You asked — we did! Now you can save all the profile content with a single click. Check out the details!

Save Instagram Content in Bulk With 1 Click — New Premium Downloader Feature
This article will explain what the IG downloader is and what Ingramer new feature is, how and why to use it. Read till the end to learn the answers!

What is Insta Downloader?

IG Downloader is an Ingramer’s special development that allows you to save Instagram photos and videos (including IG TV records):

a) for free — no fees and payments (except Premium);
b) without registration (except Premium) and account connecting — no records;
c) from any device to any device;
d) in full size;
e) in high quality;
f) fast and safe.

instagram profile downloader on phone

Save Anything You Want Safely!
No unsafe applications download anymore! Stay secure, save online!

  • Save Instagram photos and carousels;
  • Save Instagram videos and IG TV;
  • Save Instagram stories and highlights;

Come on! Download for free!

What’s New Premium Feature Essence?

New Premium Feature allows you to save ALL content of any public account with 1 click!

That’s not all! Premium Package presupposes:
  • Premium speed — download thousands of photos and vids in a couple of minutes;
  • Premium quality — all the images and vids will be saved in original quality;
  • No limits — whether it’s 100 or 10000, you can keep every last piece of content to yourself;
  • Full compatibility — it’s the web tool, you can use it from your PC, Mac and your phone (any OS).
  • Premium Price: 10 profiles/month - $9, 100 profiles/month - $49, Unlimited/month - $99.

Why do you need it?

1. Save on computer for access convenience. You need IG images and vids on your PC to watch them at will, even when the Wifi connection is so poor? Ok, you can download them in 1 click and see offline.

2. Make a backup not to lose important things. We find a lot of useful information on Insta, save it not to lose. Store it while it’s not deleted.

3. Save photos with you. Visited a party/an exhibition/master class? You have probably got spotted there. Store all the pieces of evidence!!

4. Fan pages and groups! It’s a must-have! Who is your ikon? Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, BTS? Why not save their marvelous pics to yourself? And if you run a fan account, you can’t do without a convenient and fast IG Downloader.

5. While you Stay-At-Home in quarantine. In those hard times, we all have plenty of time... for fun (however contradictory it sounds). Get inspired by IG visual: save work out vids, save makeup tutorials, save dance vids, and so on.

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How to store Instagram content instantly?

Then how to save images from Instagram in bulk and fast?

The shortcut is the following:

1. Open Profile Downloader, enter the @username of an acc and click Search;

Instagram downloader

2. You will get the first 5 pics/vids that are available for Free and a Premium Button;

Instagram profile downloader

3. Click Premium Download to store All the pics and vids;

4. Immediately, in your Ingramer Cabinet, you will see that the download has begun:

instagram downloader cabinet

!You can stop downloading or delete it. But note, the archive won’t be stored in your cabinet forever.

5. Click/tap on the archive to store it to your gadget. Till that, it will be located in your Cabinet (Dashboard → Tools → Instagram Downloader).

6. You will notice the archive file in the Downloads folder!

Note: You can do that via Photo, Video and IG TV Downloader, as well. The Premium Download Button will appear there. On top of all, you can store all the stories and highlights without the premium subscription.

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If any questions left, please, hit our Support Girls up. They will clarify everything for you!