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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.
This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Here is a one-size-fits-all universal social media downloader. You can download not only Instagram content, but you can also save content from Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Keep any content from IG, FB and other social platforms you like on your device whenever you want.

Use it as a Facebook downloader - to save images from the timeline or any profile, or as an Instagram story downloader. You can also download GIFs from Twitter and any type of content from Twitch.

Saving content on your device memory is really popular in 2020. Why is that so?

Why do people use the best downloader for Instagram, Facebook and more?

To save something forever
This kind of tool is quite popular in 2020 as people want to keep content on their device memory forever. It doesn’t seem as safe to keep everything just on the social media platform. In this era of the internet we all understand how fragile social media platforms are. And how your data are unprotected. It is better to have a comfortable and simple tool to save everything you need right on your device and have it in your hand now.

To have content for future memories
People download Instagram photos to keep for future memories. They are making albums with various photos of their friends, or albums for events - this is their insurance that all the treasures will stay forever in their pocket.

For repurposing content
Not the least popular reason to save Instagram photos is to reuse them in the original quality for repurposing content. For instance, you can reuse the content for your professional goals, for design reasons, as a part of your art, etc.

For content curation
Lots of Twitter and Facebook videos are really worthy of being saved forever on your device to be used as part of a blogger review, or a journalist documentary. And these platforms don’t offer saving of videos directly in the app or the website - so it is better to use the special tool for this goal. So you can bookmark this page and always have a Twitter video downloader and Facebook video downloader on hand.
Twitch is not such a popular social media platform to save from. But it also has a large amount of worthy videos on different topics that are really great to save on your device for the future - especially when we are looking for user-generated content for your brand.

How to download from Facebook, IG, Twitter, and Twitch

Firstly you need to go to the social platform that you want to save from. The process of saving is the same for all platforms. Your goal is to copy a link to the content you want to save. It is normally placed in the right upper corner (like the three dots in the Instagram app) or in the lower side of the content (like the Facebook app or Twitter).
Copy the link to the content.
Simply paste the link into the box of the tool you have chosen to save the content from.
Click download and choose the folder on your device to save the content to.
Once the downloading process automatically starts it will take from one second to one hour, depending on the length of the video or the size of the photo you’d like to save.


What device and software are eligible for downloading from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

You can use any device you have! Use any software for downloading from IG, FB , etc. with this tool. It doesn’t matter as you don’t need to install any programs to save the content. It is a web service, so you can use any smartphone, computer, laptop, notebook, iPad - any kind of device that you have a browser on.

Which browsers work better with the downloader?

You can use any browser you have for downloading photos and videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Download photos and videos with Chrome, Safari, Opera and any other browser.

Can I download private videos from Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

You can’t use this tool as a private Facebook video downloader, Instagram video downloader or any other variants. No one can save private videos from social media. This is forbidden.