If you are confused with all these rumors about Instagram screenshot notifications, this article will help you to find out whether they are really sent to users when somebody else saves their posts this way.

Instagram Screenshot Notification: Can You Receive It in 2020?
Are Instagram screenshot notifications sent to users today? Here is the answer!

Maybe it could be rather interesting to get an Instagram screenshot notification each time when somebody decides to save your post making a “photo of the screen”. However, I do not think that you would be very happy if somebody gets such notification each time you make a screenshot of his or her post. Right? That’s why let’s find out whether there is such an IG function and whether the platform really notifies users on this issue.

Instagram screenshot: to do or not to do?

If you have some doubts about whether you can make a screenshot on IG or not, let me ask you: why not? Yes, recently there have been a lot of rumors and gossips about Instagram screenshot notifications.

However, the majority of these rumors are just rumors. Though some features of this kind used to be tested earlier, Instagram has decided not to implement them as the platform claims that the privacy of its users is the highest priority for them. It means that it shouldn’t notify somebody else about your actions. Right? That was one of the reasons why now you can’t see what posts your friends have liked or commented on.

However, there is still one case when you may receive a notification when somebody makes a screenshot. But let’s start from the very beginning.

Below you can find answers to all your questions:

  • Posts
Will Instagram send a notification when I make a screenshot of a photo or video post made by somebody else? - No, there is no such feature.

  • Stories
Is a notification sent when somebody makes a screenshot of stories? - No. But some time ago IG tested such a function (so, some gossips really have grounds).

  • Profiles
If I make a screenshot of a profile, will a user be notified? - No, Instagram doesn’t send such notifications.

  • Direct messages
Will I receive a notification, if another person makes a screenshot of our dialogue? - Yes, maybe. But this statement is true only when we speak about disappearing videos and photos.

How to save content on Instagram without making screenshots?

If you do not want/need to make screenshots, but you want to have access to some content or want to share it, you can turn to any other variant from our list:

  • You can copy a link of the post that you like and then send it to a user.

How to save content on Instagram copy link screenshot

  • You can use the Share button that lets you to send posts/stories to somebody via DMs or to publish it in your stories.

How to save content on Instagram share button screenshot

  • You can use the Bookmark feature that will allow you to return to this or that post at any time as it will be available in the Saved section of your account.

How to save content on Instagram saved section screenshot

Yes, these are traditional Instagram options. But there is one more. Just keep reading.

Alternative solution

Probably you think that to make a screenshot is the fastest and the most convenient way to save any visual content from Instagram. And we can partially agree with you. It is really very easy just to press a button (or two) or tap the screen twice or do something else that your smartphone manufacturer has invented for you.

But we have serious doubts about whether it is the most convenient way when our Instagram Downloader exists. It offers you to save not only pics but also videos, IGTV, stories and even profiles to your PC or phone.

Do you know how to do it?

  1. Visit the Ingramer website.
  2. Click on the Tools icon that is placed at the top of the home page and choose the Instagram Downloader tool.

Instagram Downloader screenshot 1

3. Enter a link (it can be a link that leads to photos, videos, IGTV, stories or profiles).

Instagram Downloader screenshot 2

4. Ready! Download what you want!

Instagram Downloader screenshot 3

Sound rather interesting? With such a tool, screenshots are not needed anymore

I hope, now you won't have any problems with saving some content that you find interesting and won’t be afraid to make screenshots on Instagram. It’s absolutely okay to save somebody’s posts if you find them inspiring or useful. But do not forget that you can’t claim this content is yours. Instagram policy is rather strict in respect of copyright-related issues.

In case you have other doubts or questions about Instagram do not forget to look through our other blog posts. They contain answers to hundreds of questions that Instagram users may have.