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Read our blog to learn more about new techniques of Instagram promotion. If you have any questions about our service, visit our FAQ section.

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Typical Questions
Billing & Subscription
Will my account be blocked for increasing rates?
Ingramer is a reliable and safe service. We strictly follow all Instagram limits and never put at risk accounts of our clients.

Your Instagram account is absolutely safe if you follow the main rule: do not use any Instagram bots or perform actions manually at the same time as you use Ingramer.

What benefits will I get from Ingramer service?
Ingramer is a highly-performative service, that makes 1250+ interactions per day.

The main benefits are flows of likes, followers, comments, popularity and sales!

Can I change the number of actions per day? I don’t want to have my Instagram account banned!
Ingramer is a smart algorithm, that is encoded with up-to-date Instagram limits. The User doesn't have any access to the regulation of the number of actions. We do that for safety reasons. We don’t want any user to set its limitations, that will violate Instagram rules.
Can't add my account to the system…
That’s not a problem! We know how to help you! What are the most common reasons for your promotion campaign fouling?
Check out the following list:
  1. An account fails to meet the main requirements. Click at the mark to see the minimum requirements.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 6

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 7
  2. Please check the verification of your Ingramer account.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 8
  3. Or maybe you need to verify your email for Ingramer account.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 9
  4. Sometimes Instagram requests your account verification.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 10
  5. Or you just need to confirm your Ingramer membership!

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 11
If you still do not understand why your Ingramer account does not work, please contact us via We will find the solution to every problem!

How to run the promotion?
How to customize an account and get the most of Ingramer? The service provides several options for promotion.
I know that you can get the first results in the shortest term. Spend just 5 minutes, follow the instructions below and get the results in 20-30 minutes:
  1. Go to and log in your account.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 12
  2. Select the Targeting tab.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 13
  3. Select the type of promotion. You can promote your account via hashtags, location or username.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 14 Hashtag promotion is a smart algorithm production of the most popular and effective hashtags for your Instagram account.

    Promotion via Location assumes interacting with other users, who make publications in a definite place. We recommend experimenting with different locations and choosing the most convertible locations.

    If you analyze your business competitors, you might find a great number of useful and available followers. With the help of Username promotion, we can easily interact with this audience. If you add usernames of the chosen accounts the smart Ingramer algorithm will interact with your possible target audience.

    Plus there are special filters for Username promotion. You can choose who is the most interesting for you: followers, following, people who like account photos or people, who comment on account publications. The Ingramer Username promotion is a very powerful tool for reaching your target audience.

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 15
Where can I find the advanced functionality?
  1. Go to the Dashboard and click to Targeting

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 16
  2. Scroll down the page and here you are!

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 17
  3. Enjoy the service! It’s super easy and highly effective!

If you want my free help, please let me know at

What are the terms of payment and subscription?
Ingramer has a three-day trial. As free subscription period is over, Paypal will debit recurring payment depending on the chosen subscription tariff.
How do I cancel a subscription?
There are two ways to cancel a subscription: you can do it via Ingramer or PayPal.

Canceling a subscription cancels all future scheduled payments of that subscription. A subscription can be canceled up until the day before the next scheduled payment in order for you not to be charged.

PayPal cancellation:

  1. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out".
  2. Click the Payments tab.
  3. Under Pre-approved payments, click Manage pre-approved payments.
  4. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
  5. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.
Ingramer cancellation:

  1. Click the section of your Ingramer profile. Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 28

  2. Click Cancel button under your tariff section Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 30

  3. Click Yes, I’m sure to confirm your request;

    Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 31

  4. Please, check your email for the personal confirmation code to complete the cancellation. Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 32

You may choose one way of cancellation. Remember, we are glad to help you or get your feedback. Do not hesitate to reach us with every question you have.

Do you have any discounts if I promote several accounts?
Ingramer has a great payment policy. The more accounts you get, the more discount you have! At the dashboard, you may choose the period of usage and the number of accounts.

Ingramer settings for Instagram promotion 33 We highly recommend renewing your subscription plan on the last day of your current subscription, if you don’t want to lose your prepaid days for the previous subscription plan.

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