Have you ever faced the situations when you need to know how to save Instagram stories? You are not the only one. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of methods how it is possible to do it.

How To Save Instagram Stories: Different Methods To Do It!
Though initially, the Instagram app didn’t have such an option as stories, since their introduction in 2016 they have managed to win the hearts of millions of users. When this feature was just introduced not all users had a clear understanding of how and what for to use them. Nevertheless, today the situation is completely different.

What you should know about Instagram stories?

While ordinary users that do not have an aim to promote their accounts turn to this format in order not to make serious posts for their feeds when they just want to share something quickly, bloggers and business account managers have another approach.

For them, Instagram stories is a powerful tool to boost engagement of their followers and increase their activity. I offer you to study one of our previous blog posts if you also want to know How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business Promotion.

At first glance, it may seem that it is absolutely simple to post Instagram stories. And it is not so far from reality. Nevertheless, there are some principles that you need to bear in mind if you want to succeed.

  • Use stories to redirect your followers to your website or online catalog to boost sales.
  • Invite your subscribers for communication with the help of online polls, voting, and live translations.
  • Announce your new posts via stories.
  • Use different Instagram stories formats and don’t forget about the quality of the content that you share. Pay attention to the sizes of the images that you are going to share. Our article What You Should Know About Perfect Instagram Stories Dimensions For Successful Promotion will help you.
As today Instagram stories play such an important role in account promotion, you should really pay attention to this feature. Bearing in mind all these secrets you will have a possibility to promote your account really effectively. But despite the real power of this tool, there are much more tasks for you if you are seeking to make your acc popular. Yes, you need to expand your audience, get more and more likes and comments. However, to see this activity from your followers, you need to be active yourself which is rather time-consuming. But you can save your time with the help of our Instagram bot which can perform a wide range of functions including basic ones like following, unfollowing, liking and commenting.

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How to save Instagram stories: tips and tricks!

Now it’s high time to explain how it is possible to download Instagram stories. If we are talking about your own stories, it won’t be challenging at all.

If you want to save Instagram stories in your mobile app, there are several options.

Variant 1. Just open your active or archived story and tap three dots in the right corner of your screen. After you see a menu, just choose the option “Save photo”.

Variant 2. If you don’t want to save stories manually, you can choose the necessary settings beforehand and choose a variant to save stories to the camera roll. By the way, in this very menu, you can activate or inactivate an option to save stories to the archive.

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In case you are wondering how to save Instagram stories on pc, I also have an answer for you.

Variant 1. Save a web page using “Save As” or “Save page as” functions.

Variant 2. Use special browser extensions to download images.

Variant 3. Use a free cross-platform application called 4K Stogram. It is an Instagram Downloader that will allow you to save Instagram stories on your computer just in a few clicks. Turning to 4K Stogram you need to download it and log into your Insta acc from it.

Variant 4. Use online services like Instaview.me

If you are interested in how to save Instagram stories of somebody else secretly, I should admit that there are such options as well. But to do it you need to turn to some external services similar to those that I’ve talked about above. You can easily find them on the Internet. Nevertheless, I’d like to ask you to be extremely cautious when you are dealing with external services and not to share your private information with them.

You can save videos from your Direct! Have you known about that? If not, there is an article for you - How to save videos from Instagram dm? 2 methods+bonus tip

As you see there are various options for you to save Instagram stories, just choose the most convenient variant for you and act!
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