Most Popular and Top Instagram Hashtags At Your Disposal

Appreciate the benefits of the most popular hashtags on Instagram! Ingramer gives you the opportunity to use hashtags under your goals and aims! Choose the best ones and use them for real popularity and profit!

Use Trending Instagram Hashtags!

Choose only trending Instagram hashtags under your photos and videos! Make a simple search of your publications for your target audience! Boost the traffic to your Instagram page! Create your hashtags according to the most popular and use them under the posts!

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Top 100 Instagram Hashtags!

Ingramer gives you a great scope of options and variants! We’ve prepared special tags according to pictures, links, and keys! These are unique features that can boost traffic to your account to the fullest! Everything you need is to register on the site, choose the appropriate module and take the access to the top Instagram hashtags! The process is simple and doesn’t require the special knowledge or efforts! Take the chance to become popular on Instagram right now!

Use Hashtags for Likes!

Ingramer has a wide range of special hashtags for likes! We have not rare or unworking hashtags! Our team has collected only often-observed tags for your faster promotion! Above all, try to use special niche hashtags! Choose the niche hashtags according to your goals. If you are the owner of the Internet store - choose the hashtags of your sphere and increase the number of customers 3 times! If you are an Instagram model - choose the most convenient tags for you!

Set Followers Hashtags!

Analyze the chosen followers hashtags and replace ineffective ones! Here, you can find only working hashtags with a high degree of convertibility! Delete the under-performance hashtags and take only the best ones! Simplify the searching process of your page for other users! Get not only lots of likes but lots of followers as well!

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What are the best hashtags for Instagram?

Instagram is a fast-moving platform, so that you are to make your content easy to discover. The best hashtags for Instagram boost your posts impressions by 2-3 times, making them viewable on the Explore section. To identify the best working tags, test the sets containing rare and frequently used hashtags.

How to add Instagram tags to my posts?

You can copy-paste the hashtags from the list above for free or use advanced Hashtags generator. To add TOP tags to your posts for free:

  • Check off the boxes with the hashtags that fit your content;
  • Combine up to 30 hashtags and add spacing to divide tags from the post caption;
  • Press "Copy" and save a set on your computer or paste under a post.

According to our tests, hashtags combinations, including niche tags, reach more organic views and reactions. To explore rare hashtags, use our Hashtags creator.

Can I use top Instagram hashtags for free?

Yes! The TOP Instagram hashtags we collected on this page are free and proven. Use the categories to find likes-bringing hashtags correlated to your area. Don't forget to mix them with rare tags for maximum efficiency!

Do tags for likes affect my promotion?

Surely! Tags for likes and tags for followers will make you Instagram famous and easy to reach. Test different combinations and estimate post's insights, as we do this in our case stories. The result will be mind-boggling!

What is the best way to apply Instagram tags?

The best proportion for Instagram tags is 2-3 popular hashtags, 6-8 less trending tags, and the rest – rare and niche tags. Remember that your post has higher chances to reach the Instagram TOP on a rare tag while the content on trending hashtags updates every second.