If “what does IG mean” is the first thought when you see this abbreviation, this article is just what you need.

What Does IG Mean? Here Is The Answer!
Today abbreviations are so widely used especially in a written speech that sometimes it may seem that you are reading just a strange sequence of letters with spaces but without any sense.

Nevertheless, as a rule, all these abbreviations have a very simple meaning. But of course, if you have never seen them before it may be rather challenging to guess what they could potentially mean.

But now I am going to answer to one rather popular question about such an abbreviation (yes, this question is “What does IG mean?”) and you will see that quite often the answer is much closer than you have supposed before.

However, to begin with, let’s try to remember where you could have seen this abbreviation? Maybe on some social networks or in blog posts related to this topic? Yes, we have already practically found the answer.

What Does IG Mean in text? It’s Instagram!

When I’ve mentioned social media, it was not just a random choice. As a rule, this abbreviation is used precisely in this sphere. And it is absolutely not surprising, if you know (and yes, you already know) that it is nothing more than Instagram. It can be also referred to as Insta as well.

Today it is the most popular network worldwide that have already exceeded the borders of just a simple app for sharing pics and short videos (though initially, it was exactly such an app).

The app was launched in 2010, initially for iOS-powered devices only. Nevertheless, for these years it has shown amazing growth rates.

Now the platform unites people from all over the world, practically of all generations, professions, social statuses and interests.

On Instagram, you can easily find an account of your favorite celebrity and see what he or she has eaten for breakfast today (maybe I have a little bit exaggerated but it’s not far from reality). Or you can become an Instagram star yourself if you wish of course.

Selena Gomez and Oprah Winfrey

What does IG mean for a wide audience?

The majority of people who have initially joined Instagram use it as a social network to stay in touch with their friends and to share photos from vacations and trips. Nevertheless, now the platform can offer them much more. It has become an extremely valuable source of information.

For example, if you are interested in medicine, you can follow some accounts run by doctors and read their recommendations.

Moreover, it’s a well-established marketplace. On Instagram you can find practically everything: you can follow some world-famous brands that have created their account just to stay closer to their target audience or you can find some small brands that have come to Instagram to grow and develop.

zara instagram page

What does IG mean for businesses?

For businesses, Instagram has become an unbelievable powerful promotional tool. As I’ve just mentioned brands of all sizes and kinds are joining Instagram to widen their outreach. The same do people who want to run public accounts (which means to promote their personal brands).

The idea of the promotion is the following: you should post the content (pics and videos) that you consider to be interesting for your audience. It helps you to establish communication with them and promote your brands. If you need ideas for inspiration, here are some.

Moreover, Instagram allows you to share your thoughts in captions. There are no strict rules but there can be some more or less general ideas that you can use.

There is also a great opportunity to engage your audience via stories, a special section where your photos and short videos will be displayed for 24 hours only. But namely, this feature allows you to organize various polls and voting for your followers to boost their activity.

But it is still not the end of all the opportunities to let people know about your account. There is one more an extremely easy but really efficient tool - hashtags. Just choose the popular hashtag that your potential audience may be interested in, add it to your captions and wait for new users to come to your account. By the way, our completely free hashtag generator can help you to find the best tags for your post.

hashtag generator ingramer

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I really believe that you will find my explanation detailed and help enough and that the thoughts “What does IG mean in text” won’t prevent you from understanding the entire message or article where you see this abbreviation.