Ingramer introduces new functionality! If you want to know what is what, this article is at your disposal!

Advance Your Promotion with New Ingramer Functionality
To stay at the forefront of the entire world full of competitiveness, each business should be ahead of the game. Ingramer is not an exception. Our aim is to secure the absolute workability and high performance of our service. Constant experiment, trying things out, wakeful nights of our celestial developers and we here we are, presenting new features of our product.
You must have noticed that our Ingramer is still in his early days but has already succeeded to win your heart with its safety and power. In days past, you were able to promote yourself only via 3 Ingramer functions:

  • Hashtag promotion which promotes you through most popular and effective hashtags;
  • Location which enables interacting with other account publish their posts marking the exact place;
  • Username which chooses the targeted audience of a person you point out and deal with it.
Both you and us have been waiting for the day when advanced features would be introduced, feeling nervous and exciting. This day has come.
First, I want to warn you - you will be grooving if read till the end.

What Do You Get from New Options?

New features will not only raise the accuracy of your targeting but also they will uplevel your account management. And it’s only a part of a story. Acting just like the real you, it will create a never-to-be-forgotten experience for you and your followers and followings. New algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence will target your audience to deadly effect and will bring your promotion strategy to a fare-thee-well.
Ok, I won’t drag feet.

What are They, New Functions?


“Sorry, what? Likes had been the part of Ingramer functionality since the days of Noah!”

Yes, but not in its extended version, ladies and gentlemen. With this new option, you get the power to like feed and comments of the accounts needed. So you can show your genuine interest in them. Thus, sport nutrition distributors can show how they are interested in fitness bunnies to attract their attention in reply.


Yes, again extended. You will be surprised but now you can unfollow new mutual or all non-mutual follows. They can be made by Ingramer or not. You choose now.

You are allowed to unfollow all of them — a cherry on a cake if you ask me. So if you suddenly realize that you are tired of your followings, click a button.

Instagram Stories Views

People are crazy about Stories. It’s an amazing affair for both entertainment and for business. Now you can delegate the task to Ingramer. This gizmo allows to imitate real human behavior and view Instagram Stories of people you follow or people you promote so you can engender some trust. For instance, if you sell diapers, viewing Stories of a young mommy blogger will help you to gain her attention and maybe her money.

Gender Filter

What’s the heck? The filter allows you to choose the gender of your targeted audience. This tool is critical if you are a beauty guru or sell men’s shoes. Well, you will get a sense of it if even if you are an ex Misses Universe and want to find a sponsor.
Language Filter

The filter allows choosing a language of accounts you target at and Ingramer will recognize accounts and their posts language. Beneficial? Yes, especially if you sell something regionally specific or want a sponsor from the United Arab Emirates.


If you want your posts and Stories won't be accidentally skipped because of lag time, use this tool to set up a promotion in the timezone you need. Imagine, you travel around China, post perfect pictures but nobody of your friends in New York likes it. Guess, why.
That is all for today. You are free, goodbye.

Just joking.

How Can You Use New Functions?


1. Go to the Dashboard;
ingramer go to dashboard
2. Click Targeting;
ingramer go to targeting
3. Now scroll down and will see the marvel of complex soft development which is called “Advanced”;
ingramer advanced targeting
4. Mark the points you need and that’s it. Be ready to a quick as Flash promotion;
ingramer new advanced targeting
5. If you face any problems with passing all these wild steps, don’t feel shy to ask us for a help, write to

I just want to make sure you get the right idea of all our pains:

Make yourself noticed with Likes (extended) and Instagram Stories Views!

Clear your profile of unwanted accounts with Unfollowing (extended)!

Set up the right targeting campaign with Timezone, Gender and Language Filters!

Moreover, together with the relatively old features like Hashtags, Locations, and Usernames, you will turn your account into the promotion machine, which will generate likes, follows, unfollows, all the stories views with a high-performance rate.

So, stay tuned with times. Use every new option that this world is offering to you. Do not forget about old traditional stuff as well.

Thank you for reading!