Do you desire to know how to make money out of Affiliate Program with 20% commission provided that the average client's bill is $67? Just read the article till the end!

How to Make Money on Instagram? Easier than you think!
Every Internet user has seen those banners which sing Circe-like songs to us, promising a fast buck. Mostly, people think that they get played like a piano and blow the fortune to get some cash. It's such a shame that they don't know what Affiliate Program is. Thanks to it, you don't have to be a trade person to make a significant profit. Read every single word of the article attentively and start to make money on Instagram with the help of Affiliate Program!

What is an Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is an agreement between the business owner and the partaker. According to the Program, the partner places a link to the product of a business owner on web resources and get some recompense for each following the link or a percentage of each sale. If a partaker places a link successfully, he/she will be lost in the sea of cash.

This is logical if you run a thematic platform which matches with the product perfectly. In that case, the participation in such a program is absolutely natural, brings good profit, and doesn't require any additional wastes.

The main principle of an Affiliate Program is to place a link, to refer the clients and to get money for that. To make money out of the Affiliate Program wisely, it's vital to choose the suitable Program. Moreover, the platform where the link will be placed in the form of a clickable button or a banner must attract visitors, which would be the potential clients of the promoted product.

For instance, if you run a blog network with book reviews, your readers are the potential consumers of bookstores. Through becoming the participant of the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can easily place links on books and raise revenue without beating your brains out. After an appropriate review, all bibliophiles will fight to get a book just like girls fight for the last pair of shoes on Christmas sales.

If you run a beauty blog, make no doubt - there is a huge choice for Affiliate programs from various beauty and clothing brands. They will bring their participants a tangible profit.

All you need to do is to take part in the Affiliate Program, place the link to the chosen product or service correctly.

What bonuses are offered to the program participants?

If you think that you will be left to your own devices after you get the link, you are deeply mistaken. As a rule, the program participants take training in the correct product promotion, get the ongoing support in the form of visual design (banners, buttons, etc.) Moreover, you can take advice on the promotion of the team representative.

As a rule, all the financial information is available in the personal cabinet of the Affiliate Program. All the percentage calculations are transparent, all the payments are made fairly and officially in any convenient way.

How to capitalize on the Affiliate Program: Real Case!

The client of Ingramer (one of the most popular services for promotion on Instagram) is successfully participating in the Affiliate Program and earns around $670 every month. He managed to attract 110 registrations, out of which 50 purchased the product. As Ingramer is a service which receives payments from the clients every month, the partaker's revenue becomes regular automatically. In addition, due to new registrations and payments, the client's profit will increase.


Terms and conditions of Ingramer Affiliate Program

Ingramer presents a 20% commission on each payment of an attracted client.
All the earned money can be withdrawn to the credit card, e-wallet or PayPal only in case you reach $100 point.
You can find all the information on the Ingramer Affiliate Program here.

How to make money from Instagram with Ingramer?

There are numerous methods of earning through Affiliate Programs. Every reader of this article who runs any web resource has already thought up a couple of working procedures for earning money out of Ingramer Affiliate Program. However, I always remember that there are some newbies who need my advice.


You can use your account or the whole range of accounts. Use Ingramer to grow your account and tell your followers about the results. That will leave a positive impression on them.


It doesn't matter if it's a text or video blog. If you have any information resource under your belt that can attract potential customers to the owner of an affiliate program. You'll regret if you miss such an opportunity to make really easy money. Unobtrusive and relevant advertising with a link at the end of the post or video will bring a constant and tangible income.


If you don't own any resources, why not agree on publications with those who do run such sites? Evaluate the risks, count the earnings and start the hunt for thematic blogs for Affiliate Programs!


If you are engaged (or plan to be) with services on promotion on Instagram, then becoming a member of the Affiliate Program is very profitable! Your client will pay for Ingramer subscription, and you receive a 40% commission to your personal account from each client every month.

Ingramer: what is it?

Ingramer is an Instagram assistant for anyone who wants to achieve success in one of the most popular social networks - Instagram. The main purpose of the service is to help attract likes, followers, and potential customers. Thanks to a special combination of tools and suitable filters, any Ingramer client can become a competent targetologist and create permanent channels of drawing attention to a specific Instagram account.


For those who run personal accounts

Let's be honest: every Instagram user loves likes and a growing list of followers. Otherwise, why register on this network?

With Ingramer, each account can get a steady stream of likes and "live" followers. It is especially nice that the service has a free account analysis service and the individual first configuration of all tools.

For those who run business accounts

Every business owner is well aware of the benefits you can get from competently managing your Instagram account. Young companies find customers, large ones work with reputation and brand awareness. The meticulously created portrait of the target audience of the brand is easily transferred to the flexible settings of your Instagram assistant.


How does Ingramer work?

Ingramer is an algorithm that interacts with Instagram accounts by specific tools and according to the established filters. The more precisely the filters are configured, the more likes, followers, and customers your account will receive.

Basic tools:

Automatic likes - the system puts 1-5 likes on photos of the accounts which fit the filters.
Automatic follow - the system follows accounts which fit the description.
Automatic unfollow - the system clears up the list of your Followings.

Main filters:

Hashtags: the user specifies a list of hashtags by which the algorithm determines the accounts for interaction.
Location: the client selects the location according to which the system selects accounts for interaction.
Usernames: the user specifies the names of the Instagram accounts with which to interact.

Additional settings:

A client can specify the Gender and Language of accounts, add accounts to the Blacklist to exclude interaction, view Instagram Stories, leave Likes and Comments on his own account, set up the Unfollow process, and set a Timezone for interaction.

Additional modules:

Ingramer released 2 pro modules: Auto DM tool and Post Planner.

Auto DM is a tool that helps to create mailouts via Instagram Direct.
You can send catchy and engaging messages to new or current followers.
Plus you can send any message you want using a special list of Instagram accounts.

Post Planner provides an excellent opportunity to schedule Instagram posts.
Post video, use "Publish Now" function or enjoy full Instagram gallery preview.
Edit pictures, change Timezone, add Location. Do whatever you want and save your time!


What are the main Ingramer advantages?

Work without flaws

Behind the most powerful Instagram helper, there is a team of developers, which ensures the continual activity of the tool and also develops new functions for maximum promotion on Instagram.

"Live" support

As for the cool team, there is no equal to the Ingramer girls. Quick response and a favorable attitude of soft girlish hearts will not leave indifferent anyone who asked for help!

How to get a link for earnings?

You can get advice on the Affiliate Program from our nice support by mail