here’s The Guide!
Some decades ago our moms wanted to be just like Janice Dickinson, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. (By the way, do you know these names? If not, just google, you will be charmed by these women, I promise).

Today girls are trying to achieve the success of Adriana Lima, Ashley Graham and Irina Shayk. These models are rocking Instagram. And you know, it’s mutually beneficial cooperation: while we are enjoying looking at their photos, they are enjoying making money and promoting their accounts.

If you want to move from the camp of viewers to the camp of makers, then just continue reading and find out how to become an Instagram model.

Spoiler: I will tell you a secret that will help you succeed.


Instagram models: who are they?

Earlier the job of a model includes taking part in photo shoots and walking down the runway, an Instagram model has another “job responsibilities”. Though having attractive pics is a must, choosing this career, you should become a real influencer, an opinion leader as you wish.

People should like your photos and should believe you. It will make collaboration with you quite an appealing option for business owners.

In other words:

Amazing visual content + Strong army of supporters = Successful Instagram Model

How to build a career as an Instagram model?

Though in general, we have already defined what this role presupposes, the question about the components of your future success still waits for an answer.

  • Define your unique style. It’s always much easier to copy somebody's else idea but nobody likes fakes. You can use others’ ideas for inspiration but don’t try to emulate Tyra Banks.
  • Pay attention to the quality of your content (and not only visual but textual as well). Make professional photos and find interesting topics to discuss with your followers.
  • Create your own community. Your people should trust you, be open, stay honest and communicate with your audience.
  • Don’t ignore collaboration offers. If you have a top account, it’s highly possible that you do not have even a single chance at least to look through the list of all proposals that you may get. But if you are just starting, you should be active (in case you want to achieve the success, of course).
  • Utilize such tools as hashtags. It may be rather exhausting to invent each time a relevant list of hashtags. But if you really want them to work, you can use an AI-powered hashtag generator offered by Ingramer. Based on the link, pic or keywords, the service will instantly offer you the most appropriate hashtag. By the way, it’s free.
  • Facilitate your own life with Ingramer. The services of Ingraner are not limited to generating hashtags. It is here to offer you a range of new opportunities united in one service.


How to use Ingramer to achieve success?

If you think that everything is very easy, it’s not really so. Instagram promotion requires a lot of efforts and time. But here are some hints on how you can make your promotion as an Instagram model more successful.

  • With Ingramer you can be sure that your posts reach the right audience via hashtags.
Just enter some hashtags that your TA follows and the service will offer you more.

  • Are you still jealous of the success of other Instagram models? Stop doing it! Use their accounts and their followers for your own needs.
It will be just enough to insert the usernames of the accounts with a similar TA and the service will start interaction with their followers to draw their attention to you.

  • How to find the right audience? Define such setting as gender and language and the AI-tool will select users to work with instead of you.
The service will watch stories and like comments of your audience for you. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, it you have too many subscription, just choose an “unfollow” option and the problem will be solved!

If you are looking forward to trying all the benefits of Ingramer, you are always welcome. But if you need to clarify some details beforehand, contact us via our online chat or write us an email hello@ingramer.com.