Ingramer Scheduled Posting! Feel the power of the tool and free your life!

Meet and Greet Scheduled Posting. 0,76 euro a day for a month of content freedom?
Stop misusing personal time for posting manually! Are you still trying to discover your best time to post on Instagram? Gosh, please don’t tell me that you upload images via your telephone, type all unusual descriptions, add same hashtags every day at the same time. Aren’t you tired of it? Study attentively the coming message and you will know, how to defend your time and order your content strategies.

Why do you need automated posting?

It saves time. Just imagine, that you upload all pictures at once from your PC! You can write memorable captions on your computer, just copy+paste them! You can plan all publications in 20 minutes and feel free for a month! Forget about everyday notifications with a strict reminder to make a post! Or waking up in the middle of the night remembering, that you forgot to publish new pics. Isn’t that great?

It allows seeing a big picture. When all posting is done, you see the whole gallery, how it looks, is it logical at all and do you need more posts to make the gallery better. It’s hard to envision the content if you don’t have a planning tool.

It gives the space for tests and trials. Okay, you have freed all your time for posting, and see a big picture. It’s time to explore and test your ideas! Start with an analytical tool and start searching for your best time to post on Instagram 2019! Have no plan on how to do it? Check out Ingramer latest research here and right now!

Scheduled Posting by Ingramer. How it actually works?

1. Go to and log in to see personal Dashboard;

2. Look at the Posting tool at the top of the page;

3. Select the acc you require to plan;

4. Don’t forget to select the timezone you need to stick to; Notice, the Account Time is always illustrated at the right upper corner of the tool menu. Great, right?
5. Finally, you can click the button ADD PHOTO, that is placed next to your acc name;


6. Enter the description, note the location, upload a photo and decide on the publishing time.

7. Don’t forget to click the button SAVE PUBLICATION.


Salutes! You have planned your first photo. Pretty easy, right?

Note, that you have 3 functions, that can be applied to newly planned posts:

  • edit them;
  • publish now;
  • and delete it, if the post hasn’t been published.
Do you want to get all information about Ingramer Scheduled Posting? Click here to find the best tool for posting on Instagram.

Lack of ideas for every day posting?

It’s actually hard to find unique ideas for everyday posting. It's normal, that someday every person faces the creativity crisis. But we have a special gift for you. You can take a look at 100 best ideas for your content strategy right now and avoid any lack of creativity.

How to choose images for your Instagram?

Please, I’m begging you, use photos of high-quality. The best accounts always have an attractive gallery, that pleases the eye like Cardi B pleases Bruno Mars. So look at you planned posts and evaluate your chances of a great first impression of your photo content. If you need to satisfy your eyes, open the blog post about 20 Hottest Instagram Models!

How to write captions for the posts on Instagram?

One of the best ways to write a great caption is to take in mind your followers' life interests. The answer to every question that may arise in their minds. It does not always concern you. You can write about life issues or world vision of your generation. Don’t concentrate only at yourself. Love and care about your supporters and they will appreciate your attention.

Don’t forget to define convertible hashtags. It’s highly-important to select the best ones, that will bring new and active people, ready to be converted into your fans or potential customers. Do you want to know, how to use hashtags, read the blog post right here!

How to promote the account? Any real case?

It’s not that easy to do, by the way. Particularly, if you need to sell your service or goods and not to put your fans off. I have a great case story for you. Read our blog post and have great promotions!

I wish you great promotions, constant flows of potential clients and incredible expansion of likes and followers! If you still have questions about IG promos, don’t be shy to contact us via live-chat or Our team will be happy to guide you, present a free analysis and advise the valid growth strategies!