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How do hashtags work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook?

Hashtags on Instagram categorize posts and allow users to find interesting content easier. For example, if you are looking for inspiring portraits, you can search for top publications using hashtags like #portraitoftheday, #pursuitofportraits, etc.

Brands and individuals take advantage of this option to promote their profiles. They add hashtags related to their content to attract users that belong to their target audience. Thus, if photographers use the above-mentioned hashtags, they receive more appreciation from all interested users (more likes and followers).

Hashtags in Facebook and Twitter work almost the same way, but with one small difference: they are usually used to discover what people are saying on a specific topic. Hashtags on those social networks are often tied to some events or phenomena. They more resemble keywords, when on Instagram hashtags used to describe the picture.

Where is the best to place Instagram hashtags?

Instagram allows its users to use up to 30 hashtags. This way, the place you put hashtags in depends on its quantity. If you use 2-3 relevant hashtags, feel free to place them in the caption.

However, if you are going to use the limit and generate 20-30 hashtags, this number of Instagram tags may distract users from the main idea of your caption or even seem to be annoying. In this case, we recommend you to put hashtags in the first comment below the caption, so they’ll be not even visible unless a person decides to write a comment.

What kind of hashtags does perform the best?

First of all, let’s clarify what kinds of hashtags don’t work at all. There are two categories: useless hashtags such as #likeforlike and extremely popular hashtags such as #love, #beauty, etc. There is no point in using them — your post will be lost amongst millions of other photos.

To get noticed, use less popular hashtags, but more related to your business, niche’s community, and your target market. You can visit the profiles of your successful competitors and find out which hashtags they use.

But there is one more good news for you: our smart hashtag generator is able to make up relevant hashtags without any competition analysis. It generates various kinds of hashtags including those which describe your content, your ideal customer, community hashtags, and long-tail tags used by influencers in your industry.

Why don’t my hashtags bring me likes and follows?

If you use wrong hashtags that have little-to-no relation to the purpose of your business, then it’s not surprising they’re not working. Try to use hashtags described in the answer to “What kind of hashtags does perform the best” question.

However, it may happen even if you use relevant hashtags. There are 3 reasons why your hashtags don’t bring you likes and follows:

  1. The quality of your content can be improved. Always post only high-resolution photos with proper exposure, contrast, and colors. Also, the photo should be eye-catching to stand out from mediocre publications.
  2. Most of your hashtags are rarely used (or, on the contrary, used very frequently). Very popular tags have a very short lifespan — after 2-3 minutes, your photo will be completely buried under tons of other pictures. Rarely used tags are not the best idea for a promotion because very few people see your photo and, therefore, you receive too little likes and follows.
  3. You encountered a system error. Sometimes your new photos are simply not displayed under a few or all the tags you used. In this case, contact Instagram support or wait for a couple of hours until the problem will be solved.
How should I use hashtags to improve the results of my promotions?

Hashtags are essential for your Instagram promotion, but they are only one part of it. To improve your results, you need to embrace a holistic approach to growing your followers on Instagram and include mass-following, direct messaging, post scheduling and other methods of promotion to your overall social media marketing strategy. You can combine all of them with hashtags and enjoy your increased number of followers, likes, and even sales.

However, every method that requires repetitive actions can be automated. Ingramer offers you a deal you can’t decline: we will run your promotion within the next 3 days instead of you for FREE. You’ll spend no more than 15 minutes per day to adjust your settings and review the statistics.

If you find our service fast and convenient, you will be able to extend your trial. Apart from our free hashtag generator, you’ll get access to such options as auto liking, following, unfollowing, commenting, and direct messaging, post scheduling, smart analytics tools, and more.

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